Final dfc powerpoint


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This slideshow is the final presentation of Dawn High School's participation in Design for Change.

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Final dfc powerpoint

  1. 1. WHO WE AREDawn High School is located in the Diwan Devdi neighborhood of the Old City of Hyderabad, India with a student body of 700.The 10th standard girls participated in Design For Change India. Their project was to stop eve-teasing by making girls feel bold and empowered.
  2. 2. FEELThe 10th class girls came up with a list of problems in their community that made them feel angry, the biggest one being eve-teasing.What is eve-teasing?Definition: Eve-teasing is an attitude, a mindset, a set of behaviors that are insults and acts of humiliation toward females.
  3. 3. IMAGINE imagined a curriculum where they couldThe 10th class girls empower girls by making them bold to stand up to eve- teasing. Their curriculum consisted of:• Journal Workshop• Dramas• Debates
  4. 4. DOThis is their STORY…
  5. 5. SCHOOL VISITThe 10th class traveled to a nearby government school to present their curriculum to the 9th and 10th standard girls.
  6. 6. JOURNAL WORKSHOPThe 10th class from Dawn High School developed the following journal questions and helped the girls answer them:1.Who am I? What is my identity? What do I like?2.What are my goals and dreams? What do my parents think about these thoughts?
  7. 7. JOURNAL WORKSHOPGirls get thechance to writedown their goalsand dreams andpractice writingin English.
  8. 8. HELPING GIRLS REFLECT ON THEIR DREAMSThe girls were able to practicetheir speaking skills by sharingwhat they wrote with the group.
  9. 9. DRAMAS The 10th class from Dawn then presented 2 skits on eve-teasing to show the girls how to be bold and stand up to teasing:In this skit the girls from Dawn High Schoolpretended to dress up as boys and schoolgirls. The “boys” teased the school girls asthey walked by with their books. Thishappens three times, and on the third day thegirls show the boys who is boss by fightingback.
  10. 10. SHOWING GIRLS HOW TO STICK UP FOR THEMSELVES In this skit, two girls, Ramsha and Miriam get teased by walking to the park. At first they try to ignore the boys. Finally, Ramsha, who is the bold girl, stands up to the boys by telling them to go home and leave her and her friend alone. The girls then make it to the park in peace. Ramsha shows Miriam, who is very shy, the importance of standing up to boys.
  11. 11. DEBATE The last and final part of the curriculum was to do a debate on girl power: The topic was, Should Girls Have Freedom? Speak Up!The girls from Dawn High School split up into twoteams and did a mock debate. Team A arguedthat girls should not have freedom. But, they lostto Team B, because Team B persuadedeveryone that girls aretrustworthy, independent, have the right toeducation and jobs and the same rights as boys!
  12. 12. GIRL POWER!
  14. 14. WHAT WE LEARNED Eve-teasing is never acceptable Girls have the right to be bold and stand up for themselves Making sure that girls are confident and strong translates into girls that will pursue their higher education and land good jobs, two basic rights that girls everywhere in the world have!
  15. 15. Thank You!!We hoped you enjoyed our presentation and learned something.We had a fantastic time participating in DFC India! -10th Standard Class girls, Dawn High School