Sydney Transforming Customer Service Exec Forum


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Slide deck from Bluewolf/Salesforce Transforming Customer Service Exec Forum at the Establishment Hotel in Sydney.

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Sydney Transforming Customer Service Exec Forum

  1. 1. Con Georgiou, Director of Product Practice Details •  200+ Salesforce Certified •  75+ Service Cloud Certified Customer Success›  10+ years as customer service consultant›  Lead Social Change Agent at Velteo (now Bluewolf)›  Worked with top brands— Vodafone, Staples, Eastmon, Brother, Panasonic, Fuji Film
  2. 2. Who is Bluewolf?
  3. 3. International Presence
  4. 4. Research Conducted by 5th Quadrant
  5. 5. Opinions of Rod Maxwell
  6. 6. Global Contact Centre User Study Rate  the  level  to  which  you  agree  or  disagree  with  the  following  statement:   “Customer  service  centres  always  provide  excellent  customer  service”     Research Conducted by 5th Quadrant
  7. 7. Contact Centre Operational Costs $ 5% 10% 15% Research Conducted by Forrester Research
  8. 8. Cost to Profit Centres
  9. 9. TransitionCost  Centre  –  Efficiency  Focused   •  How  can  we  conserve  our  business?   •  Whats  the  minimum  we  can  do  to  ensure  we  don’t  loose  customers?   •  KPI  -­‐  AHT   •  How  can  we  make  agents  more  efficient?  Profit  Centre  –  EffecKveness  Focused   •  How  can  we  grow  our  business?   •  How  can  we  reduce  customer  ‘Effort’   •  KPI  –  NPS   •  How  can  technology  improve  customer  and  agent  experiences  
  10. 10. Global Contact Centre User Study Rate  the  level  to  which  you  agree  or  disagree  with  the  following  statement:       “I  prefer  to  use  other  methods  of  contact  (web  chat,  email,  social  etc..)  rather  than  contact   a  customer  service  centre  over  the  phone”   62%$ 51%$ 49%$ 40%$ 39%$ 38%$ 37%$ 42%$ 32%$ 35%$ 31%$ 28%$ l$ $ y$ $ $ $ d$ $ il$ $ A$ $ da ce lia an re ico UK ba an az an US po an tra na p ex o Br rm Ja al Gl ga Fr Ca s M $Z e Au Ge Sin w Ne Research Conducted by 5th Quadrant
  11. 11. Global Contact Centre User Study“Which  of  the  following  methods  have  you  used  to  contact  a  company’s  customer  service  centre  in  the  past  3  months?”   98% 64% 43% Phone Channels Online Channels Correspondence Channels 89% 57% 60% 47% 37% 17% 17% 9% 16% 6% 2% 8% Phone Automated Automated Online Web self- Web chat Social Video Email Text Fax Letter conversation phone & phone phone call service media / conversation online forum Research Conducted by 5th Quadrant
  12. 12. Social RevolutionForrester,  ‘The  Growth  of  Social  Technology  AdopKon’:   “Three  out  of  Four  consumers  use  Social  Technology.”      Nielsen, ‘Global Faces and Networked Places’: “More time is now being spent on social networks than personal email…”5th  Quadrant,  ‘Global  Contact  Centre  User  Study’:   “93%  of  Consumers  believe  a  company  should  have  a  presence  in  social  media.  ”      
  13. 13. Tweets Are… Research Conducted by Pear Analytics
  14. 14. Global Contact Centre User Study Rate  the  level  to  which  you  agree  or  disagree  with  the  following  statement:       “I  would  be  happy  to  interact  with  a  customer  service  representaIve  who  I  know  is  working   at  home”   69%# 57%# 62%# 60%# 55%# 56%# 55%# 56%# 51%# 49%# 50%# 39%# l# # # y# # # # # il# # d# A# da UK ce lia an re ico ba an az an US po an tra na p ex o Br rm Ja al Gl ga Fr Ca s M #Z e Au Ge Sin w Ne Research Conducted by 5th Quadrant
  15. 15. Opinions of Rod Maxwell
  16. 16. Service Cloud Case Assignment and Escalation Knowledge Management Automatic workflow capabilities KM for agents and customers Self-Service Portals and Communities Contracts and Entitlements Personalized, scalable self-service Timed SLA & milestone tracking Communication and Collaboration Call-Scripts and Wizards Broadcast and share information Dynamic, step-by-step resolutions Service Analytics Powerful Integration Tools Intuitive reports and dashboards Link to other systems quickly Email-to-Case Management Live Chat Track inbound and outbound emails Zero install cloud-based chat Social Media Management Contact Centre Integration Meet customers where they are Web CTI
  17. 17. Scaling Social ServiceDerek  Laney  Director  Product  MarkeKng  Management  @derektweets  in/derektweets  
  18. 18. Prepare  to  Engage  at  Scale  
  19. 19. Tips  for  Achieving  Scale   Jeremiah  Owyang,  AlKmeter:  PrioriKzing  for  Scale  –  #DF12  
  20. 20. 2  –  Enable  Business  Units   How  to  create  a  Social  Media  Playbook  
  21. 21. Tips  for  Achieving  Scale   Jeremiah  Owyang,  AlKmeter:  PrioriKzing  for  Scale  –  #DF12  
  22. 22. 3  –  Streamline  with  Tools   Classify  AcKonable  Internet  MenKons  
  23. 23. Tips  for  Achieving  Scale   Jeremiah  Owyang,  AlKmeter:  PrioriKzing  for  Scale  –  #DF12  
  24. 24. 4  –  CommuniKes    5  -­‐  Advocates    
  25. 25. Unified  Plaeorm  for  Social   Turn  insights  to  acKons  and  connecKons  to   customers  for  life.  
  26. 26. Where  to  Learn  More?   hfp://  
  27. 27. The Path to Becominga Social Service CentreCon Georgiou
  28. 28. Agenda›  The end of Satisfaction›  Service as the Differentiator›  Building A Customer-Obsessed Organization
  29. 29. Ending SatisfactionCustomers have neverbeen more empowered.They don’t trust you.Attrition at all time highs. Your staff included
  30. 30. Ending SatisfactionSatisfaction is the lowestlevel of acceptable service.Loyalty is obtained via aprocess not a singleaction.
  31. 31. Loyalty is DyingSatisfied Customers willshop anywhere.Loyal customers willpromote you for free andfight before they switch.
  32. 32. Measuring the effects of customer loyalty onthe bottom line›  # of customers =›  Average customer transaction Calculated›  Average # of transactions›  % attrition value of›  Average # of referrals customer›  % referrals to customers loyalty›  % net income as a % of revenue
  33. 33. Ending Satisfaction What does it take to or or even just spend more with you?
  34. 34. Service as the Differentiator›  Service is the new Sales and Marketing›  There is no lifetime value without service›  Maximize every customer engagement›  De-silo the enterprise to improve customer intimacy and service
  35. 35. Building a Customer Obsessed Organisation›  Team of HERO’s –Highly Empowered Resourceful Operatives›  Structural agility›  Commitment to Knowledge - KCS›  Leadership from all angles›  It all starts with CARING – Zappos
  36. 36. Building a Customer Obsessed Organisation
  37. 37. Implementing “Customer-Obsession” in theContact Center is Complex!
  38. 38. Companies Are Turning to Salesforceas the Tool
  39. 39. Aligning Technology to a Customer-ObsessedCulture—Transforming Key Areas of Customer Care For Customers For Agents For Partners/ For Management ChannelsSuperior service through any Streamlined productivity Removing barriers and Optimizing organizationalchannel of choice through a single system of delivering seamless training & performance through truth sales and service cycles improved visibilityKnowledge & Answers IVR/VRU Integration Contact & Case Management Linked to SalesChannel of Choice Real-time Collaboration Partner Portal Training & CalibrationsSelf-Service Knowledgebase Communication Reporting & DashboardsLive Agent Chat Community Sharing & Innovation Knowledgebase Workforce ManagementSocial Media Universal Contact & Case Mgmt Communications Social Media Workflow & Approvals
  40. 40. Building a Customer-Obsessed Organization—3 “Next Steps” for your Organization›  Step 1: Maximize every customer moment.›  Step 2: Know what your customers want before they do.›  Step 3: Focus on people over platforms.
  41. 41. Building a Customer-Obsessed OrganizationStep 1:Maximize everycustomer moment.
  42. 42. Deliver an “Obsessed” Customer Experience Customer Needs Public Knowledge Renewal Website FAQs Forms Upgrade / Sources Of Renew Product Info Community Suggestions Case Management Product Product Community Answers Assistance Delivery Email Customer Shipping Contracts & Product Product Entitlements Usage Paymen Product t $ Setup Dashboard Billing s & Reports Self-Service Setup FAQs How-Tos Field Service (by ServiceMax)
  43. 43. Vodafone goes eCareCustomer Service COMPANY PROFILE LOCATION Sydney, AUSOVERVIEW COMPANY SIZE 6000Vodafone Hutchison Australia Ltd is a leading Telecommunications INDUSTRY Telcocompany leading the drive for better customer engagement through COMPETITOR Siebel, RightNowSocial Business. VHA was faced with major disruption in theirindustry due to changing consumer sentiments and the growth of SOLUTION(S) Service Cloud, Radian6social as a channel for service and branding. Self Service, Knowledgeand Social Engagement was required to turn the experience around. FIRST ACTIVE: 15/12/2011CHALLENGE SOLUTION VALUE •  Need for better customer •  Custom webservice to pull ‘accepted’ •  Empowered Agents & Knowledge Managers experience and self service solutions from lithium into Service •  Big Bang Go Live – Director Initiative •  Lithium integration Cloud as draft KI’s •  76% growth in customer interactions since launch •  Omniture implementation •  Increased traffic to Vodafone support site due to •  Operationalized a KCS driven •  Parallel rollout of FATWIRE CMS improved SEO of KI pages and URL’s knowledge team to monitor website •  Poor internal knowledge •  Single platform view of all case requests for all digital and knowledge metrics to author management processes channels when Social hub is fully deployed. relevant articles •  Wanted to move away from the •  25% reduction in email volumes to customers auto-response knowledge article •  Implemented GSA along with Headloc •  78% increase in consumption of help and support model for better integrated web search. content – organic promotion. •  Poor SEO of current •  Created custom editor for design team knowledgebase, poor web search to be OK authoring mechanism of current Knowledge Items •  Unable to own domain or mailbox •  Migrated a team of 30 case managers custhelp.vodafone. to SFDC case management from a •  Better customer engagement previously robust RN solution •  Aggressive deadline •  Launched Self-Service oriented PKB on
  44. 44. More Detailed Info›  Bluewolf seen as agile and innovative with strong Service Cloud background›  Social, Mobile, Integration and Development experience led to an innovative outcome›  Deployed over a 10 week period hitting the deadline of the 15th of December 2011›  Change managed with Executive engagement›  Integration of Technology and Methodology with KCS›  Integrated with Lithium for Community crowdsourcing solution›  Social Hub implementation phase 1 completed with phase 2 in progress for single view of all customer care channels›  Integrated with Fatwire for static resources and styling›  Integration with World Manuals for access to Manual pages via support site›  Google Search Appliance for better Article Searches›  Holistic self service, knowledge and social platform = eCare›  The solution broadens our already deep Service Cloud Centre of Excellence
  45. 45. Building a Customer-Obsessed OrganizationStep 2:Know what yourcustomers want beforethey do.
  46. 46. Knowledge is the Nucleus Knowledge Management Case Management Collaboration Innovation Integration Customer Relationship Management
  47. 47. Building a Customer-Obsessed OrganizationStep 3:Focus on people overplatforms.
  48. 48. #goingsocial›  Bring social into your core strategy ›  Engage with customers, employees, and prospects ›  Flatten company hierarchy ›  Promote internal networking ›  Spread news, information, and resources ›  Marketing effectiveness
  49. 49. Building a Customer-Obsessed Organization Enable People: With: ›  Collaboration ›  Chatter ›  Just in time Knowledge ›  Integrated KCS Engagement ›  Gamification ›  Social Awareness ›  #GoingSocial Communities ›  Integration ›  Service Skills ›  Training and Education
  50. 50. Our Philosophy Aligned Vision / Communication Strategy Effective use of Technology Continuous aligned with Innovation Business Process Adoption! Relevant Leadership Instructional Coaching / Approach to Systems of Drive User Accountability Capability
  51. 51. Where is Your Organization?Identify need tobecome a socialenterprise Do you have a Social enterprise Social Media objectives & challenges identified plan? Objectives & challenges identified, Is it working? no plan developed Plan developed, not deployed Plan being deployed Objectives & challenges met with formal plan
  52. 52. Engage with us today…›  Contact Center – Complete Blueprint›  Health Check – Service Maturity Assessment›  State of Salesforce - Annual Review›  Connect with me: ›  Twitter - @congo_ ›  LinkedIn – Con Georgiou ›  Email – ›  Blog –
  53. 53. Question Time