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BlueScape Air Services Brochure


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BlueScape is a progressive, full-service air quality and environmental consulting firm located in California and Houston, Texas. We specialize in air quality permitting, emissions assessment, control technology review, ambient impact modeling and compliance services, and other services.

BlueScape serves diverse industries including Power Generation, Utilities, Refineries, Oil&Gas, Aerospace, General Manufacturing, Banking, Construction Development and others. We excel at providing air quality, water quality, permitting and sustainability services.

Our Environmental Managers, Engineers and Scientists, specialize in helping you navigate through and solve tough business problems, whether getting new build permits, establishing environmental compliance and mitigation programs, or responding to agency violations.

BlueScape strives to take time and care to work with you to develop first-hand knowledge of your operations. At the outset we will offer expert solutions to get your projects done, while creating long-term value with sustainable permits and compliance management programs.

Come see what BlueScape is all about by reviewing our website at or connect with us on Linkedin… and come back often, as we frequently offer training, seminars and webinars.

BlueScape will help you to move business forward, while reducing business risk from environmental regulations!

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BlueScape Air Services Brochure

  2. 2. EXPERIENCE • STRATEGY • INNOVATION BlueScape Environmental is a full-service air quality and environmental consulting firm, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Delivering Innovation We call upon our extensive technical expertise to manage your air quality/environmental project and get the job done. But that's not all we do. BlueScape Environmental sets itself apart from other air quality and environmental consultants by knowing your industry and your business. We make it our goal to understand your business' strategic growth plans, to actively make recommendations that help guide your business to the next level. We deliver innovative, whole business management solutions. Meeting Challenges Our team of environmental engineers and scientists apply regulatory analysis, engineering calculation, atmospheric dispersion modeling, emissions inventory and health risk assessment techniques to assist clients in effectively addressing their air quality and environmental compliance issues. In addition to drawing on in-house air quality and environmental expertise, BlueScape has established key strategic alliances with network consultants to complement our engineering and industry knowledge.
  3. 3. CLIENT SERVICES Air Permitting and Emissions Banking Whether obtaining permits for small combustion equipment or large manufacturing lines, BlueScape provides cost-effective permitting solutions for equipment utilized in various industries. When it comes time to close a plant, BlueScape helps clients obtain valuable emissions credits by preparing and submitting banking applications and negotiating determinations with the air agencies. Air Permit Feasibility and Operational Flexibility During the project-planning phase, BlueScape assists clients by performing a comprehensive air permit feasibility analysis. This analysis ascertains the proposed project risks and benefits, and ultimately facilitates the permitting process. Greenhouse Gas Management Times have changed. Agencies in the U.S. have now developed regulations requiring businesses to reduce GHG emissions and/or purchase offset credits. BlueScape helps by developing and implementing a proactive GHG emissions management strategy to understand the potential impact of developing GHG regulations, evaluate sources and quantify direct and indirect GHG emissions, develop a plan to manage GHG emissions including voluntary reductions, and convert voluntary reductions to credits ahead of mandatory GHG regulation. Air Dispersion Modeling and Health Risk Assessment BlueScape utilizes air dispersion and health risk modeling methods to evaluate how client industrial operations can potentially impact air quality in the community. If necessary, BlueScape recommends operational alternatives to help reduce predicted air quality impacts and ensure compliance with applicable federal and state health guidelines. Air Quality Compliance Support Once an operating permit has been issued, companies are required to maintain ongoing, verifiable proof of regulatory compliance. Requirements may include source testing, recordkeeping and emissions reporting. BlueScape helps clients develop a comprehensive compliance management program that affords ready operating compliance verification. Litigation Support For those times when alleged violations are cited, BlueScape assists clients in the litigation process. Litigation support may include evaluating technical merit, utilizing refined scientific methods, providing expert witness support, and representing clients before the Hearing Board. Air Emissions Inventories and Environmental Impact Reports BlueScape generates comprehensive air emission inventories that characterize air contaminant emissions from many types of industrial processes and equipment. Emission inventories can be based on source test data, published emission factors, or engineering estimates. As required by CEQA or NEPA, BlueScape also assists clients by providing complete air quality impact reports and mitigation solutions. Business and Risk Management Plans Current or planned client operations may involve the use of significant amounts of hazardous materials. BlueScape helps clients comply with USEPA requirements by communicating potential operational risks and addressing spill minimization and handling. Our wide-ranging experience in completing and submitting required Hazardous Materials Business Plans and Risk Management Plans ensures a smooth, timely approval process. Control Technology Assessment BlueScape evaluates client needs to abate air contaminant emissions, and evaluates applicable control technologies for technological feasibility, performance and cost effectiveness. The analysis may conform to either agency-stipulated BACT/ LAER/RACT analysis formats, or may be customized to satisfy a client’s specific needs.
  4. 4. Select Industry Experience Aerospace Manufacturing Fiberglass Manufacturing Petroleum Production and Refining Aggregate and Asphalt Production Food Production and Storage Pharmaceutical Industry Automobile Manufacturing Furniture Manufacturing Printing Industry Battery Manufacturing Glass Container Manufacturing Pulp and Paper Mills Chemical Manufacturing/Processing Integrated Steel Mills Refineries Chemical Storage and Distribution Landfills Renewable and Alternative Energy Coating and Solvent Manufacturing LNG Facilities and Terminals Secondary Metals Smelting Composting and Recycling Metal Container Manufacturing Semiconductor Manufacturing Construction Industry Metal Plating and Finishing Telecommunications Data Centers Military Facilities Utilities Electric Power Generation Mining Industry Wastewater Treatment Electronics Manufacturing Natural Gas Processing Corporate Headquarters 16870 West Bernardo Dr. Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92127 tel: 877.486.9257 fax: 858.461.0323 website: email: Los Angeles San Francisco Houston 445 South Figueroa 71 Stevenson Street 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 2700 Suite 400 Suite 3300 Los Angeles, CA 90071 San Francisco, CA 94105 Houston, TX 77027 Stay Connected