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I was introduced to Sketchnoting at UX Australia. This presentation using pptPlex is about my journey, and how it has helped me. Thanks of course must go to people like Matt Balara, Dan Roam, and those who kindly upload their sketchnotes to the internet for others to view.

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  1. 1. The Context • I attend Too many meetings – Brain can’t cope with all the logical stuff • Conferences Deliver large amounts of information in a small amount of time • Want to strengthen the way I Convey ideas
  2. 2. The Journey • UX Australia – Scribble Your way to success Matt Balara • Search “Sketchnote” on flickr • Great book - “Back of the Napkin” by dan roam
  3. 3. The Art • Its not fine art… It’s a communication tool • Can you draw these things? …Then you can sketchnote.
  4. 4. Right Brain • Remember what you did last weekend?
  5. 5. Visual Thinking • Better understand and recall information – doodlers have a 29% improved recall • Visual Thinking is a big topic… We won’t dive into it here. – But read Dan Roam’s “Back of the napkin”
  6. 6. Getting your Sketch on… • Speaker Rhythm • Don’t get caught up in how it looks - Sketchnotes are for yourself
  7. 7. Technique • Focus on word pictures • Listen to Sound bites • Structure your notes but allow yourself to be fluid/flexible – not necessarily a list from top to bottom
  8. 8. Technique cont. • Listen to filter ideas • add some personality • Practise with podcasts and Webcasts • Build your own pictorial library Here are a few of mine…
  9. 9. Personal outcomes • Helped me show/ describe things to others • Better recall • Non-linear sketching helped me uncover the connections between things
  10. 10. Some Sketchnotes • Don’t forget they are for yourself • Mine aren’t pretty, but they allow me to recall the info more easily • I’ve included some others examples
  11. 11. @MattBalara
  12. 12.