Instance Consolidation - The Anatomy of a Salesforce CRM Org Merge


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This paper will describe why and when companies need an org merge and best practices for ensuring a successful merge instance consolidation.

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Instance Consolidation - The Anatomy of a Salesforce CRM Org Merge

  1. 1. Instance ConsolidationThe Anatomy of a Salesforce CRM Org Merge The Agile Enterprise
  2. 2. The Agile Enterpriseintroduction operations—for example during a corporate Single Vs. Multi-Org Merges acquisition—it creates an environmentOrganizational change is a reality of Should you merge instances where there are two separate sets of of Salesforce CRM or continuebusiness. Companies acquire or merge with Salesforce CRM data. Typically, each data set operating with multiple instances?other businesses. Multiple divisions within has been tailored to the particular need of This is a key paradox foran enterprise become joined into one unit the business and its users. As a result, each organizations in this situation. Hereas companies grow or adjust to market is a quick guide to determine your data set has a different structure and variedchanges. Regardless of the circumstances, direction. level of complexity.organizational change can have a huge When Multi-Org Makes Senseimpact on customer data, including how it • Unique competitive or marketis managed and how it is used. “An org merge melds multiple circumstances that require separate instances Salesforce CRM instances intoFor Salesforce CRM customers, • Regulatory compliance, security,organizational changes might necessitate storage, system integration orthe consolidation of multiple instances, a single instance, so businesses channel conflict issuesalso called an ‘org merge.’ An org merge have a universal view of the • No business need for data rollup customer even as the organizationmelds multiple Salesforce CRM instances When Single Global Orginto a single instance, also know as the Makes Sense‘Single Global Org,’ so businesses have a evolves and grows.” • An organization is looking to have 360-degree view of customeruniversal view of the customer even as the data: sales, forecasting, executiveorganization evolves and grows. reporting, cost savings, customer The new organization will likely need to life cycle management.Org merge projects involve both risks and bring information from one Salesforce CRM • The organization wants or needsbenefits. If done correctly, an org merge instance into another so that there is one to standardize on one Salesforcecan help organizations enjoy benefits such consistent source of customer data available CRM a single source of reliable customer to all users. When performing an orginformation, standardized processes and merge, managers initially need to conductcosts savings. If done poorly, a merge can a thorough analysis to determine whatresult in low-quality customer data and they want the new, merged Salesforce CRMdissatisfied users and customers, ultimately system to include and which processes theaffecting poor process execution from sales application will support.and marketing to finance. This paper will Key Factors to Consider During an Org Merge:describe why and when companies need anorg merge and best practices for ensuring a Which organization will be thesuccessful merge instance consolidation. master organization? Which fields or data sets must be anatomy of an org merge included, which ones would be nice toWhen two customers merge have, and which ones can be dropped? join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 2
  3. 3. What resources are available to support and fields where needed. These fixes are the implementation effort? important and essential to ensuring the “If done correctly, an org merge should best data quality. But the best practice is What governance model is in place? to merge the data into one system first and then perform cleansing. The important cause no disruptions in What’s the implementation time line? point is that data should be in one system processes and have no impact on users. In What kind of consolidation will be done before cleansing. among business processes? Org merges often result in some data fact, users shouldn’t even be aware that How will different departments in overlap, particularly with customer account the organization access and interact information. Companies should use with the data on an ongoing basis? technology such as data deduplication during changes are being made.” the data cleansing process to help ensure How will the data be used to make data quality. Data quality is critical to a business decisions? successful merge because customer service What new security/access and marketing strategies will be directly considerations are needed? affected by the accuracy and timeliness of the information. It is best to do at least three Are there multi-currency and multi- data dedupes, and preferably four rounds of language issues? data analysis to ensure quality.One especially important best practice with Organizations will need to build in time foran org merge is to take the time upfront to set these various cycles, as well as some levelup a process and then map the technology to of testing or reporting to discover remainingthat process, determining how the data will duplicated data. It’s important to note thatbe accessed, viewed and changed. Another data quality in any system is not a one-timebest practice is to merge the configuration event. This practice and the tools to support itinto one instance before any data loading. should be in place for long-term data quality.This is best done in a Sandbox environment How long an org merge takes depends onfirst, because both systems will still be in use the volume and quality of data, but typicallyon an everyday basis. the entire process including analysis of theOnce the organization has done the upfront system setup, the configuration effort, dataplanning work, it can begin the actual cleansing, and any necessary training canmerging of data, moving data from point A take up to 12 weeks for a single org point B. Oftentimes when companies A multi org merge will likely take longer duedo an org merge, they decide to make to the increased time needed to analyzenumerous fixes and tweaks in the data data and plan for multiple system cutovers. join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 3
  4. 4. If done correctly, an org merge should cause individual Salesforce CRM disruptions in processes and have no There might be storage, security, regulatoryimpact on users. In fact, users shouldn’t compliance, process, management oreven be aware that changes are being made. business partner issues that require the operation of separate instances. Perhaps customer highlight Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is an organization has unique systemthe single global org benefits an interactive services company integrations that can not be consolidated, dedicated to connecting, informing,One of the key benefits of an org merge is or divisions that are independently run, entertaining and empoweringthat it gives organizations a single source consumers with the most compelling have different customers or have little orof reliable customer information. Executives online media experiences. no need for communication betweencan go to one place to get a 360-degree them. In these cases, the Salesforce CRM challengeview of all sales, market forecasting and instances can coexist and there’s no need Fox Interactive Media acquiredcustomer data. All reporting resides in one MySpace and both companieslocation rather than in multiple locations, for an org merge. had existing Salesforce there’s much less likelihood of errors But if a corporate acquisition occurs and • FIM needed to merge theand inconsistencies. newly acquired MySpace the acquired company has a Salesforce CRM Salesforce org with theAnother benefit is that org merges standardize instance, the acquiring company will want to existing FIM Salesforce orgprocesses with regard to how customer data examine whether it makes sense to combine strategyis handled. Users throughout the organization the acquired Salesforce CRM instance with • Data migrationunderstand how information in Salesforce one of its existing instances. • Merged the twoCRM can be used and shared. Salesforce instances Org merges are a particularly good idea • Enhanced roles & profilesCost savings is another potential when the acquiring organization will have • Drafted Success Criteriaadvantage. By combining multiple the same management as the target resultsSaleforce CRM instances, companies can organization, and when visibility across all • Greater visibility across divisionsreduce service/support fees. Businesses divisions is desired. They also make sense • Consolidated processescan also save IT resources because & licensing fees when the customer base and sales processesthey’ll no longer need internal support of the organizations are similar, and whenof multiple Salesforce CRM systems. customer support and service requiresThere are business cases where it makes 360-degree visibility into all products andsense to maintain multiple Salesforce CRM customer lifecycle management. It’s ofteninstances within the same organization, easier to leave the acquired target with itsor when it’s not practical to perform an own application “for a little while,” while theorg merge. For example, divisions or lines mechanics of the acquisition are developed.of business might have unique needs or Unfortunately, “for a little while” tends tocircumstances that require they maintain stretch to years or even decades. join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 4
  5. 5. org merge success conducted the org merge. By conducting an org merge, they eliminated the needCompanies are successfully completing for duplicate Salesforce CRM systems andorg merges, and seeing direct benefits, made it easier for users across differentwith expert help from consulting firms departments and teams to enter and viewsuch as Bluewolf. universal customer and market data. ThisWhen Fox Interactive Media (FIM) purchased has helped their customer service and Call Today! 1-866-455-WOLFonline social networking entity MySpace, cross-selling efforts. or +44 (0) 118 937 1059the MySpace International division had a about us > Bluewolf has learned, as a result ofSalesforce CRM instance, as did FIM. The FIM Bluewolf is your guide on the journey to numerous projects and deep experienceinstance was much more mature, and the enterprise agility. We partner with clients to serving Salesforce CRM customers, that key sync business and IT to create a new level ofcompany had plans for integrations to add success criteria for an org merge include business responsiveness. From cloud enabledsales and financial systems, so it needed customer life cycle innovation, to IT staffing, planning ahead and determining clear goalsall users on one platform. FIM also wanted to agile managed services, Bluewolf knows for the project, involving end users in the how to get your business to the next level ofto centralize system administration and process, identifying security and access innovation. Our clients include Time Warnertraining services to one team. issues up front, and figuring out exactly Cable, GlaxoSmithKline, ADP, Dow Jones & Company, United Way, Chevron and more.The goal for phase one of the org merge was what information users need to access.simply to move the MySpace International Org merges can enable organizations to getusers and data with minimal disruption onto the most effective use out of their Salesforcethe existing FIM instance. CRM implementations, cut costs and addAnother company, a global leader efficiencies. But it’s critical that companiesproviding online services, had two separate follow best practices and get expert helpSalesforce CRM instances. When the when implementing such a project. A poorlycompany acquired another business that conducted org merge can jeopardize ahad a fairly mature Salesforce CRM system, company’s ability to provide useful customerit merged a subset of one of its own data to users and provide top-notch serviceSalesforce CRM instances into the acquired to customers. They also risk disruptingcompany’s Saleforce instance in order to current users if they do not understand howconsolidate data and reporting. to complete this effort while both systems are being used daily. Firms such as Bluewolf,In both cases, one of the challenges for the a leader in Agile consulting, software-as-a-acquiring companies was to keep their own service and cloud computing can help makeSalesforce applications unaffected while they the org merge process go smoothly. join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 5