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The extraordinary ROi driving engine we call Inbound Marketing


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SEO, social media, email marketing, landing page optimization, believe it or not, are all components of Inbound Marketing. Your Inbound Marketing Strategy - when done like a pro - defines how your audience interacts with your brand, determines how your sales team engages with customers, and (surprise, surprise) drives your ROI !!! And let's face it; you always want to be driving ROI forward!! Just in case you haven't kicked your inbound plans into gear yet ... Here's what you might be missing:

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The extraordinary ROi driving engine we call Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. That Extraordinarg, ROI—Driving Engine We Call INBOUND MARKETING SEO. social media, email marketing, landing page optimization, etcetera. etcetera. . believe it or not. are all components of inbound marketing. Your inbound marketing strategg — when done like a pro — defines how gout audience interacts with gout brand, determines how gout sales team engages with customers. and (surprise. surprise! ) drives gout ROI. And let's face it: gou alwags want to be driving that ROI forward! Justin case gou haven’t kicked gout inbound plans into gear get (tsk tskl), here's what gou might be missing. .. WHEN BUSINESSES BLOG Leads from content once a week’ M [5 re In K‘ searches are WHEN BUSINESSES BLOG multiple times I 0/ a week. 4 Igaddmsoml . ..acquire a customer through their blog! of marketers think Facebook of marketers think Linkedln rocks for B2C marketing rules in B2B marketing 1 V 7 . u * I I I E. ’-aims I . , 4 . .; _ “*fi: -5” r DID YOU ? > The average KNOW Eff cost per lead is. .. INBOUND 1% MARKETING is OUTBOUND MARKETING g Inboflglfloflzfigs ' r I LESS than traditional leads COS, | v outbound leads! ABOUT WSI WSI is the world leader in digital marketing and we're = H equipped to implement a full suite of Internet solutions. I But. of course, we’lI work with gou to determine which tactics are best—suited to accomplish gout business goals. For more information on the WSI team. check out www. wsiworId. com. Sources: http: //www. hubspot. corn/ marketing-statistics»I http: //visual. Igfinboundmarketing—worlds—consumers-and-internet http: //blog. hubspotcom/ blag/ ‘tobid/6307/bid/33484/The~Must-Have~Components~of—a-Modern-Sales~ Marketing-Machine-INFOGRAPHIC. aspx? Copgright 02015 WSI. AJI rights reserved. Each WSI Business is independertlg ovmed and operated. WSI ICE and WSI IM are registered trademarks at Research and Management Corp (RAM), its attiiiated or related companies.