20130312 Windows 8 in the Enterprise


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John Pelak, UX & Mobility Practice Director, presents Windows 8 in the Enterprise.

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  • 20130312 Windows 8 in the Enterprise

    1. 1. Windows 8 in the EnterprisePresented to the Boston Windows 8 User Group – 12 March 2013John PelakPractice Director – UX + Mobility
    2. 2. Windows 8 in theEnterprise
    3. 3. The Modern Complementary Cross-PlatformApplication Practices SolutionsCompany • Data Platforms & Analytics We seek to understand your • Enterprise Services business strategy andWe’re an interactive design and • Information Management technical foundation to crafttechnology architecture firm matching • User Experience & Mobile solutions that holistically blendthe most experienced consultants in the • Creative Services architecture, innovation,industry to the most challenging creative design, and strategicbusiness and technical problems our vision to exactly meet yourclients face. needs and ensure your success.Who We Are
    4. 4. We make systems beautiful
    5. 5. BlueMetal for Windows8 Design, Architecture &EngineeringGuiding Principles Key Differentiators End-user participation: Identify stakeholders and decision makers at the  We blend the best of the branding, boutique, and business worlds. start of the project and ensure their participation from the get go. No surprises in UAT!  Strong & strategic user experience stance: not just pretty graphics or basic HTML. High collaboration: Collaborate early and often with the technical team to ensure that the IA and Visual Design is technically viable before presenting  Package & product awareness: we understand where and how to customize it to the client. products. Managed complexity: Utilize the strengths of the technical platform as  Experience with back-end environments: many agencies and design shops much as possible and then using custom development to fill the gaps. don’t understand the intricacies of UI integration into back-end systems. Technical foundation: Integration-ready design & production. Technology  We have the methodology and experience to bring objectivity to a naturally agnostic yet informed – and understand Windows 8 design paradigm subjective process.
    6. 6.  Windows 8 is a fine tablet operating system  So is Windows RT WinRT is a fine tablet application framework  WinRT apps run on both Windows 8 and Windows RT (largely) without modificationWindows 8 and Tablet Apps
    7. 7.  Target WinRT when you need:  GPS, camera, accelerometer, other devices and sensors  Power efficiency Target WinRT on Windows 8 when you need something from the list above and you need  Custom Enterprise app support  Classic Windows apps provided by 3rd parties  To extract value from your investment in a Microsoft-centric infrastructure Otherwise, you might want to consider other supported runtimes  WPF, Winforms, SL, etc.Windows 8 and Tablet Apps
    8. 8. Windows 8 is the only tablet OS that: Can run custom enterprise apps Can run classic Windows apps provided by 3rd parties Runs Microsoft Office Has direct System Center support Can run one app in a snapped mode while running another in filled mode This enables new scenarios for enterprise apps, including:  Support of mobile workers  Solutions which blend WinRT apps and classic Windows apps Let’s discussWindows 8 is special because…
    9. 9.  John Pelak Practice Director – UX + Mobility @jpelakBMAThank you!