What is Night Sweats


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What is Night sweats? - also called sleep hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive night time sweating. To cure night sweats, you need to first...

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What is Night Sweats

  1. 1. What is Night Sweats?What is night sweats? Night sweats are an excess of sweating which occursduring sleep - the medical name for which is sleep hyperhidrosis.For people who experience night sweats, it can be so severe that theirclothes and sheets become soaked with perspiration. It is not unusual forsufferers of night sweats to be awakened from sleep by a sense of extremeheat or excessive wetness. It is also possible for someone suffering fromsleep hyperhidrosis to be plagued by excessive daytime perspiration aswell.What is Night Sweats?Who it AffectsAny person, regardless of age or sex,can suffer from night sweats. Nightsweats can be something as simple asan indication of a normal body changefor older men and women; or anindication of an underlying disease - inwhich case your physician should benotified. The first thing you want to doif you suffer from night sweats is torecognize the cause. Once that hasbeen ascertained, proper treatment ofthe underlying cause can usuallyreduce or eliminate the problem.
  2. 2. Not being able to get to sleep at night can be a horrible experience - at night as well as throughout the following day. But it doesnt have to be that way - sometimes all it takes is a few lifestyle adjustments. Learn what you need to know to instantly fall asleep each night in the sleep ebook, Get to Sleep Now! 39 Ways to Guarantee Your ZZZs.What is Night Sweats?How it Affects WomenIn women, night sweats are commonly a result of menopause. Some women experience sleep hyperhidrosis for a lot longer than other women during menopause - for example a year or longer. For these people, there are formal treatments which can relieve the symptoms that are associated with sleep hyperhidrosis which are caused by the onset of menopause. Women usually experience these perspiratory night time outbreaks some time after the age of 40. And about 50% of all women who experience menopause will experience excessive night sweating to some degree or another.
  3. 3. Sometimes, this excessive night time sweating can also accompanypregnancy - due in part to the complete upheaval of a womans hormonalsystem during this time. In the cases of menopause and pregnancy, nightsweats are not a symptom of an underlying disease.As stated above, night sweats are a symptom of an underlying disease.Here then is a list of some of the diseases which have been known to causeexcessive night time sweating.What is Night SweatsDisorders Known to Cause Sleep Hyperhidrosis Fever Hyperthyroidism Diabetes Strokes Epilepsy Obstructive Sleep Apnea Cerebral Palsy Head Injury MigrainesDepending on the severity of your night sweats, it could be little more thana nuisance; or it could disturb your sleep and even require you to get out ofbed and change your bedding or clothing.Either way, you must remember that night sweats is not a disease; it is asign of another underlying disease ofaffliction. Therefore, for treatment ofnight sweats, you must first see your Related Articlesdoctor to determine what the cause of Why We Sleepyour night sweats is. Only then can you What is Insomnia?treat the root cause and stop your What is Sleep Apnea?excessive night time sweating for good. What is Narcolepsy? Looping Dreams