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BlueScape & Coto Consulting Update to ISO 14001:2015 Webinar 092116


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This webinar by Dr. Christina Schwerdtfeger of Coto Consulting, and moderated by Bob Kuykendall of BlueScape, provides guidance on the process to update to the ISO 14001:2015 standards, which is required by 2018.

The drivers for ISO 14001 certification are discussed in the first part of the webinar. Dr. Schwerdtfeger then provides the timeline and expected level of effort for the ISO 14001:2015 from now until September 2018. The last section of the webinar discusses three types of assistance for companies to update to ISO 14001:2015, a Gap Assessment, a Quarterback role, and Full Technical Support, and then the minimum requirements for certification.

BlueScape can be reached at or 877-486-9257 for questions, customized training, and support for updating to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

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BlueScape & Coto Consulting Update to ISO 14001:2015 Webinar 092116

  1. 1. Update to ISO 14001:2015 Don’t Get Behind and Lose Valuable Contracts September 21, 2016 BlueScape Environmental 877-486-9257
  2. 2. Webinar Topics Drivers for ISO 14001 Certification Timeline Level of Effort What Types of Assistance Exist? Minimum Requirements for Certification
  3. 3. About BlueScape •  Founded in 1997 •  Extensive experience with Environmental, Health & Safety Regulations –  Air Quality, Spill Prevention, Storm Water, Chemical Risk Management, Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental Management Systems –  See •  Wide Range of Industries Served –  Chemical plants, power plants, data centers, building materials, aerospace, refineries, coating manufacturing, industrial gas, and oil & gas processing •  BlueScape EHS – EMS and managed compliance services to reduce business risk •  BlueScape Technical Services - Solve tough EHS permit and compliance issues: -  Develop permit and compliance strategies, quickly obtain permits -  Technical analysis tools -  Leverage agency relationships, lead negotiations -  Compliance, enforcement and variance support •  Move business forward, reduce business risk  
  4. 4. Registration Question   Does  your  Company  Currently  have  an  ISO  14001   Cer8fica8on?     ¢ Yes  –  50%   ¢ No  –  37%   ¢ No,  but  want  to  get  cer8fied  –  5%   ¢ I  don’t  know  –  8%     (out  of  60  registrants)  
  5. 5. ISO 14001 Certificate Coverage
  6. 6. •  Customer Requirement –  No contract unless certification is maintained –  Very common in aerospace and automotive industries •  USEPA Requirement –  Part of settlement agreement or corrective action order –  This is a new trend for enforcement activities. •  External Recognition by Public and Stakeholders –  Part of an overall sustainability policy by corporate or board •  Good Environmental Stewardship –  We want to be good guys with external validation of our efforts   Drivers for ISO 14001 Certification
  7. 7. Timeline – Big Picture ISO 14001: 2015 std was revised Sept   2015   TODAY Sept   2016   What  do   you  have   planned   for  2017?   Sept   2017   Deadline to upgrade their EMS Sept   2018  
  8. 8. Timeline - Details Facilities should allow a minimum of 3-4 months to upgrade their EMS • Life cycle approach to environmental management and evaluation of risks. • Expectation to embed EMS in business processes • Greater involvement from Top Management; Environmental Management Representative (EMR) position is not required • More robust management review meetings with trend analyses • Must demonstrate adequacy of resources • Different concepts needed in policy and throughout EMS • Compliance obligations from internal and external stakeholders vs. regulatory requirements • Enhancement of environmental performance vs. continual improvement • Achievement of environmental objectives Changes to ISO 14001:2015 are substantial
  9. 9. Timeline – Details Facility must then implement all the required changes • Stage 1 assessment evaluates the design of your EMS (typically 1-2 days in duration) • Stage 2 assessment evaluates the implementation of your EMS (duration depends on number of personnel and complexity of operations – typically 1 week in duration) Pre-certification assessment needs to occur by your certification body (CB) over a 1-3 month period Issuance of certificate typically takes 30 days These steps are required even if you have an existing certification to ISO 14001:2004
  10. 10. Timeline Revision Deadline is Sept 2018 •  You need 6-8 months to upgrade your EMS to get certified •  Project should begin no later than Jan 2018 Scheduling Factors to Consider   •  Lots of facilities are going to wait until the last minute •  Availability of certification bodies and auditors may be limited during this last minute schedule crunch •  What if facility has non- conformities that need to be fixed and there is no contingency in the schedule? •  What are the financial and business impacts to your facility if the ISO 14001 certification lapses?    
  11. 11. Poll Question If your company is already ISO 14001 certified, have you begun the transition to the 2015 standard? ¢ Yes ¢ No ¢ Not applicable
  12. 12. Level of Effort •  Varies considerably depending on the expertise of in-house personnel and status of the current EMS •  Robust, existing EMS requires less effort to upgrade to the revised standard •  Brand new EMS needs to start from scratch •  Synergies are possible for large corporations which have EMS Coordinators and/or sharing of information between facilities  
  13. 13. What Types of Assistance Exist? A.  Gap assessment B.  Quarterback C.  Full technical support
  14. 14. A. Gap Assessment •  Facility has no idea where to begin •  Existing EMS is compared to the revised standard. •  Output from the gap assessment is a list of items which need revision or upgrade with specific findings •  Items which are acceptable are indicated as such. •  Level of effort: 2-5 days (depending on complexity of site and EMS) •  Benefit: Facility can understand overall how its EMS conforms to the revised std and where there are gaps. Plan can be developed for upgrade •  Who should lead it?
  15. 15. B. Quarterback •  Facility has capable people, but they need some guidance to prioritize and focus their efforts •  Lessons-learned and best practices from other facilities are shared •  Briefings to top management and management team to ensure that they understand: –  How their roles have changed –  Changes to ISO 14001 and impacts to the facility –  Certification process, timeline and bottlenecks •  Level of effort: 10-30% FTE during upgrade timeframe •  Benefit: Senior level expertise is provided to guide the upgrade project, but majority of work is done by in-house personnel to retain legacy knowledge  
  16. 16. C. Full Technical Support •  Complete these tasks: –  EMS procedures, forms, objectives and policy are developed and written to be integrated with the facility’s existing business processes. –  EMS Awareness training is provided to facility and contractor personnel. –  Internal audit and compliance evaluation audits are conducted; corrective actions are initiated and addressed. –  Management review meeting is organized, conducted and documented. –  Preparation for and participation in Stage 1 and 2 assessments –  Address non-conformities identified by CB •  Level of effort: One FTE during upgrade project •  Benefits: –  Experts are engaged during the entire project from beginning to end and share their wealth of experience with the facility and personnel. –  Knowledge transfer is encouraged to promote facility’s autonomy in the future
  17. 17. Minimum Requirements for Certification EMS  procedures,   forms  and  processes   must  be  revised  to   conform  to  ISO   14001:2015   Updated  EMS   Awareness  training   must  be  provided  to   majority  of   personnel   Internal  audit  to   revised  standard   must  be  completed   with  iden8fica8on  of   correc8ve  ac8ons   and  plans   Management  review   mee8ng  must  occur   and  be  documented   aXer  the  items   above  have  been   completed  
  18. 18. Questions Contact Information Dr. Christina Schwerdtfeger, Coto Consulting James Westbrook, Bob Kuykendall, BlueScape 877-486-9257 Connect with me on Linkedin! The webinar presentation will be posted on Slideshare and YouTube