The Advocate of Change: The Central Role of the Salesforce Administrator


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Activate Salesforce innovation with an educated and engaged Salesforce administrator.

Salesforce brings the potential for endless innovation, but technology is only an enabler. Empowered and educated employees maximize Salesforce ROI and business value.

With Salesforce’s 28% year-over-year growth, don’t let your business get behind. Salesforce is a mature and complex enterprise application with many new releases and company acquisitions annually; there are always new functionalities to consider.

Keeping the technology’s functionality aligned to your company’s changing business goals requires dedicated, skilled resources. Your Salesforce administrator is responsible for optimizing Salesforce to suit your business and plays a critical role in driving user adoption.

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The Advocate of Change: The Central Role of the Salesforce Administrator

  2. 2. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR2Customer engagement will soon overtakeproductivity as the primary driver of corporategrowth. Salesforce™, the world’s most popularCRM application, is enabling this organizationalshift and helping companies get closer to theircustomers.This focus on positive customer engagementstarts first with engaged employees. Anorganization’s ability to harness employee ideasand knowledge is the key to driving effective andmeaningful business change. Salesforce shouldbe at the center of your innovation strategy. It’syour anchor for customer information that drivesemployee collaboration.EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTDRIVES INNOVATIONSalesforce brings the potential for endlessinnovation, but technology is only an enabler.Empowered and educated employees maximizeSalesforce ROI and business value.Salesforce is a mature and complex enterpriseapplication with many new releases andcompany acquisitions annually; there are alwaysnew functionalities to consider. Keeping thetechnology’s functionality aligned to yourcompany’s changing business goals requiresdedicated, skilled resources. Your Salesforceadministrator is responsible for optimizingSalesforce to suit your business and plays acritical role in driving user adoption.WITH SALESFORCE.COMACTIVATE BUSINESS INNOVATIONGartner named Salesforce the leading globalCRM software solution, recently surpassing SAP.YEAR-OVER-YEARGROWTH FORSALESFORCE
  3. 3. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR3HOW ENGAGED AREYOUR EMPLOYEES?ONLYSALESFORCE INNOVATIONSTAFFING FORSalesforce penetration continues to grow ata rapid rate, resulting in a highly competitivemarket for skilled talent. Setting aside budgetand resources for the ongoing managementof your Salesforce instance is as crucial asthe go-live itself.Investing in the right strategic resourcesto manage your live Salesforce instance isessential for companies that wish to maximizeROI. These experts will activate the innovationof your Salesforce instance by prioritizingprojects, eliminating backlog, and enforcing agovernance strategy. This team, including projectmanagers, business analysts, business architects,developers and administrators, are the frontrunners that will grasp, prioritize, and executeon the changes of your org. While each of thesepositions play a crucial role within your instance,your administrator is the backbone. Theirknowledge is key to delivering agility, flexibility,and innovation to your Salesforce instance.THE DRIVER ANDADVOCATE OF CHANGECentral to any Salesforce staffing strategy isyour Salesforce administrator. Regardless ofwhether it is a smaller deployment or a fullcorporate rollout, administrators play a key rolein advocating and managing change across bothyour instance and users.Enable your Salesforce administrator to be yourbest asset. He or she is the force that drivesvalue to your instance. With a knowledgeableand engaged administrator, your organizationwill see rapid returns, including fast adoption,speed of deployment for new functionality andproductivity gains that affect your bottom-line.Consider a 2:1 investment ratio of people—for every dollar you spend purchasing anew technology, spend two on the people who’ll use it.–Eric Berridge • CEO • BluewolfOF AMERICANWORKERS AREENGAGED INTHEIR JOBS-WASHINGTON POST
  4. 4. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR4Responsibilities•  Creating user profiles, reporting, activatingworkflows, policing data quality, andeducating new users•  Managing customization projects,creating new workflows and fixing errors,managing backlogKey Drivers + Motivators•  Salesforce is seen as an innovative toolbut must be activated by an educatedadministrator•  Solves complicated problems that impactthe whole business•  Ensures project timelines and workflowsprogress smoothly to completion of projecton-time and on-budgetPain Points•  Lack of industry best practices•  Limited resources and budget to obtainskills and stay current•  Managing long-term development projectsagainst short-term fixes and customizations•  Not seen as a strategic part of the business•  Frustrated end users, lack of user adoption,broken reporting•  Massive backlog and lack of prioritizationSALESFORCEADMINISTRATOR?WHO IS THE
  5. 5. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR5Each Salesforce instance is unique. Howcustomized or mature is your Salesforce org?A smaller or more standard Salesforce org mayonly require a single administrator with access toskilled resources like training and development.Alternatively, custom and/or global deploymentsmay require multiple administrators, developers,and cloud governance experts.Depending on your specific instance, thestrategy of sourcing key administrative talentwill differ. Take into account your budget whenconsidering the different options of outsourcingresources versus investing in in-house talent.PROS CONSExistingEmployee•  Familiar with your business processes,culture, goals•  Requires training and education•  May have limited or no hands-on SalesforceexperienceNew Full-timeEmployee•  An administrator with past Salesforceexperience gives your business a jumpstart•  Drives new innovation and insights frompast experience•  Lacks knowledge of your specific Salesforceinstance•  May take time to understand your prioritiesPart-timeContractor•  Expertise from other client engagements,brings best practices•  Flexible, cost-effective resource,depending on number of users/employees•  Not solely focused on company needs andmay have limited availability•  Lack of resources can cause a bottleneckOn-demandCall CenterSupport•  One-on-one support to address issues•  Charged only for the hours used, enablingyou to do more for less•  Restricted amount of hours can limit focus onresources and ability to address all issues•  No proactive guidance or business processsolutions•  Lack of understanding of culture/processesContractedProject Team•  Team of experts for less than the priceof full-time employees•  Brings in outside knowledge and bestpractices•  Predictable budget with no employeeoverhead to manage•  Requires time investment to delegate team’spriorities and proactively set their timelines•  Must be a cultural fit to ensure trust,transparency, and efficiencyWHO IS YOURADVOCATE OF CHANGE?YOUR SALESFORCE STAFFING OPTIONS
  6. 6. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR6MOTIVATE TO INNOVATERETAINING TALENTOnce you’ve chosen a staffing strategy, focus onretaining the core talent in which you’ve invested.Driving innovation takes the right knowledgeand vision to grow your business toward its fullpotential. Finding and retaining top talent iscrucial. Talent retention and team morale shouldbe a key focus of an IT leader. Recognize andtreat your Salesforce administrator as anunsung hero of the organization.Enable them with the ability to evaluate andqualify requests based on the value they willdrive to your business.Provide tools and strategies that support acloud governance model and invest in theirprofessional development.Once trained, they will be motivated andfocused on solving problems that reinforceand drive business growth.EMPLOYEE EDUCATIONINCREASES ROIResearch conducted by showsthat when administrators and users receivetraining on Salesforce, user adoption ratesincrease 52% and sales pipeline increases 132%.These results don’t come overnight. This isdependent on the investment you put into bothyour employees and the instance itself.Training and education prior to go-live willsubstantially reduce the ongoing maintenancefees of your Salesforce instance. An expertadministrator will drive quality, self sufficiency,and speed within your organization, whilecarving a path for innovation and efficiencyin your business.The US bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that theemployment rate for Salesforce administrators willgrow by 15% between 2008 – 2018.higher useradoption ratesincrease insales pipelineThe Value of TrainingWhen employees receive training onSalesforce, companies see:
  7. 7. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR7GENERATION YTHE EFFECT OFWhile focusing on employee retention, keep inmind the culture of younger generations as theybecome increasingly influential in the workforce.The shifting focus on technology is leading acultural change for all tech experts, but it isspecifically led by the demand for top notchSalesforce resources. This younger generation isnot intimidated by application change, but ratherembraces and understands the reason for it.Known as digital natives, Generation Y isinnately more comfortable and competent withsocial, mobile, and cloud technology tools.They realize technology’s inherent ability to driveefficiency, increase productivity, and deliver acompetitive edge. This generational shift lendsitself well to the skills needed to be a successfulSalesforce administrator; challenge theirknowledge and engage their ideas, make thempart of a user-driven innovation process. Theyare your advocates of change.Salesforce administrators in this youngergeneration are driven by the ability to rapidlydeliver enhancements across the system, ata pace that is only limited by users’ ability toadopt it. A willingness to dig in and embrace anew level of organizational chaos will ultimatelymake your organization willing to work in anagile manner, adopting new functionality quickly,and delivering innovation that matters to yourusers and ultimately your customers.The first challenge for the companies that want to hire thebest young workers is getting them in the door. They are inhigh demand...entrepreneurship now functions as a safety netfor this generation.“What Gen Y Really Want” • Time.comHow much value areyou getting fromSalesforce?Is your Salesforce instancereactive, steady, or agile? Keyelements to consider:VisionHas the leadershipteam defined therole of Salesforcewithin theorganization?ProcessWhat is the level ofbusiness processmaturity?AbilityIs there a resourcingstrategy forexecuting ongoinginnovation?
  8. 8. THE ADVOCATE OF CHANGE: THE CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR8As Salesforce becomes the world’s mostused CRM solution, it is essential that youhave the right resourcing strategy to gainmaximum business value from the platform.Stay educated on the breadth and depth ofSalesforce’s functionalities. A skilled Salesforceadministrator is critical to the success of yourCRM implementation.Their knowledge and education is a catalyst foryour business’s ongoing efficiency, productivityand, most importantly, ROI. Understand thedrivers that motivate your administrative teamand invest in their development and educationto differentiate your business and driveprofitable growth.GET TRAINED!CONCLUSIONWe engaged Bluewolf because we needed a partner thatcould customize Salesforce to satisfy our unique needs, yetcould also help us with the training effort and global adoption.–Bill Nelson • EVP Worldwide Sales • NuanceEDUCATE YOUR TEAM.DRIVE SALESFORCEEFFICIENCY & ADOPTION.Salesforce AdministratorTrainingSalesforce DeveloperTrainingEnd User TrainingPrivate TrainingeLearningBLUEWOLF’SLEARNINGSERVICES
  9. 9. Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm.Companies across the world choose Bluewolfto help them engage their customers anddrive more sales. As the first global businessconsulting firm born in the cloud, Bluewolf’sstrategic consulting, implementation, training,and innovation services drive business outcomesin weeks, not years.Our proven Agile Business Transformationmethodology helps clients rapidly innovate theirbusiness processes and technologies to translatestrategic goals into sales. And our people arerecognized for having the competencies andentrepreneurial energy to shape agile, customer-obsessed enterprises that sustain profitablegrowth in competitive markets.CONTACT BLUEWOLFNorth America +1.866.455.WOLFUnited Kingdom +44 (0) 207 643 2749France +33 (0)1 70 61 83 98Australia +61 (2) 9006 1696CONNECT WITH USWebsite bluewolf.comBlog @bluewolf© 2013 Bluewolf, Inc. All rights reserved.ABOUTBLUEWOLF