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Runet figures


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Runet figures

  1. 1. RuNet figures:general Russian Internet statistics data Based on the data
  2. 2. Internet audienceRuNet audience is• 57,8 million people monthly (which is 50% of 18+ population of the country); increased by 15% since 2011• 44,3 million people daily (which is 38% of 18+ population of the country); increased by 22% since 2011
  3. 3. Internet audience• Internet coverage rate is 49% (poor result compared to the European average coverage rate of 78%)• 76% of Russian internet audience use Internet every day• 34% of internet audience use mobile Web
  4. 4. Internet audience Male, % Female, % 18 – 24 years 25 – 34 years 35 – 44 years 45 – 54 years55 years and more
  5. 5. Internet audienceRuNet has the biggest Internetaudience in Europe and the 6thbest audience in the worldMore than 80 million peopleall over the world visit RuNetwebsites monthly
  6. 6. Mobile Web• About 33% of the RuNet audience use mobile Web at least ones a month (mainly those people who live in cities of 100+ population)• 50% of the RuNet audience use mobile Web daily. Half of those people use smartphones and 7% use tablets Mobile Web audience grows twice as quickly as thetraditional Web one.
  7. 7. RuNet Search Engines• RuNet search engines deal with 350 million Search Engines traffic share: requests daily (the figure was about 250 million in 2011) Google
  8. 8. RuNet e-mail services• RuNet has the 5th Two of the RuNet e-mail services are biggest e-mail included in the world’s top-10 email service audience services in the world• The average number of e-mail addresses per user is 2,8
  9. 9. Social networks • Daily social networks audience is 99,7% of the daily Internet audience (which is 30,9 million people) • Average user spends 12,8h a week on the social networks sites (the world’s average figure is 5,9h) 2012Leading 2011 2012networksaudience 2011 2012growth 2011 2012 2011 Facebook
  10. 10. Domains