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Skype Interview Template


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Skype Interview Template

  1. 1. Skype Interview Template Tools Free tools: Skype, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and Dropbox. Paid recording tools: Skype Call Recorder (Mac - $29.95), Pamela for Skype (PC - $25) Before        Test the audio: plug your mic or headset in Test video: face into the light to minimise shadows and avoid fluoro lights (or else everything flickers) Test that your call recorder is working properly Visuals: avoid wearing stripes (you’ll go blurry) Place your laptop or webcam at head-level (you want to avoid looking down into the camera) Turn off your phone and let people know not to disturb you Prepare your questions and get any props like a book ready During      Check the guest is comfortable and answer any final questions before you start recording. HIT RECORD Introduce your guest, and away you go! Reminder: Don't make noises (like u-huh, yeah) while the other person is talking. Use silent gestures like nodding. Thank them for being involved After   Save a copy to Dropbox and you can start editing in Screenflow, iMovie or Window Movie Maker. Let the guest know when the interview is published. Free Download at Bluewire Media 1300 258 394 (BLUEWIRE) @Bluewire_Media  2014 by Bluewire Media v1.3 Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 3.0 Please feel free to post this on your blog or email, tweet & share it with whomever.