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FWP 2017 l Luca VITA, DNV GL


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FWP 2017 l Luca VITA, DNV GL
“Project financing: what conditions need to be fulfilled?”

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FWP 2017 l Luca VITA, DNV GL

  2. 2. 2 1st JIP: DNV-OS-J103 Standard (2011-2013) New JIP: coupled analysis (2016-2017) DNVGL-ST-0119 and new RP DNV GL & FLOATING INDUSTRY – THE JOINT JOURNEY THIRD PARTY SERVICES AND JOINT PROJECTS 2 Hywind demo 2.3MW (2008) Pelastar FEED (2013) VolturnUS – concept (2014) ACS - Concept (2014-2015) Aerodyn SCD Nezzy – Concept (2014) WindFloat Atlantic (2015- on-going) Hywind Scotland 24MW(2015-2017) European floating wind farm (2017 – on-going) Nuatilus – concept (on-going)
  3. 3. WHAT IS CERTIFICATION? 3 Do they match??? Sky 2000 Arklow Bank Utgru nden Horn s Rev Bl yt h B e at ri c e Docking Shoal Race Bank Tunø Knob N y st e d Vi n d e b y S a m s ø B el ts e e B re itli n g Nyst ed II Smygg eham Arkona- Becken Südost Kriegers Flak II Klutzer Winkel Omø Stalgrunde Ytte Stengrund Lille grun d North Misjobanken Uttgrun den II Bl e ki n g e Ska brev et Middelgr unden Bars eban k Friedrichs haven L a e s ø E m d e n Wilhelms haven FI N O Alpha Ventus RWE Innogy IBorkum Riffgrund B ar d N L Bute ndiek Norder gründe Amrumbank West Ri ff g at Dan Tysk Prince ss Amalia (Q7) Gode Wind B al tic 1BARD Offshore IBorkum Riffgrund West Baltic 2 Nördlicher Grund Sandbank 24 Nordse e Ost Amrum bankMee rwin d GE OG FRe E `He Dreiht‘ `N ord se e‘ Global Tech I Robin Rigg Cromer Metmast Scroby Sands Deutsche Bucht London Horns Rev II Delta NordseeBorkum West II Veja Mate North Hoyle Gwynt y Mor Lessons learned from more than 50 offshore wind projects
  4. 4. 4 WHY CERTIFICATION? (SEEN FROM OUR CUSTOMERS) 4 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Adding quality to the design Requirements from insurance companies Requirements from authorities Attracting investors Why Certification? Source: DNVGL Floating wind customer survey, 2015 QUALITY TRUST SAFETY
  5. 5. 5 Third party certification CERTIFICATION FOR FLOATING WIND Concept Design Project Wind Turbine Floater System Risk Value
  6. 6. 6 RISK REDUCTION – CONCEPT PHASE Concept MAIN PROJECT RISK  Possible novelties to be identified  Unpredicted technical challenges  Challenging design for next phases, e.g. adaptability to site conditions or execution phases MAIN CERTIFICATION OBJECTIVES  Identifying possible show stoppers  Issuing recommendations on next development phase  Adding confidence towards possible investors and partners Source: Aerodyn Source: Henrik Stiesdal
  7. 7. 7 RISK REDUCTION – DESIGN PHASES MAIN PROJECT RISK  Challenging locations to determine site conditions  Young industry - few experienced partners  Multiple partners in the projects  Consistency in design process (time schedule, standards, components, project phases,…) MAIN CERTIFICATION OBJECTIVES  From design basis to detailed design  Interphases, and trust among stakeholders  Quality of design Design WindFloat Photo: Principle Power Hywind Photo: Knut Ronold DNVGL PelaStar Source: Glosten
  8. 8. 8 RISK REDUCTION – EXECUTION PHASES MAIN PROJECT RISK  Challenging weather conditions  Procedure and tools adapted from other industries  Procedures not adapted to the design or site conditions MAIN CERTIFICATION OBJECTIVES  From manufacturing to commissioning  Specifications and design codes are complied with  All operations planned w.r.t. weather and contingencies  Safety Execution
  9. 9. #FWPAtlantic QUESTIONS?