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Social Customer Service: The Next Battleground


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Together with, this white paper lays out our strategy for social customer service and the need to realign technology and culture around the idea of becoming "customer obsessed."

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Social Customer Service: The Next Battleground

  1. 1. Social CustomerServiceThe Next Battleground The Agile Enterprise
  2. 2. The Agile Enterprisethe power of the customer To compete in this new battleground, forward thinking organizations are looking to align bothYour customers are mobile, connected, their technologies and their culture around aand social. They are interacting with your more social vision of service. They are armingbusiness in new and powerful ways. They are employees with tools that allow them toempowered. This shift means that customer collaborate across the customer lifecycle, andservice is playing a broader, increasingly transform every department and customercritical role in the battle for customer touch into a high value communication that ismindshare, share of wallet, and brand value. “customer obsessed.”Companies who aren’t building a customer-centric approach and working to provide the Bluewolf is working with our clients to alignhighest quality customer experience are failing their organizations around this powerful optimize their business and potentiallyputting their organization’s very survival How does one transition from a “costin jeopardy. to cover” model for customer service to one that measures the overall “valueResearch points to the importance of investing of service?”in building a customer service organizationthat is agile and able to respond to customer What employee skills and corporateissues not only with speed, but with thoughtful culture must exist in a customer-touches that provide that customer with value. centric enterprise?Customer service is the next battleground Helping clients answer these broader questionsin which companies must compete in enables them to fully develop a more socialorder to meet and exceed their customers’ approach to customer service.expectations, or risk them taking theirbusiness elsewhere. the “value” of service 59% of customers will switch Traditional customer service metrics measure brands to receive better service. time and money in hard and concrete measures. But these measures, such as first Up to 85% of your business call resolution and average handle time, could be lost due to poor no longer reflect the complete picture of customer service. customer service since the traditional phone channels typically do not—and should not— 73% of customers have spent exist as the single point of service. e-Service more with a company because technologies are being deployed to offload low of a history of good customer level service problems, and boost a customer’s service. ability to find knowledge and answers directly join the agile conversation 1-866-455-WOLF 2
  3. 3. themselves, also known as self-service outstanding customer service in a very Leading organizations arestrategies. But beyond adding e-Service, a fully public forum. They can even turn customers, combining traditional serviceoptimized social service strategy is enabled by and their broader network of connections metrics with emerging socialmultiple service channels, allowing customers and followers, into powerful advocates support metrics to gain aa choice to connect with companies where for their company and brand. In this new complete picture of customer engagement with their brand.they are, on their terms. world, customer service metrics must evolve to measure social metrics such as TRADITIONAL CUSTOMERCustomer service is also evolving through customer sentiment, conversation volume, SERVICE METRICS:the skilled use of social media monitoring • Satisfaction metrics likes, retweets, and net promoter score, inwhere companies are increasingly listening, • Defection rates conjunction with more traditional metrics, toengaging, and responding to customers • First-call resolutions gain the complete picture.outside the domain of their service desk. Social • Average handle time • Agent utilizationmedia channels can no longer be ignored Another powerful metric for service • Cost to service customerfor customer service. Not only should they organizations to track and exploit is thebe an essential part of a company’s service ability for your team to cross-sell or up-sell EMERGING SOCIALstrategy, but social media monitoring offers customers to new or complementary products. SUPPORT METRICS:powerful new ways for organizations to identify Turning a service call into a sales opportunity • Customer sentimentnew revenue opportunities, understand how can be tricky. When artfully executed (by • Self service usage • Cross-sell/up sell ratescustomers are connecting with a product or focusing on providing value to your customer), • Conversation volumebrand, and how to quickly respond to a wide a service call can turn a previous cost center • Likes, retweets,range of product or service problems. into revenue generating business and can +1s, etc. make service agents a hero, both to your • Net promoter score 20% of the Fortune 500’s 100 customer and to the organization. largest companies engage with their customers on creating a social service culture Facebook. Setting a new vision and metrics around social service is an important step in By 2014 refusing to transforming customer service and enabling communicate via social channels will be as your organization to succeed. But effective harmful as ignoring execution depends on your organization’s emails or phone calls ability to realign technology around your is today. employees, empowering people with both the tools and culture to service your customers in new and more powerful ways. No longerWhen used effectively, responding to do customer service agents alone own “thecustomers through social media channels satisfaction” of customers. Every departmentallows companies to take credit for their has a responsibility to the customer. join the agile conversation 1-866-455-WOLF 3
  4. 4. Departments that used to operate more as Change management is a critical piece of anyindividual silos need to collaborate and ensure successful deployment, and impacts the endthe end customer experience is consistent and user adoption of any new technology. Trainingpositive across marketing, sales, operations, and aligning employees to these powerfuland support. new technologies, and providing a defined process for them to interact outside of their 3x as many internal departments early and often, is really what resources are helps set your service strategy apart. necessary to acquire Engaged, knowledgeable employees a new customer than consistently deliver a better customer retain one. experience. This translates directly to a company’s bottom line, through both costManagement’s task is to set a customer savings due to lower customer attrition rates,focused culture in place. This must be backed but also through new sales, from eitherup with streamlined business processes and effective cross selling or customers choosingtechnologies that allow every employee to to spend additional money with brands thatcollaborate around improving the experience provide a consistent, high quality customerfor customers. The processes should remove experience. When employees feel empowered,barriers, streamline handoffs, and allow they can take ownership over the customervisibility into how to improve and optimize interactions they have and work to establish aperformance ongoing. deeper customer connection. They can make your customer more successful and engagedA strong central CRM, such as Salesforce, with your organization.operating across the organization to tracka single system of customer truth, allowseveryone to be on the same page. When Engaged,supported in customer service by tools such knowledgeableas Service Cloud, Chatter, and Radian6’s employees deliverSocial Hub, your employees have the tools a better customerthey need to move and route customer experience and closeinformation, collaborate and respond quickly 33% more deals.around solutions, and communicate back tocustomers both with speed and accuracy. When organizations break down departmentalTechnology is important. However, without silos, the entire organization can work togetherproper training, technology by itself will to improve each customer touch point. Whennot enable a social service transformation. employees are engaged and empowered join the agile conversation 1-866-455-WOLF 4
  5. 5. around a common purpose and given the As a global agile consultancy, Bluewolftools and training to streamline their efforts, provides consulting services across theyour organization will be able to propel your customer life cycle, IT resourcing, managedbusiness forward and compete in the new services and training. Trusted by businessessocial service battleground. in diverse industries, Bluewolf is translating today’s unique business environment into opportunities for growth. With Bluewolf,choosing a partner businesses are able to deliver results thatCompanies looking to reap the benefits benefit the customer, the workforce, and thediscussed in this paper should understand that bottom line.success rests upon not only selecting the righttechnology, but also the right partner to helptransform your organization. Business processexpertise and technical competence play animportant role, but of equal importance isthe cultural fit with an organization. Whenselecting a consulting partner, be sure thatpartner has a proven process to help youestablish your implementation requirements,time-lines, and cost upfront. Also, look for aproactive approach that identifies behavioraland organizational factors that may impactadoption. A true partner will listen carefullyand have the expertise to build a solution thatmaps to your unique organizational challengesand one that employees will actually use.about bluewolfBluewolf has a dedicated consulting practicearound helping companies transform theircustomer service desks. Our proven approachand methodology help organizations settheir vision, implement that vision througha combination of technology and businessprocess, and align their employees and cultureto this change. join the agile conversation 1-866-455-WOLF 5