Blue online communications: Credentials


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A thought-through Social Media Agency catering to brands with an outlook at reaching to their Influencers.

Check out our credentials :)

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Blue online communications: Credentials

  1. 1. A Social Media Manifesto
  2. 2. WHYshould YOU be on Social Media
  3. 3. vSocial Media enables consumers with aplatform to voice their thoughts.Good &bad. Your brand will HAVE TO respond 60% Increasingly, Indians also want brands to communicate with them using social media It’s the fastest route to communicate with your consumers.
  4. 4. Social Media draws a permanent &influential connect with your consumers.40 MILLION Indians are using online reviews to makeinformed purchase decisions
  5. 5. WHO Will do this for me
  6. 6. Zafar Rais ? Business HeadWHO +8 years of Digital media experience with Startup, Product, Operations & Business Development. Passionate about the Digital space are we? &creating the right kind of buzz Blue Online provides Social Mediasolutions for your brand by means of an insightand “ innovation based approach, hence creating a valuable outreach towards identifying and nurturing your Influencers.
  7. 7. Using the fastest route of communication - Social Media, we strategize towards the ideal route for your brand to reach its“ Target Audience. We build a permanent and influential connect with your consumers so they stand by you, in good times and bad. N. Chandramouli, CEO 18+ years of multifunctional experience in Finance, Technology, and Education. Under his able guidance, we make true his dream of doing things differently& ethically.
  8. 8. OUR Eclectic group Public Relations Media monitoring, analysis Media Process Outsourcing Event Management Public Relations Recruitment in Communications Trust Advisory and Publishing
  9. 9. WHAT We offer Social Innovations We work our way through delivering an Outreach across Social Media for you, converting yourFans into Influencers. We help them experience, feel good &evangelize your brand. More.. Presence Management We put you out there on Social Networks, ensuring a query never goes unheard, & neither does a new product launch. More.. Online Reputation Management Know what people are saying on Social Media: Brand Tracking & Responding, Reputation Management, PR Collation & Dissemination, Competitor Watch & Analysis, Blogger Outreach… Social Support Services If there’s anything that helps leverage your Social Media presence, we can handle it – websites, media spends, twee- tups, and more..
  10. 10. HOW will do it?
  11. 11. Build Brand Connect Monitor of Social Media Analyze of Brand of Fans Creation of Influencers
  12. 12. If I LIKE your brand, I WILL COMMENT If I LOVE your brand,I WILL EVANGELIZE IT
  13. 13. Social Innovations
  14. 14. Influencer Outreach We go all the way with your brand Thought Through Insightful Streamlined Vision & Objective Brand Innovation Content, Campaigns Setting Strategy & presence Presence Creation & Online Reputation Management Online-Offline Management Across Relevant SM Connect platforms Campaign Support ROI Based Campaigns Via Ads, Apps, Social SEO. Websites
  15. 15. Presence Management
  16. 16. The Good House Keeping Presence Creation & Streamlined Management Social Media Content, Campaign & Across relevant SM Optimization Presence planning platforms Response Insight Based Management Planning
  17. 17. Reputation Tracking & Management
  18. 18. Share of Voice: Understand it! Brand & Competition Tracking Reputation Management Response Handling Crisis Management PR Collation, Dissemination & Analysis Blog Writing & Outreach | Insights & Intelligence are provided with a strong background of Tools & manual Processes
  19. 19. Social Support Services
  20. 20. Our Support Extends to: Media Buying & Interactive Websites Analytic Tools Planning Application ideation E-mail & Mobile & Development Social Designs Marketing (Mobile &Facebook) Influencer Outreach Social SEO Program
  21. 21. We’ve done it many times!
  22. 22.  Leader in franchising iconic sports apparel.  Became the Indian licensee for FIFA merchandise.About  Competition presenceChallenges   Communicating product differentiator No former presenceExecution   Tracking the World Cup buzz Match photos, videos & discussions  Contests: Face of the month  Promotion of products alongside
  23. 23. What we achieved The Numbers within 6 months: 19,000+ 250+ 8,00,000+ The REAL ROI:  Heavy fan/follower participation and engagement  Massive exposure and demand increase for merchandise  Heavy Brand Recall amongst TG | Acquired the stature of The FB Page for news, views and discussions on Football
  24. 24.  Corporate lifestyle enhancement.  Consultancy & screening sessions.About  Heart-care.  No former presenceChallenges  Presenting JFH as a Lifestyle enhancer brand.Execution  Promoting & conducting Live online consultancy sessions.  Posting offline events by JFH.  Creating & promoting official blog.  Daily heart care tips & articles.
  25. 25. What we achieved The Numbers within 4 months: 2,000+ 140+ The REAL ROI:  Live consultancy sessions were a hit!  Interaction & engagement on Facebook page.  Fans posting personal heart-related inquiries on the Facebook page | Incremental traffic was generated on the page with fans/followers posting their photos and comments.
  26. 26.  April 14th – A day to signify & celebrate matrimony.  Promoted by Bharat Matrimony- the No.1 matrimony site in India.About  Offline event: Matrimony Day Xpress.  Promoting & Tracking the Matrimony DayChallenges Xpress.  Generating audience interaction & interest.Execution  Contests: Best couple, celebrity jodi, dedicate a song.  Posting photos & tracking the progress of Matrimony Day Xpress’ offline events.
  27. 27. What we achieved The Numbers in 4 weeks (growth): 3000+ 100+ The REAL ROI:  Large fan/follower participation for contests.  Heavy interaction & engagement on Facebook page.  Inquiries w.r.t. Bharat Matrimony’s services on the page itself.
  28. 28. DandiyaMasti  10 day annual-dance festival promoted byAbout an NGO- Sahakar.  No former presence.Challenges   Generating mass awareness for the brand. Converting fan-base to potential customers.Execution  Developing a community.  Posting images & videos of past events.  Using event listings like burrp! to redirect traffic  Contests to give away passes to event .
  29. 29. What we achieved: DandiyaMasti The Numbers in 6 weeks (within 1.4 months): 6000+ The REAL ROI:  Huge number of fans in a short time during festival season due to event listing sites.  Large fan/follower participation for contests.  Heavy interaction & engagement on Facebook page. | The organization directly received 1000+ inquiries from the information posted on the event listings.
  30. 30. Thank you! Get in touch with us… |