The Window Channel


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The Window Channel creates and distributes HD ambient scenic programming for broadcast.

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The Window Channel

  1. 1. hd video environments for the hospitality industry television
  2. 2. true reality televisionWelcome to True Reality Television—designed to stimulatethe senses, encourage global and cultural understanding, as wellas document many of the natural wonders of our planet—from thecanals of Venice to the Serengeti plains to the world’s rain forests.The Window Channel’s original content—produced by leadinginternational HD filmmakers—creates captivating ambientprogramming, complete with the pure sounds of the naturalenvironment. Look out the window of your televisionand experience the journey to distinctive locations youused to only be able to experience by being there.Transform television into a visual extensionof your brand. twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  3. 3. more r.o.e. (return on experience)The Window Channel provides added value to your brand—helpingposition your product and build brand loyalty.The Window Channel knows that the cost of providing modernamenities is increasing. One area that cannot be “value-engineered”is the guest experience while under your roof.We have developed the VenTana programming to be cost-effective,yet to provide immeasurable value to your guests. For less than thecost of a bar of soap a day, you can provide the relaxing andcomforting benefits of VenTana programming.• Unlimited access to the entire suite of VenTana programs• new titles published quarterly• a wide variety of relaxing, transforming HD programming• Developed with the expertise of relaxation medical professionals• 24/7 access to the VenTana library twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  4. 4. themes from around the worldThe Window Channel’s VenTana programming offers affordable,ambient, relaxing video environments for hotels, cruise ships,restaurants, and anyplace you want to create an engagingand entertaining video environment.accompanied by the naturally occurring sounds recorded inDolby® surround sound, The Window Channel’s VenTanaprogramming creates an engaging environment that transformstelevision into a conversation piece and adds unique valueto your brand.each thematic program includes stunning HD video carefullyselected to create a soothing and relaxing retreat from thedistractions of everyday life. twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  5. 5. who’s watching Hospitality Clientele iPTV and Channel Partners GuestTek Keystone Lodge, Colorado Majestic, Chicago RoomLinx Marriott Courtyard, Seattle, Wa PureHD northern Quest Casino, Spokane, Wa OnBoard Movies Penns View, Philadelphia Swank Motion Pictures Roosevelt Hotel, Seattle, Wa etisalat The Liberty Hotel , Boston theWit, Chicago Hotels & Entertainment The Woodmark, Kirkland, Wa Andaz, New York, NY Washington athletic Club, Seattle, Wa ala Carte entertainment, Chicago Willows, Chicago Bohemian, asheville, nC Willows Lodge, Woodinville, WA Casa Dorada, Cabo San Lucas Casino new Brunswick Cruise Ships City Suites Hotel, Chicago Carnival Magic Crowne Plaza, Sufferin, NY norwegian Crusine Line: Crowne Plaza O’Hare, Chicago norwegian epic Crowne Plaza, Glen ellyn, IL norwegian Gem Holiday Inn, Pekin, IL norwegian Jade Holiday Inn, Orlando norwegian Pearl Holiday Inn, Branchburg, NJ norwegian Jewel Holiday Inn express Camp Creek, atlanta P&O Cruises: azura Holiday Inn express Festus, Festus, MO Royal Caribbean International Hotel 1000, Seattle, Wa allure of the Seas Hotel Bardessona, napa Valley Freedom of the Seas JW Marriott, Indianapolis Liberty of the Seas JW Marriott, Chicago Oasis of the Seas twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  6. 6. ventana global series: long-play Genre/Title Run Time Description Suggested locations programming Upbeat Lounge/Bar Zenergy 30 A blend of zen and energy Vitality 30 Up-tempo and energetic Expedition 50 Engaging and active images Chicago 58 Windy city from new perspectivesThe VenTana library consists of 30- and Relaxation In-Room/Lobby60-minute thematic loops, designed for Restful Rain 35 Calming rain for sleep/meditationiPTV systems, where multiple channel Symmetry 30 Blended meditative atmosphere Tranquility 30 Calming, relaxing meditativeofferings can be delivered upon request. Sanctuary 30 Background accompaniment Discovery 50 Shapes that engage the senseseach thematic program is designed Rocky Beaches 45 Relaxing beaches and surffor different areas of your property. On the Beach 45 Global sunrise and sunsets -Programs are cataloged by theme, The Caribbean 50 Beautiful Caribbean beaches Aloha! Hawaii 60 Spectacular images of the islandstempo and destination. Calming Restaurant/Lounge Unity 30 Elements of nature and harmony Harmony 30 Visuals of nature and location Serenity 30 Relaxing and meditative Heavenly 30 Beautiful and inspiring Falling Water 60 Waterfalls from around the world Engaging Lobby/Public Area Vicinity 30 Unique global destinations Global Links 24 Spectacular golf destinations Exploration 50 Natural and man-made images South America 50 Spectacular images of Latin America Audio Nature Track 120 Relaxing ambient soundscapes for any background twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  7. 7. extra long-play ventana global series: extra long-play Entrada The Window Channel World. Run time 5:00 hours Comprised of these Ventana chaptersFor installations with one or two playback Zenergychannels, the GLOBaL SeRIeS long-play Symmetryprograms offers The Window Channel’s Unity VicinityVenTana series as one, two or three long-play Harmonyprograms comprised of multiple Ventana loops. Serenity Heavenly Tranquilityeach GLOBaL SeRIeS program is designed Vitalityto provide hours of relaxation and ambient Sanctuarybackground. Just tune in and relax. Tierra The planet. Run time 150 minutes Comprised of these Ventana chapters Discovery Exploration Expedition Playa Azul: World Beaches. Run time 200 minutes Comprised of these Ventana chapters On the beach Rocky beaches Caribbean Aloha! Hawaii twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  8. 8. window stills ventana global series: window stills Aqua Run time: 30 min. Stunning beaches, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and underwater imagesFor installations with limited hard drive that engage and space, WInDOW STILLS Terraseries creates a unique perspective on Run time: 30 min. Images from places and destinations around the world--from Chicago,the world, using individual Window to Shanghai to Melbourne, images to engage and inspire.Channel images to create a simulated AzureHD ambient video experience. Run time: 30 min. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and cloud formations from around our planet. FuegoWInDOW STILLS programming is designed Run time: 30 provide hours of relaxation and ambient Fire and Ice—From the Harbin Ice City in China, to Chicago’s Navy Pier fireworks—these images will entertain and inspirebackground—with Out-of-this-World Habitatimages at a Down-to-earth price. Run time: 30 min. People, Places and Things—where we live, play and work—images from all across the globe twc.hospitality.09.15.11
  9. 9. Contact Jim Wilmer | Managing Partner & CeO The Window Channel, Inc. 425.956.3288 sales@thewindowchannel.comhd video environments for the hospitality industry