Digital Marketing Trends 2013


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Presentation of Patrick C. Price, Managing Director of BlueGlass EMEA

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Digital Marketing Trends 2013

  1. 1. Digital MarketingTrends 2013Patrick C. PriceCEO20.02.2013
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Trends 2013 Mobile Semantic / Structured20.02.2013 2
  3. 3. Mobile20.02.2013 3 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  4. 4. Mobile Development20.02.2013 4 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  5. 5. Mobile Development 2014: more internet users on mobiles than computers Source: 5 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  6. 6. Mobile vs. Desktop usage Source: 6 IDEALIZER AG
  7. 7. Google Enhanced campaigns / Major AdWords Change Google introduces enhanced campaings and no longer differentiates between mobile and desktop ads Means Google sees mobile as the future20.02.2013 7 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  8. 8. Google now 8 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  9. 9. What this means for you Think of mobile ways to use your site and services Check the percentage of mobile traffic currently to your site and compare with 6 months ago Cross-check Conversion Rates and Goals to identify unused potential of your users Adapt layout to responsive design Geo-Tag all your location information using schema.org20.02.2013 9 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  10. 10. Semantic & Structured Data20.02.2013 10 IDEALIZER AG
  11. 11. Google significantly changing it’s SERPs Rich Snippet - Pictures - Reviews - Meta-Data (Date / Time) Rich Snippet Google Universal Search - Google Image Search Google Universal Search - Google Video Search20.02.2013 11 IDEALIZER AG
  12. 12. Google Knowledge Graph 12 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  13. 13. Google Knowledge Graph 13 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  14. 14. Google Knowledge Graph 14 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  15. 15. Google Knowledge Graph 15 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  16. 16. Google Knowledge Graph 16 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  17. 17. Google Knowledge Graph 17 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  18. 18. Status Quo - Switzerland OneBox Google Local Results Google Local & Rich Snippets20.02.2013 18 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  19. 19. Google Authorship & Google+ Pages20.02.2013 19 IDEALIZER AG
  20. 20. Google Authorship & Google+ Pages Google+ Social DataGoogle+ Profile Picture 20.02.2013 20 IDEALIZER AG
  21. 21. Google Authorship in Breaking News20.02.2013 21 IDEALIZER AG
  22. 22. 7 Key Takeaways for Publishers & News Outlets Google+ should no longer be an afterthought for publishers. If you aren’t using Google+ for your publication, you are missing out Go beyond Google News. Just because you are in Google News, doesn’t mean you are covered. Think about maximizing your touchpoints. The nimblest, or most agile outlets have another distinct advantage. It doesn’t matter if they are the biggest or even the most authoritative. Be descriptive and use multimedia (photos, videos, etc.) in your Google+ posts. Implement rel=”publisher”. Want that nice little logo to show next to your search listing? Make sure you have implemented rel=”publisher”. These results don’t last. If you look at the the SERPs for either of these terms today, you will see something very different, and none of the Google+ posts. Which leads me to one thing I am sure of… Google SERPs and Google+’s effect will continue to evolve, so pay close attention. Breaking news events allows us great insight into shifts, tactics, and updates. Watch closely, see what worked, and figure out how you can make that work for your website or brand.20.02.2013 22 IDEALIZER AG
  23. 23. Differentiation «Rich Snippets» Google Universal Search - Integration Google Search Verticals - Links to Content Elements Authorenprofile / rel=«author» - Integration Google Plus Profile - Links to Website and G+ Profile Structured Data / Microformats - Integrates in SERPs - Links to Website20.02.2013 23 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  24. 24. Facebook Graph Search20.02.2013 24 IDEALIZER AG
  25. 25. Facebook Graph Search Search within your Social Graph Search within your Interest Graph Create combined searches Refined searches show things like: – More pages they like – Videos of these people – Photos of these people – Landmarks they’ve visited – These people’s friends – Languages they speak – Places where they’ve worked – Places they’ve lived – Places where they’ve studied – Places they’re from – Movied they’ve watched – Activities they like – These people’s groups20.02.2013 25 IDEALIZER AG
  26. 26. Facebook Graph Search Problematic Searches: – Mothers of Jews who like Bacon – Married men who like Prostitutes … und daran angehängt die erweiterte Suche “These people’s spouses” – Spouses of married people who like Ashley Madison – Mothers of Catholics from Italy who like Durex – Islamic men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran – Single women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like Getting Drunk! – Married Female who like BangWithFriends and in refinement “These People’s spouses” – People who like ’I hate Mc Donalds!’ and work at Mc Donald’s – People who like Mc Donald’s and work at Burger King20.02.2013 26 IDEALIZER AG
  27. 27. Facebook Graph Search Review your Facebook history and likes now! No matter what your privacy settings are, think of Facebook as public Work through your profile to ensure you are confident with how you appear Recheck your friends and disconnect from people you do not know and have no connection to20.02.2013 27 IDEALIZER AG
  28. 28. Take aways20.02.2013 28 IDEALIZER AG
  29. 29. Take aways The ways digital information is consumed is changing rapidly In order to stay ahead of your competition, you should utilize the new features offered by the various players Develop a content distribution strategy for your digital assets Engange with users and build your own outreach capabilities Think of your Company / Product as a Social entity Use Markups to help vertical search products get you listed If your on a tight budget remember: «free» Traffic is better than «paid» traffic If in doubt, seek professional help in order to avoid making mistakes, that might become more expensive fixing20.02.2013 29 DIGITAL MARKETING 2013 | IDEALIZER AG
  30. 30. Danke für Ihre AufmerksamkeitIdealizer AGKreuzbühlstrasse 1CH-8008 Zürich +41 (0)44 / 542 40 00 @idealizer20.02.2013 30