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A Short Guide to Email Marketing and Social Media


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Part 1: How social media and email marketing work together
Part 2: 6 secret ways to use social media and email to win more customers.

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A Short Guide to Email Marketing and Social Media

  1. 1. A Short Guide toEmail Marketing& Social Mediaby Adam Franklin
  2. 2. CONTENTS: Part One How email and social media work together: Part Two 6 secret ways to use email and social media to win more customers Please Share Credits © 2011 by Bluewire Media. This ebook is free and licensed These articles were written by the author Adam Franklin and under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 3.0. first published on the StartUp Smart blog. If you find this e-book useful please feel free to blog about it, - How email and social media work together tweet it, email it to a friend and otherwise share it with the world. - 6 secret ways to use email and social media to The author simply ask that you don’t alter, transform, or build win more customers upon it without prior consent. Thank you to Vision 6 for the opportunity to speak at EMSA The link for A Short Guide to Email Marketing & Social Media is 2011 and share the ideas in this e-book. Thanks to Kay Kim for the design of this e-book. and-social-media.
  3. 3. PART ONE: How email and social media work together Email is the original social media. Despite typically being divided into separate It’s a communication tool, it’s personal, camps email marketing and social media are it’s real-time, it’s shared between friends a match made in heaven. So how can you and it can go viral. marry the two? It’s actually the original form of social media even though in recent years it has been overshadowed by its more popular cousins Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube.
  4. 4. Make valuable deposits first Each to their own Investing in contentAt a bank you must make a deposit There’s no doubt about it, some people Remarkable content is the key ingredientbefore you can make a withdrawal. On prefer email, especially the people who for investing in relationships with yourthe web you must provide something of say “Twitter is inane and Facebook is followers and subscribers.value before you can expect to receive for teenage girls”. Some of us prefer to keep our inbox lean and mean, saving You earn and build that trust bysomething valuable, publishing something free and valuable,like someone’s attention. social media tools like Facebook for online interactions. like an e-book, market report or app andThe more you invest the more you can nurturing the relationship from there.withdraw. The rich are wealthy because Regardless of your personal choice you Share knowledge on Twitter, Facebookthey deposit more than they withdraw and can be sure that you’ll have potential or via email, but give it away is exactly the same on the web. buyers in each of the email and social media camps. So why would you want toLikewise, organisations with a committed alienate either of them?community of fans become that way byearning trust, one person at a time – by Being active on both is advisableinvesting more in those people than and the beauty is that the sum isthey seek in return. greater than the parts. Getting social media and email to work together isWith social media or email marketing simple because the same principlesyou’ve got to ask: “Are you tipping the apply to both.scales of value in favour of your fansor yourself?”
  5. 5. Withdraw cautiously Tweet your emails No trust, no deal and email your blogsIf you’ve made no deposits at your bank If you’re an avid publisher you can easily Buying email lists is an absoluteyou can’t possibly withdraw a thousand re-purpose your remarkable content. If DISASTER. Spam is any email you senddollars. It’s the same with email and social you write a blog, include those posts in to someone you don’t know or who hasn’tmedia. But if you’ve been investing in the an email newsletter. Once you send the requested it. Unanticipated, unsolicitedrelationship by publishing remarkable email newsletter post it on Facebook email eradicates any hope of evercontent for years you may have earned and tweet it. building trust. Why do it?the trust required to offer something for Sharing the same content via different What percentage of email in your inboxsale. When you do, congratulations. channels is highly recommended. Don’t do you open? Some of it.But even when you reach that level, still worry, you won’t bug people. They know Would open an unsolicited email fromwithdraw cautiously and infrequently or you and trust you so it’s perfectly OK to someone you don’t know?’ll erode that hard earned trust. hear about the same news via a tweet, a wall post, in a news article, on a blog or Would you read it? No. from a friend. Would you pull out your credit card to buy Get your email marketing and social from it? Never. media working in tandem and use Stick to earning attention, not interrupting them to share your remarkable people you don’t know and you’ll be fine. content with the world.
  6. 6. PART TWO: 6 secret ways to use email and social media to win more customersSocial proof is the best way to earn attention If ten friends recommend a restaurant, thenand build trust. And you must have trust to win you’re likely to make a reservation withoutcustomers. Luckily email and social media are any further consideration. After all, if it’s goodyour secret weapons for doing this online! enough for your friends, it’s good enough for you. Let’s have a look at how you can apply the same logic on the web.
  7. 7. 1. Add Facebook comments 3. Forward to a friend If you add Facebook comments to the bottom of your On all the emails you send out, you should always include a Product Pages, then you’re allowing real people to leave their “forward to a friend” button. This simple call to action reminds thoughts. This is so much better than publishing testimonials readers that their friends may also find the content valuable which you could cynically argue are made up. The more and provides an easy way for them to do so. genuine comments you get the more social proof you are providing your potential buyers.2. Add Tweet, Facebook like, Google +1 4. Share this email on social media and LinkedIn share buttons If you’ve put plenty of effort into your email newsletter, By adding these buttons to your website and blog you are it’s a pretty cool to think that it could be read by way making it easy for people to share your content with their more people than just your subscribers! If you post a friends. 78% of trust recommendations from other people, copy of the email on your website, you can encourage so what an effective way for the word to spread and to built your readers to tweet it, like it, +1 it or share it. If your trust without you doing anything extra! A high number of newsletter is remarkable it is very possible that your tweets or facebook likes is social validation that you are ‘open rate’ could be greater than 100%. legit and your products are good quality.
  8. 8. 5. Send follow up emails to customers who’ve 6. Tell three friends to receive a gift or discount just bought from you on your next purchase It’s customary to send an automated confirmation and The key here is to offer the gift or discount on their next thank you email after a customer has bought from you. But purchase. You must earn their trust first. If a customer why don’t you go one step further and send another email is forced to recommend a product to their friend, sight one week later? You can see how happy they are with their unseen, they are essentially opening themselves up to the purchase and request a facebook comment or a tweet if risk of embarrassment if the product is no good. What you they liked it! need to do is let them buy the product, try it out and then if they like it, offer them a gift or discount with their next purchase. You can follow up via email or social media to make this offer to them. Email and social media are your secret weapons to nurture genuine trust, build your community and win more customers!
  9. 9. CONNECT Adam Franklin Adam Franklin is a social media speaker and Marketing Manager of Bluewire Media, the web strategy company he started with schoolmate Toby Jenkins. The pair co-created the Web Strategy Planning Template and wrote Web Strategy Secrets eBook (both free downloads). @Franklin_Adam If you’d like a hand with your web strategy, please get in Our General Manager, Toby Jenkins and touch with Bluewire Media via myself are both available for speaking engagements and workshops. 1300 258 394 (1300 BLUEWIRE) or Call 1300 258 394. Or follow:
  10. 10. FREE RESOURCES: If you liked this e-book you may enjoy theseother free e-books and tools we’ve released Web Strategy Secrets e-book Social Media How To Get Started Guide strategy-secrets-ebook. media-how-to-get-started-guide Web Strategy Planning Template Social Media Guidelines Templates strategy-plan. social-media-guidelines-template.html
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