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Best summer vacation ideas banff, a place worth visiting


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BlueRose Travel gives you best summer vacation ideas for vacations and cruises.

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Best summer vacation ideas banff, a place worth visiting

  1. 1. BEST SUMMER VACATION IDEAS - BANFF, A PLACE WORTH VISITING You might have not heard of this before or have you? Yes! It is Banff Canada, in the Banff National Park, which is also a world heritage site. This obviously means that the place holds special physical or cultural significance. Historic Cairo, The Great Wall of China and The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, all world heritage sites are well known around the world. So, we are in good company indeed! The Canadian Rockies are known for their biological diversity and natural beauty. Therefore, if you are in search of best summer vacation ideas or a unique outdoor holiday, there is no place like Banff. Summers are a great time to visit the Banff National Park. The weather in Banff is great around this time. Banff only gets 19 inches or 472 mm of rain every year. Banff’s rainiest month is June. At times, this region experiences warm temperatures of around 21 C during the day and low humidity, which is usually during the months of July, August
  2. 2. and September. At the height of summer, daylight hours last until 11 pm. Therefore, there is no other best time to experience the Canadian Rockies. Banff is completely surrounded by mountains. Cascade Mountains have its identifiable cascading waterfall; Mt. Norquay is the huge backdrop to the township of Banff and Mt. Rundle is one of the most photographed mountains. All over, it can be said that there is beautiful scenery everywhere and can be termed as “a photographer’s paradise”. With this amazing mountainous terrain, hiking is the best activity and quite popular here. The great thing about Banff is the diversity of its trails. You can take the Sundance Canyon walk or try the Bow River Trail, which is a beautiful and peaceful walk along the river that passes through the town. The Sundance Canyon walk takes you to a marvelous waterfall with a slight elevation. However, the best-known hike is probably the Johnston Canyon. It is definitely worth visiting. For those who are looking for something over normal i.e. extreme, you are welcome to conquer these giant mountains by climbing them. If you are into mountain biking, then the trails will not disappoint. Alternatively, maybe if you just want to enjoy the view or tour the place, Banff ranks in one of the best summer vacation ideas there are to date. It offers many bike rentals for enjoying a great day out. There are lots of playgrounds, parks and also a skateboard park to keep you engaged. You can canoe or kayak in Banff, on the Bow River or if interested, you can go for some extreme whitewater kayaking at the Red Earth Creek (Class 5+), if you can handle the thrill. You can even head up to Lake Louis, which is a 50 minutes distance from Banff, canoe in front of the glacier and tour the Chateau Lake Louise. What an amazing day trip, will not it be? What do you think of horseback riding through the Canadian Rockies? You can either go extreme or opt for a short 1 – 3 hour ride if your body cannot handle the rush. Experience 2 – 6 days in the isolated sections of Banff National Park through horseback riding. It will be an unforgettable experience indeed!
  3. 3. Are you looking for some outdoor activities? Banff Canada offers three golf resorts (ranked world class) nestled in the mountains. There are some unique terrains to challenge every level of golfer. For the romantics, how would you feel about a horse drawn carriage ride at twilight to a charming intimate dinner at one of the Banff’s remarkable restaurants? It is certainly a good thing that there is lots of daylight in Banff during the summertime because you will surely need it to explore Banff in the best possible way. Blue Roe Travel is a tourism agency that brings its customers and vacation enthusiasts, the best summer vacation ideas. We offer amazing deals on each of our tourism packages whether it is a romantic getaway or a family vacation. For more information, please visit our website, or give us a call on 844 Blue Rose (258 3767) to talk with our friendly customer care agent right away.