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Water Quality for Coca-Cola with Blue I's Analyzers


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Blue I's water quality analyzers and controllers are installed in 25 of Coca-Cola's bottling facilities around the world.
See how these smart online water quality analyzers serve as a gatekeeper to ensure that the quality and taste of the water going into your soft drinks is consistent and safe.
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Water Quality for Coca-Cola with Blue I's Analyzers

  1. 1. Coca-Cola Case Study Uncompromising Water Quality for Soft Drinks
  2. 2. Manufacturer’s Quality Goals Main ingredient in soft drinks? WATER Soft drinks contain 95%-99% water Product must meet health and regulatory requirements Must maintain consumer trust and market share 2 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  3. 3. Water Treatment Challenges Taste and quality of the final product can be affected by: Quality of water sources Traces of metals and other unwanted elements Disinfection processes Treatment residuals Government regulations and industry standards evolve and become more stringent Must find ways to meet water standards without modifying taste and quality 3 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  4. 4. Water Quality Goals – Coca-Cola Providing unchanging and recognized taste for CocaCola’s renowned beverages Water standardization for consistency in taste nationwide 4 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  5. 5. Coca-Cola’s 5-Step Approach to Water Quality Enhanced filtration (pathogenic microorganisms) Alkalinity reduction, if needed (taste) Disinfection (secondary barrier against microorganisms) Carbon purification (chlorine, organics for safety and taste) Polishing filtration (carbon fines) Source : 5 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  6. 6. Monitoring Water Treatment Processes Water must be constantly monitored to verify chlorine has been fully removed Very low chlorine levels require high accuracy, high resolution and fast response time in monitoring the water Most critical for monitoring are the final stages of production, prior to bottling 6 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  7. 7. The Solution High accuracy, fast response analyzers to monitor water quality before bottling 25 Coca-Cola bottling facilities around the world have installed Blue I’s HYDROGUARD HG-702 multiparameter colorimeter at critical points on their production lines 7 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  8. 8. Coca-Cola Israel Water Monitoring Process 8 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  9. 9. Blue I’s Analyzers - India Kheda District, Gujarat Bangalore Nawabganj, Unnao District Kinley final lines 9 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) final lines
  10. 10. HYDROGUARD HG-702 Precision Water quality assurance before bottling The HG-702 ensures that the final high quality of water for Coca-Cola’s beverages on these production lines is maintained by constant monitoring of total chlorine, conductivity and pH levels. Measuring free and/or total chlorine with high resolution (0.01 ppm) and accuracy and short measurement delay Zero reading of total chlorine before reverse osmosis 10 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  11. 11. The Technology 11 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  12. 12. The Technology HYDROGUARD HG-702 Accurate Colorimetric Analyzer based on DPD (N,N-Diethyl-pphenylenediamine) colorimetric method In the presence of chlorine, the DPD rapidly reacts to form a red color, the intensity of which indicates the level of chlorine concentration. Low reagent (DPD) consumption (~0.03ml/sample), in keeping with environmental and total cost considerations Specially designed spectrophotometric measuring cell for automated reagent mixing and hands-free cleaning as fluids and/or reagents fill the measuring tube, they are effectively mixed to obtain a homogenized solution eliminates manual cleaning A built-in sensor detects and measures the solution as it is emitted and determines chlorine concentration with high accuracy and at precise preprogrammed intervals. Includes multiple interfaces with external equipment using 4-20mA indication & control, alarm relays and industry standard Modbus protocol support. 12 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  13. 13. Advantages at Coca-Cola Bottling Plants Maintenance Self-calibration and true zero with every measurement; no need for initial calibration Automatic self-cleaning photocell with a built-in piston in each unit (patented system) Low reagents consumption (~0.03mL/sample) Manual procedures such as periodic reagent replacement are easy to perform and do not require specialized skills Maintenance reminders and alarms provide useful information about incidents and timing so as to ensure effective response Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) 13 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  14. 14. Advantages at Coca-Cola Bottling Plants Performance High precision, consistent readings - tested vs. lab equipment Measuring free chlorine and total chlorine on the same water sample assures high accuracy Measurement range: 0-10 ppm Flexible measurement interval: 2 to 10 minutes Measurement accuracy (+/- 5%) Reagent mixing, sample de-bubbling and cell cleaning all performed by one unit Six independent relays for equipment control Optional programming to measure additional parameters: pH, Redox, conductivity, turbidity, temperature 14 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  15. 15. Proven Results Lab test precision for top water quality at Coca-Cola’s bottling lines Blue I’s analyzers serve as gatekeepers to ensure quality of beverages prior to bottling Analyzers adapted and programed to meet unique needs of each site, allowing combination of measurements in single system Self-calibration, self-cleaning, long-term stabilization support more efficient and reliable processes Analyzers play critical role in maintaining Coca-Cola’s high regulatory and health standards 15 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  16. 16. Blue I – Coca-Cola Worldwide Blue I’s HG-702 analyzers are installed in 25 bottling facilities around the world India China Brazil Israel 16 South Africa Namibia Malawi Chile .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  17. 17. Blue I - Company Overview Blue I Water Technologies is a global provider of advanced online controllers and analyzers for the water monitoring and treatment market. Blue I Water Technologies is a privately held Israeli company, operating since 2003. Blue I’s devices and patented technologies identify, quantify and analyze the chemical components of water and measure parameters such as chlorine, pH, redox, turbidity, conductivity and temperature. The company’s worldwide customers use Blue I’s technologies to optimize water-based processes and analysis in a variety of applications, industries and environments, including food and beverage industries; chemical industries; municipal water distribution networks; potable water treatment facilities; oil and gas industries; offshore environments; swimming pools and spas. Blue I is a leader in the global water monitoring and treatment market, with sales in over 26 countries world-wide. 17 .Blue I Water Technologies Ltd
  18. 18. Partners & Customers - Highlights • Coca Cola Suez Veolia • Mekorot Water Company Euro-Disney pools Total • Israel Electric Company Beijing Olympics' pools Nalco • Nestle Arch GE • TNUVA Yamaha Astral Pool • Tel Hashomer Hospital BASF
  19. 19. We look forward to assisting you with water quality needs Tel: 972-9-768-0004 your