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Evaluating Question 2


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2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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Evaluating Question 2

  1. 1. 2. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. House Style of Our Media Products:In terms of the house style for our trailer we used the Falcon font on our title screens and the bold font which has beenused for the Inter titles, this makes the text stand out and therefore easy to read. The main character that is in all our mediaproducts. The shots are also fast paced which combined with our high action tempo soundtrack creates a sense of hasteand sets of things happening extremely quickly in succession. This is the convention for most action trailers.Iconography:The trailer portrays the spy’s ability to be precise and skilled with the use of a blind fold when shooting. We also used suitson some of the other characters to show that they were spies as this is a common convention of actions films. We howeverbroke the conventions when we made our main actor dress in more rugged clothing to show that the agent was kind of aloose cannon when it came to the way he acted as he isn’t dressed as smartly as the audience would expect him to be. Thiswas carried over onto the poster and magazine cover to show consistency of the character. We also use a gun that also hasimages that show he is an agent.Themes:The themes portrayed from the trailer include action, danger (with the use of the Gun prop), precision (with the use of theblind fold) and sophistication with the use of our chosen costume (including the suit) which all help to show he is an agent.This was done on all of our products as we have a gun on the magazine cover to remind people of his skill having seen thetrailer before hand and also making people curious as to why he is wearing a blindfold.
  3. 3. House Style:Falcon font has been used to write out the title of the film on the magazine. However thecolour is not seen across other product as we made it transparent so you could still seethe full body shot of the actor posing for the camera. The name of the magazine and themain image is are the conventions for Empire and therefore are a slightly different shadeof red to the one we used over our three products. The image used on this cover has alsobeen taken from the trailer therefore creating another direct link for the audience to notice.We used red, white and grey as they were our three chosen colours but also becausethey were colours used often on the front of Empire magazine so it worked in two ways.Iconography:The use of the gun prop shows images of aggression, precision and focus (the same asthe trailer) but also shows images of the action genre along with the costume that showsruggedness just like the trailer. The tag line for the film has also been used under the titleof the film therefore links with all products. We once again portrayed action, danger/aggression with the use of the Gun prop and kept with the use of the blind fold. We alsoput our Location in the background as it suggested isolation and that he is an agent and itwould give another link for the audience to recognize between that and the trailer.Typography:The house style meant we had to use Falcons font on the title for the magazine to helpkeep our products consistent with each other and so creates a recognisable brand imagefor the film. The largest text on the page is the title of the magazine which has also beenwritten in Empires conventional font. Articles on this page also written in bold font whichis a convention of Empire rather then our own.
  4. 4. House style:Falcon font has been used on the title of the film on the poster. Further morean image of the main character has also been used which can be seenacross all our products. The release date and the use of a credit block arealso conventional for a poster with the credit block featuring on the trailer.Iconography:The main character has been used which links with other products. Weplaced our actor against a darkened concrete wall to make him seem morerugged. This is different from all of our other products but we felt like weneeded a change from the other products to make the poster stand out. Alsowe realised that some people would just see the poster so this decisionwouldn’t affect us too much. The tag line from the film also features at the topof the page which links to the film. The messages portrayed from the Posterincludes uses the same urban feel as the magazine and the trailer from theuse of a concrete wall which is linked to the action genre and another use ofcostume shows sophistication.Typography:The house style Falcons font has also once again been used on this poster tohelp identify the film itself. Steel tongs font has also been used for the creditblock of this poster which is conventional but the credit block has also beenused within the trailer therefore creating another direct link. The use of arelease date is also conventional for posters also written in large fontcoloured red to not only stand out but also maintain our house style.