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Waltzing matilda edgt940

  1. 1. Webquest Design by - Brian GarrawayTechnical Adviser – Dr Honglin Chen Copyright 2012 Educational Purposes only All Rights Reserved Introduction
  2. 2. Title PageTask Waltzing Matilda is a song that was written by A.B.Process (Banjo) Paterson in 1895. It uses colloquialEvaluation language and imagery to tell the story of an event that occurred often in Australian pioneer life, fromConclusion 1800 to 1900 . This Webquest will take you on aCredits journey to discover the history and meaning of thisTeacher Page famous Australian song.
  3. 3. Introduction TASKProcessConclusionEvaluationCreditsStudent Page You and your partner have been asked by the MinisterTeacher Page for Multicultural Affairs to represent your community. Your Quest is to research the history and meaning of the song “Waltzing Matilda” and recommend whether it would be a suitable Australian National Anthem. There are 8 Tasks for you to complete which will help you to make your decision. Let’s get started !
  4. 4. PROCESSIntroductionTask 1 Click the link and listen to the song “Waltzing Matilda” being performed. (10min)Conclusion 2 Write a mini Biography (200 words) about A. B. Paterson. (1hr)Evaluation 3 Explain what is happening in each of the FOUR Verses. (1hr)Credits 4 Retell the story that is taking place in the words of the song. (1hr) 5 Create a page for a “Dictionary” that explains the meaning of the following words:Student Page swagman, billabong, coolibah, billy, jumbuck, tucker bag, squatter, thoroughbred, troopers, ghost. (1hr)Teacher Page 6 Write down what the following action verbs mean: camped, sang, waited, jumped, grabbed, stowed, rode, sprang. (30min) 7 Draw up a table with headings, Past and Present tense. Classify the tense of the action verbs above and fill in their other forms. (30min) 8 Write a letter to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs detailing your research and make a recommendation about the song’s suitability as a Australia’s national anthem. (1hr)
  5. 5. Conclusion Congratulations you have completed the tasks and shouldIntroduction now know a lot more about the song “Waltzing Matilda”.Task Did you recommend the song as being suitable for a National Anthem ? Or did you think it did not represent the diversity ofProcess our multicultural society ? A recent survey suggested that 23% of Australians think that itEvaluation would be suitable for our National Anthem.Credits You’ve also learnt the meaning of some colloquial words that are not used much these days, but are still found in the songs,Student Page poems and plays of many Australian writers. You should now know the meaning of the action verbsTeacher Page mentioned in the song and the forms they take to express Present and Past tenses. It’s now time to submit your work to your teacher and have it evaluated. Good luck !
  6. 6. Evaluation Task Beginner Intermediate Advanced ScoreIntroduction Basic facts, Good facts and Excellent facts 1 Bio of A. B. insufficient detail figures, well and figures, fully /15Task Paterson researched researchedProcess Satisfactory Good attempt ExcellentConclusion 2 Explain the effort , little explain each explanation of /12 verses explanation verse each verseCreditsStudent Page Basic attempt, Good Recount, Excellent 3 Retell the story little detail covers most recount, covers /12 of the song aspects of story all aspectsTeacher Page Basic attempt to Good attempt to Excellent 4 Create a explain word explain meanings explanation of all /12 Dictionary Page meanings words in song Total /100 Satisfactory Good description Excellent 5 Explain effort at defining of action verbs explanation of all /12
  7. 7. CreditsIntroductionTask Waltzing Matilda written by A. B. (Banjo) Paterson Music by Christina MacphersonProcess Links to WebsitesConclusion “Waltzing Matilda”Evaluation B. Paterson LyricsStudent Page “Dictionary”Teacher Page Minister for Multicultural Affairs
  8. 8. ESL students completing the unit, have a proficiency level of Year 11Introduction secondary students .Task  Hence the Objectives and Outcomes for the Unit, are based on the NSW Higher School Certificate Preliminary Course Syllabus for English.Process English - Standard level Preliminary Course  Objective Students will develop skills in responding to andConclusion composing a range of texts.Evaluation  Outcome 6 Students learn about the ways they can respond to text by:  6.1 Analysing texts in personal, social, historical,Credits cultural and workplace contexts.Student Page  6.2 Composing sustained arguments supported by textual evidence.Teacher Page  6.3 Composing and supporting a personal response to texts.Teacher Task  6.4 Considering the response of others.Teacher Process
  9. 9. Introduction This webquest is designed to give ESL students at an intermediate level, an opportunity to learn more about Grammar, Vocabulary and Text Genres, using theTask the song “Waltzing Matilda” by A.B. Paterson, as the central Topic.Process There are several activities that require students to use a variety of literacy skills and strategies associated with READING and WRITING.Conclusion They will also have to LISTEN to the song and SPEAK to each other as they negotiate meaning, verb form and text composition.Evaluation Students will encounter FIVE different Genres of written text including: aCredits biography, a recount, a summary, a dictionary and a letter.Student Page Tasks 2,3,4,5, should take approximately 1 hour each to complete. Allow 1 hour for Tasks 6 (verbs) and 7 (tenses) to be completed together. Students should also complete Task 8 (letter) in 1 hour.Teacher Task Each student is required to word process their responses to each activity andTeacher Process submit them in a folder for marking.Objectives
  10. 10. TEACHER - TASKSTask 1 Students in PAIRS will READ a copy of the words of the song and then LISTEN to the song performed, via “Youtube” link - Dual Coding.Task 2 Students in PAIRS, use the link to collaborate and CREATE a mini biography (200 words) about the author, A. B. (Banjo) Paterson – word processTask 3 Students in PAIRS will EXPLAIN (50 words) what is happening in each of the FOUR verses. Transforming text from one form to another – word processTask 4 Students will then SUMMARISE (100 words) the story that is taking place in the song. Text Transforming activity – word processTask 5 Students use the link to CREATE a Dictionary page to explain the meaning of the colloquial words used in the song – word processTask 6 Students EXPLAIN the meaning of the Action Verbs in the song –word processTask 7 Students use the photo copied table to list the meaning of the Action Verbs and then change their grammar form from Past to Present tense.Task 8 Students WRITE a letter to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs – word process Teacher Page
  11. 11. Teacher - Process The 8 tasks are self explanatory, however students may need some words explained to them, e.g. verse, biography etc. Students may need reminding that a Biography is a collection of facts and figures about a person, listing their birth and death dates, their career and education and major contributions to society, i.e. what they are remembered for. During the Process of completing each of the Tasks, it is expected that the teacher would be monitoring the class and helping students as the need arises. The students are required to word process their OWN answers to each activity and present them in an A4 display folder for marking. The Evaluation Page, details the criteria to be used when marking the student’s work. Teacher Page