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Ever find yourself wondering how your peers’ in the industry are really spending their IT dollars? Want to see which technologies are hot and what the market is moving away from? Bluewolf’s Annual Technology Outlook examines the thousands of actual IT Staffing placements managed by Bluewolf over the last twelve months to provide insight into the reality of where IT dollars are being invested and where the market is going.

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Technology Outlook 2011-12

  1. 1. 2011-2012technology outlook
  2. 2. 08 . pg pg. 02 table of contents pg. 04 g. 13 p pg. 06 pg. 1602 08State of the Industry Industry Perspectiveand Top Bluewolf Placements Fin Serv, Retail, High Tech, Media04 13Trends at a Glance WorkForce Insightand Bluewolf’s Top 5 Tech Trends The Agile WorkForce06 16Techs In Demand Index About Bluewolf
  3. 3. state of the industry “As technology moves from the basement to the front line, CIOs are in the spot to demonstrate business ideas — not just technology-focused ideas.” Michael Kirven, Co-Founder, Bluewolf is in the midst of another revolution that to be more agile, collaborative, and relevant,was kicked off with Web-based applications but also to attract and retain the highlyin the middle of the last decade, and sought after Agile Workforce of the future.exploded with the introduction of the Trend reports and budgets are typicallyiPhone in 2007. predicted at the end of the year, but, asBusinesses are under pressure to adopt every CIO knows, both are just that—mobile technologies and to be more predictions. As one of the leading Agilecollaborative in order to reach their consulting and information technologycustomers and employees, while dealing staffing firms in the US and Europe, Bluewolfwith the challenges and implications of is uniquely positioned to offer a broad rangeadopting these tools in the workplace. of technology and workforce insight based on the thousands of IT staffing placementsRapidly changing business cycles and the we manage each year. Through our Annualflood of cutting edge technologies demand Technology Outlook, we are happy to sharethat companies adapt faster. This forces IT our findings with you.and the business to converge. In the past, ITwas seen as a support role, disconnected Sincerely,from the rest of the business. Now,companies see technology and informationas competitive differentiators.Taking advantage of these trends is not only agreat opportunity for innovative companies Michael Kirven2 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  4. 4. Bluewolf’sTechnology Placements 2011 2 2 2 22 1 11 1 1 11 2 10 3 3 10 3 3 3 3 10 3 5 6 1011% 3%Java/J2EE Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry) | HTML/HTML5/CSS | PHP | SAP | Sybase |10% Amazon Web Services | DrupalOracle Database | .NET/ | SQL |Other* 2% Google Apps | Sharepoint | My SQL |6% Ruby | Javascript/Ajax | MicrostrategyUnix/Linux/Windows/Mac OS 1%5% PeopleSoft | UI Design | Crystal Reports/Salesforce Business Objects | Flash/Flex | Objective-C*Other: PostgreSQL, HBase, Team Site, Oracle CRM, Informatica, Lawson, JD Edwards, Pivotal CRM,Vignette, Silverlight, Python/Perl, Vertica, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Cognos, WebSphere Bluewolf Technology Outlook 3
  5. 5. trends at a glanceBluewolf’s Annual Technology Outlook examines thethousands of tech placements managed by Bluewolf betweenQ3 2010 and Q3 2011 to show where IT staffing dollars arebeing spent and where the market is going.Ever find yourself wondering how your key elements for so long that it’s difficult topeers in the industry are really spending remember when they weren’t dominant—their IT dollars? Want to see which consider SQL technologies and ERP. Othertechnologies are hot and what the market top technologies have burst onto the sceneis moving away from? Using our extensive more recently. Many CIOs still rememberdatabase of actual technology specific the first time they encountered Java, .NET,placements, year-over-year change, and or Salesforce. In the last 18 months,analyzing market trends, we have prepared Bluewolf has seen pent-up demand for ITan index of the Top Technologies in resurface and previously frozen IT budgetsdemand for 2011. begin to thaw. Brand new skill sets have emerged in the staffing landscape (HTML5, What is a Top Technology? iPhone, iPad, and Android developersBluewolf defines a Top Technology as a skill among others are in high demand) asset that is either dominant or quickly growing the enterprise continues to take steps toin IT hiring. Some technologies have been embrace new media technologies.4 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  6. 6. Bluewolf’s Top 5technology trendsWhile adoption patterns vary by industry, we’ve seen rapidyear-over-year growth in five areas. Mobile providing new insights into the business. Mobile as a distribution system Demand for Big Data technologies coversis remaking entire industries. The latest everything from data storage, warehousing,and fastest growing phase of mobile and integration to Business Intelligencetechnology, defined by HTML5, iPhone Where there were once silos in the data,/iPad and Android, is toppling incumbents we are now seeing a new streamsuch as RIM and Flash. The Media of insights.industry is leading the pack for mobilealmost to the point of ubiquity, while Consumerization of ITother industries are just beginning Recent innovations in the techto experiment. space have largely been consumer driven. IT Pros not only use personal devices to User Engagement increase their productivity, but expect Companies are increasingly seeing their workplaces to reflect the technologythe ability of user experience to aid in innovations as well. “Many-to-many”user adoption and success of internal and interaction is becoming the norm. Alongexternal facing technology projects. New with mobile technologies, demand forIT systems are being designed with user enterprise technologies like SharePointengagement as a core value. In addition to and SAP is increasing as they integratethe classic suite of front-end technologies, consumer driven innovation andadvances in development frameworks such collaboration tools into their offerings .as HTML5, .NET, and Java, are allowing UXsystems to be applied beyond web front- Cloud Computingend and more broadly to back-end legacy Business applications are movingsystems and mobile applications. to the cloud. The big players in cloud computing are dominated by emerging Big Data technologies such as Amazon Web With the innovation in data Services (AWS) and Google Apps, asmanagement, storage, and visualization, well as more established solutions suchIT is breaking deep into the data and as Salesforce. Bluewolf Technology Outlook 5
  7. 7. technologies in demand Business IntelligenceCognos Informatica MicroStrategy Crystal Reports/ Business Objects ERP fastest growing technologySAP PeopleSoft Lawson JD Edwards HTML5 CMSTeamSite Drupal Sharepoint Vignette Operating SystemLinux (all) Unix (all) Windows Mac Development LanguagePHP Ruby on Rails Objective-C Java .Net Python/Perl6 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  8. 8. Legend | As the market heats up again, Bluewolf has seen flat growth in the dominant technologies(.NET, Java, Oracle, etc.) By analyzing year-over-year growth in placements, we can see whichtechnologies are Cold, Thawing, Growing, Hot and On Fire. Cold Growing On Fire dropped 50+% increased 50+% increased by 200+% Thawing Hot remained steady within 25% increased by 100% MobileHTML5 Android iPhone/iPad Blackberry Windows Mobile Development Web Front EndUI Design HTML/CSS Javascript/Ajax Silverlight Flash/Flex/ Actionscript DatabaseMySQL HBase Oracle SQL Vertica PostGres Sybase DB2 CRMSalesforce Pivotal CRM Oracle CRM NetSuite Microsoft Dynamics CRM CloudEloqua Marketo Salesforce Google Apps AWS Bluewolf Technology Outlook 7
  9. 9. industry perspectives “Look seriously at what you can move to the cloud now (processes, applications or infrastructure), otherwise you will be the last in your industry to do so.” Tom Gooding, Account Director–Fin Serv can you learn by observing technologies are favored by particulartechnology adoption patterns of various verticals: front-end, web technologiesindustries? IT decision makers across all and may have more in commonthan you’d think, especially when it comes Overall Observationto New Media, Cloud Technologies, and Successful enterprises in every industryBig Data projects they are facing. Many should balance two competing demands:top technologies are popular regardless 1. Keep the technology portfolio simpleof industry: Java, Oracle, and .NET. Other 2. Understand the value of user experience.8 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  10. 10. 01 Financial Services20% top 20 tech placements 15% 11% 10% 9% 6% 5% 4% 3% 3% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%Java .NET Oracle SQL Operating System SQL Server Other Salesforce QA Sharepoint SAP ATG PeopleSoft UI WebSphere HTML My SQL Ajax Mobile Informatica SybaseFinancial Service companies use thefewest number of technologies. Not hot technologiessurprisingly, these were drawn from the year-over-year growthclassics (Java, .NET, Oracle, and SQL). Whilemany Financial Service companies deliversophisticated consumer experiences, theiremphasis is on creating and maintaining back-end systems, security and data management. Salesforce 80% Our Clients NYSE Euronext Deutsche Bank Sharepoint 20% Bank of America .Net 4 10% Bluewolf Technology Outlook 9
  11. 11. 02 Media 1% 2 2 2 11 11% | Java 9% | .NET 2 8% | Oracle 2 7% | Operating System 3 9 5% | QA 4% | Analyst, SQL, HTML, 4 Top 20 Tech Mobile, MySQL,Salesforce Placements 3% | Ajax 4 2% | PHP, Flash, SQL 8 Server, PeopleSoft, WebSphere 4 1% | LAMP, Business Intelligence, Ruby on Rails 7 4 4 4 5Media is at the opposite extreme, fillingpositions in twice as many different hot technologies year-over-year growthtechnologies as Financial Services. Mediacompanies are at the forefront in hiringfront-end developers for their distribution HTML 5 1200%systems, and are the key markets for cloudcomputing, Mobile, Ajax, PHP, Flash, andUI developers. Our Clients Ruby on Rails 80% Time Warner Cable NBC Universal PHP 20% Ogilvy & Mather10 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  12. 12. 03 Retail13% top 20 tech placements 10% 10% 10% 9% 7% 6% 6% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1%.NET Oracle SQL Business Intelligence SAP SQL Server Java Operating System ATG QA Ajax HTML PHP Flash JD Edwards Ruby on Rails SharePoint My SQL InformaticaRetail companies are less conservativethan Financial Service companies, and hot technologies year-over-year growthmuch heavier users of SAP and BusinessIntelligence. With consistent demandfor eCommerce tools such as ATG,security and database technologies are ATG 110%increasingly important for retail. SAP 73% Our Clients Anne Taylor Giorgio Armani Business Intelligence 50% Bed Bath & Beyond Bluewolf Technology Outlook 11
  13. 13. 04 High Tech 1% 2 2 15 15% | Oracle 2 12% | .NET 8% | Salesforce 2 7% | Java,SQL Server,4 4 Operating System 6% | SQL, QA Top 20 Tech 12 4% | HTML, SAP Placements 2% | Ajax, Informatica,6 ATG, WebSphere 1% | Business Intelligence, Flash, Mobile, My SQL, PeopleSoft, SharePoint 6 8 7 7 7High Tech employers rely on the classicsuite of back-end essentials, but fill hot technologies year-over-year growthout their team with cutting-edge expertsin Cloud, front-end developers and Salesforce 85%now Mobile. Informatica 65% Our Clients UI Designers 60% Google Zynga Facebook12 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  14. 14. the agile workforce the changing face of IT pros “If you are looking to implement cutting edge technology, be realistic about the resources you need and what your’e willing to invest to get them.” Stephany Samuels, VP Recruiting the proliferation of cloud computing, is their ability to adapt. The old schoolsocial media and mobile technologies, the software implementation took years, costmakeup of the workforce is shifting. In millions and was completed come hell oraddition to the “hard skills” in high demand, high water. The new school implementationthe shift we’re beginning to see is rooted will be completed within weeks or monthsin mindset rather than specific technology on pennies-to-the-dollar, and may beskill. Here are the top 4 skill sets to consider ditched quickly if it proves to be a bad fit forwhen hiring for the future, not the past. the business problem it is trying to solve. So if the traditional hire can be characterized Adaptability as a rigid perfectionist, the new hire isTomorrow’s IT pro will operate within a fast someone who is agile, can go with the flowand erratic business cycle, therefore, one of the ever-changing needs of the business,of the first attributes of the Agile workforce and can accept that the implementation Bluewolf Technology Outlook 13
  15. 15. will never really be “finished,” focusing on Collaborative Outlookcontinual iteration. Though we think of great innovators as individuals, the reality is that innovation in High Business Fluency business is a collaborative process, and itNew technologies will require an IT will become even more so as social mediadepartment that is fully integrated into and other technologies continue to breakthe flow of the business. The IT pro of the down departmental silos. Consumersfuture will be fluent in the language of and users want specific answers tobusiness, and able to talk to the company’s specific questions — they don’t want to bebottom line alongside any marketing or routed and re-routed. The “just Googlesales executive. The new state of business it” generation thrives on IT systems that— in which the average employee relies facilitate collaboration to be more effectiveincreasingly on technology— will require it. in their jobs. Social and Tech Savvy Looking ForwardTomorrow’s IT pro is not just tech-enabled, What does this mean as you considerthey are tech-dependent. In addition, they staffing your IT department for the future?will function within a communication There is no doubt that Technology islandscape in which hierarchy has the industry to be in and the makeup ofdisappeared and people, including the workforce is shifting. As hiring top talentemployees from all departments and becomes increasingly competitive, CIOscustomers, are talking to each other 24/7 will need hiring and retention strategiesin real time through every possible channel. which go beyond a competitive salary.14 Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  16. 16. Bluewolf Top 5Agile Hiring TipsTips to consider when securing the next wave of qualifiedresources to your pack. Hire for Today’s Need & show a candidate how valuable they are to Tomorrow’s Vision you. The concerns of telecommuting areWhy? In order to remain up to date with long gone. Be flexible — allowing a personyour needs, you must stay a step ahead to work 1 to 2 days from a home office willof the trends. New hires should provide make your offer more competitive.the skills for the future, not just match thejob demands you see today. Envision your Make Your Decision Swiftlystrategic direction for the future and hire Why? Speed matters. When decidingthose that will help you achieve it. if a candidate fits your requirements, use 15-minute phone screens to gather Offer a Competitive Salary important intelligence about the technical Why? Salaries are rising every day, and soft skills necessary for a good fit.especially for those skilled in the highest Also, do not schedule more than two face-demand areas such as Mobile, Social, to-face interviews. Candidates expect an.NET, and Cloud technologies. If you offer before the return for the third round,are not prepared to offer a competitive so if you’ve found the right person, don’tsalary plus bonuses, you will not land wait around.your candidate of choice. For moreinsight, find Bluewolf’s 2011 Salary Guide at Sponsor an H1B Why? If you are looking for a very specific job criteria, your candidate pool Perks & Bonuses are Back can increase by 500% if you are open to H1B Why? Signing bonuses and perks sponsorships. Typically, the total filing andsuch as the ability to work remotely are a legal fees are less than $5,000 and can begreat way to tip the scales in your favor and completed in less than a day. Bluewolf Technology Outlook 15
  17. 17. sta smarter with bluewolfThe people that handle your mission- The Annual IT Salary Guide is the go-tocritical systems matter as much as the source for salary data and statistics for ITsystems themselves. We don’t just recruit to professionals. Our position in the industryfill short and long-term positions, we qualify gives us unique insight into the salary trendsfor success. of the IT ecosystem across the US. Each year we compile a comprehensive report ofAs technologists and business specialists, projected salary ranges for the year.we know first-hand the cutting-edge, applications, and technologytrends that are relevant to your specific Computerworld’s “Agile Business Blog” seriesindustry and staffing needs. Whether it’s authored by Bluewolf’s co-founders Michaelapplication development, infrastructure, or Kirven and Eric Berridge, addresses howmobile resources you need, we guarantee people and technology connect to create athe best and brightest to help you deliver on new level of business responsiveness withinyour projects. their organizations. Resources for Hiring ManagersIn addition to the Annual Technology Our Bluewolf Blog provides up-to-dateOutlook, Bluewolf offers the following information on what’s going on inresources to assist you in your Hiring and technology, IT Staffing and Agile Consulting.Management decisions: Bluewolf Technology Outlook
  18. 18. about bluewolf Bluewolf is your leading Agile consulting firm. We help to transform organizations to do more, faster. Since 2000, thousands of businesses have chosen us for their cloud technology implementation, their top-notch talent, and managed services to ensure responsiveness and efficiency in any economic climate.bluewolf services IT Resourcing Bluewolf provides staff augmentation and placement services to clients that have immediate needs for deep expertise in specific technologies and software development processes. We can staff any project big or small, with any position- contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement. Managed Service Bluewolf Beyond will help you tap new value from your existing solution from go-live to ever after. We offer Remote Database Administration, Cloud Application Management ( and System Administration for on-premise and cloud technologies. Cloud Consulting Bluewolf partners with clients to sync the business and IT to create a new level of responsiveness. From demand generation to close, channel effectiveness to customer care, Bluewolf helps clients attain efficient and responsive business performance, gaining the label of tomorrows business standard.awardslocations New York San Francisco United Kingdom Long Island Philadelphia Bluewolf Technology Outlook 17
  19. 19. contact us Web Phone 1.866.455.WOLF Email staffing @ engage with us Bluewolf Technology Outlook