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Origin of name: Lily


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Origin of name: Lily

  1. 1. Etymology
  2. 2.  Lily is derived directly from the flower. Means purity and innocence. Came from the Middle English lilie, which is from the Old English and Latin lilium (lily). #6 of Top Ten Australian Baby Names 2011 Lily can also be short for Elizabeth, Olivia, Lillian, Liliana or Lilith.
  3. 3. Lily in other LanguagesChinese – 百合 Portuguese – LírioDutch – Lelie Russian – ЛилияFrench – Lys Spanish – LirioGerman – Lilie Hebrew – ShoshanGreek – Κρίνος Esperanto – lilioItalian – Giglio Swedish – liljaJapanese – ユリ Latin – LiliumKorean – 백합 Georgian – ლილი
  4. 4. Lily in other Languages (cont)BrailleSign LanguageMorse Code .-.....-..-.--Marine Flag LanguageBarcode
  5. 5.  /lily g/top-baby-names-2011 ly.htm