Web Video Meets Email Marketing


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Blue Sky Factory and Flimp Media talk about how to incorporate video landing pages into your email campaigns.

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Web Video Meets Email Marketing

  1. 1. Blue Sky Factory Driving Email Marketing Performance “Web Video Meets Email Marketing” Featuring Flimp Media Tuesday, February 3 1:00 to 1:45 PM Baltimore, Maryland
  2. 2. Blue Sky Factory Overview Full & Self Service Email Service Provider Design, execute, track your email marketing communications Publicaster 7.0
  3. 3. Video Email Marketing with Viewer Analytics New Technology Solution that enables email marketers to: Quickly create and edit video landing pages using a drag and drop WYSIWYG interface with no programming. Deliver to target audiences via Publicaster emails. Collect and report detailed campaign and viewer engagement, response and viral forwarding activity by individual email address in real time.
  4. 4. Why Use Audio Visual Content for Email Marketing? Achieve High Audience Engagement and Response Rates People process visual data 60,000 times faster than text. Why?...Because humans process data from images simultaneously while we process text data sequentially. ¹ Online viewers are 4 to 7 times more likely to respond to rich media (video) ads than static HTML banners.² 1) 3M Corporation research studies 2 ) April 2007 DoubleClick web advertising study
  5. 5. Examples of Video Landing Page Email Campaigns 5
  6. 6. What are the Obstacles for Video Email Marketing Can’t deliver and play audio visual content within emails Video requires specialized programming and technical skills Have to link back to video on a customized web landing page No way track/report detailed viewer activity by email address Deployment, integration & hosting requires some IT resources Video sharing sites - low quality, brand interference, not secure, no way to track and follow up viewers, limited analytics, video size limitations
  7. 7. Solution – Video Landing Pages with Email Analytics Main objectives for FLIMP Platform: Eliminate flash programming from content creation and editing Eliminate IT Resources needed for deployment and distribution Instant viewer tracking and analytics reporting by email address Speed up the video landing page development process Lower the cost of creating and tracking video landing pages
  8. 8. FLIMP – Flash Interactive Marketing Platform Create/Edit Distribute/Track Report/Measure Video Landing Campaign Pages Analytics Video Sales Viewer Collateral Engagement Multimedia Viewer Communications Response Rich Media Form Data Web Content Viral Email Flash Interface Activity Drag and Drop Real Time WYSIWYG Reporting No Data is Programming Exportable
  9. 9. Aggregate 2008 Flimp Client Campaign Results Marketing results across 220 active flimp accounts: Email click thru rates- 42% for flimps vs. 5.4% industry avg * Video Start Rate – 97% of viewers had successful video starts Response Rate – 27% of flimp viewers clicked response links Video Engagement – 40% of viewers Watch to Completion * source –email industry stats based on 400 million emails
  10. 10. Create/Edit Video Landing Pages in Minutes Flimp Studio WYSIWYG for Creating and Editing Flash “Videosites” *Requires minimal computer skills and no programming knowledge Change the description, background,  Size, and Shape of your Flimp. Import SWF files Insert Shapes Single line  text (label)  control Button  Layering  control controls Multiple line  Video  Precise  formatted text  control placement  control controls Click to set the flimp size Creates a snapshot  with background along and saves the flimp.  any border, and a color, Image/graphic  Preview button—save  background image Must save for  control first, then preview flimp as  Preview function to  user will see it. No  be “current” tracking is recorded in  preview mode Blank canvas—drag user interface elements here to create a flimp 10
  11. 11. Distribute by Email or Embed into Web Pages 11
  12. 12. Viewer & Campaign Reporting by Email Address 12
  13. 13. How a Flimp Video Message Appears in an Email 13
  14. 14. Email Marketing Applications • Products/Services Marketing. B2B, B2C, sales channels, video brochures. • Non Profit Communications. Fundraising, membership, development, events, communications. • Event Marketing. Events, training, leadership, seminars, webinars, webcasts. • Travel & Leisure. Destinations, hotels, restaurants, cruises, tourism, airlines and hospitality. • Higher Education. Fundraising, student recruitment, admissions, alumni communications. • Sports Marketing. Events, merchandise, sponsorship activation. • Employee Benefits. Insurance, health care, retirement, flexible spending accounts. • Health Care. Enrollment, patient and doctor education, medical products, compliance. 14
  15. 15. Flimp Campaigns Generate High Response Rates Flimp Client Campaign Summary: • Ten separate web video email marketing campaigns created, distributed and tracked using the FLIMP platform. • Five vertical markets represented: pro sports, real estate, financial services, fundraising, and nonprofit. • All client campaigns delivered by email to opt-in lists using the distribution tools available in the FLIMP platform. Flimp Client Campaign Results: • 42.18% opened email message. Target Audience Actions Viewers Viewer Response Rate • 47.26% of the people that opened their Received video microsite message via email 61,290 100% of delivered emails email went to flimp video landing page. Opened email with video microsite message 25,581 42.18% of email recipients Launched video microsite (email click thru's) 12,216 47.26% of email opens • 97.76% of viewers were able to watch the Successfully watched video message (video starts) 11,820 97.76% of microsite viewers flash video on landing page. Watched to completion (watched entire video) 6,543 53.56% of microsite viewers • 53.56% of viewers watched the video to Clicked links on microsite (microsite response) 4,050 34.26% of microsite viewers completion (avg. video length: 2 min., 16 Viral Recipients (sent to a friend) 489 4.00% of microsite viewers sec.). • 34.26% of viewers took action by clicking Aggregate performance data from nine separate FLIMP video marketing campaigns a response link while watching video. 15
  16. 16. Flimp Pro Sports Client Campaign Results Viewer Engagement and Response Data Results from seven email marketing campaigns using FLIMP to promote professional tennis tournaments including the 2008 Sony Ericsson Open, WTA Pacific Life Open, the 2008 Bausch & Lomb Championships and the 2007 Indy Tennis Championships. Flimps were delivered by email to opt-in mail lists. Combined data from the seven campaigns produced the following results: • 29.14% of email recipients opened their email message. • 40.17% of people that opened their email Target Audience Actions Viewers Viewer Response Rate went to the flimp video landing page. Received flimp videosite message via email 52,319 100% of delivered emails • 97.37% of flimp viewers were able to Opened email with flimp videosite message 15,245 29.14% of email recipients watch the video message. Launched flimp videosite (email click thru rate) 6,124 40.17% of email opens • 65.37% of viewers watched to completion Total videosite views (includes views from viral recipients) (1) 6,313 41.41% of email opens (avg. video length – 1 min 16 sec). Successful video starts (viewer engagement rate) 6,147 97.37% of videosite viewers Watch to Completion (watched entire video) 4,018 65.37% of videosite viewers • 24.30% of viewers clicked a response link Clicked videosite response links (viewer response rate) 1,534 24.30% of videosite viewers while watching video. Viral Recipients (sent to a friend) 274 4.34% of videosite viewers • 4.34% of viewers were viral recipients. Note (1): Multiple views by the same person within 5 minutes are counted as one videosite view. 16
  17. 17. Q&A To integrate flimps into your email marketing campaigns, contact: Tim Barton 410-230-0061 x151 tbarton@blueskyfactory.com Thank you!