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Antibiotic resistant bacteria 2


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Antibiotic resistant bacteria 2

  1. 1. What doesn’t kill them makesthem stronger
  2. 2. Discovers penicillin in1928
  3. 3. Penicillin-The Magic Bullet
  4. 4. • Antibiotics create selection pressure
  5. 5. • Horizontal gene transfer• e&v=eRvfhljxA4s
  6. 6. • Bacteria have the ability to acquire genes from other bacterium without being its offspring.
  7. 7. • Many of the most widely used antimicrobial drugs are already ineffective• Pharmaceutical companies cannot create new drugs fast enough to treat drug resistant bacteria• Reduce inappropriate prescription of antibiotics • Increase public awareness that many diseases cannot be cured with antibiotics• Reduce use of agricultural antibiotics• Increase the number of patients who finish their courses of antibiotics• Restrict the use of new antibiotics• UZatOIWlf3Y