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BlueData Integration with Platfora


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The BlueData EPIC software platform integrates with Platfora for Big Data analytics running on virtualized on-premises infrastructure. With BlueData, you can deploy Big Data infrastructure and Platfora analytics within minutes – available on-demand from a highly configurable catalog of applications.

As a result, your end users can quickly spin up virtual Hadoop clusters together with their Platfora software and the data required to do their analysis. Platfora can be pre-configured with your preferred Hadoop distribution along with access to specific data sources – all without requiring help from IT. Your data scientists and analysts have a seamless user experience, without needing to understand the details of the underlying infrastructure. And your IT team is freed up to work on more value-added activities.

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BlueData Integration with Platfora

  1. 1. BlueData and Platfora: Big Data Analytics BlueData EPIC Integration with Platfora
  2. 2. Overview of Platfora Platfora is a powerful Big Data analytics solution that runs natively on Hadoop and provides raw data preparation, in-memory acceleration, and rich visualizations to better share insights. Platfora functionality includes the ability to: • Ensure instant access to large volumes of data, with in-memory lenses • Provide sharing and workflow tools for business analysts • Quickly discover trends and patterns across petabytes of data without coding or ETL • Transform and connect multi-structured data in minutes • Create compelling graphs and dashboards in minutes from the original data source
  3. 3. Platfora: Big Data analytics and visualization without coding or ETL
  4. 4. NFS GLUSTER OBJECT STORE REMOTE HDFS CEPH Any Storage Any App Any Server LOCAL HDFS Marketing R&D SalesMfgSupport ElasticPlane TM : Self-service, multi-tenant clusters DataTap TM : In-place access to enterprise data stores IOBoost TM : Extreme performance and scalability EPIC Platform
  5. 5. 5 Self-service Hadoop cluster in a few clicks
  6. 6. Create a utility node to securely connect Platfora to Hadoop clusters in the same Tenant With BlueData EPIC, you can create one or more “utility” VMs alongside Hadoop compute clusters, in the same Tenant, with easy access to Hadoop
  7. 7. Enable Platfora to connect to any data storage – including HDFS as well as NFS . With BlueData EPIC, Platfora users can use data from multiple data stores (not just HDFS)
  8. 8. Run Platfora jobs on dedicated Hadoop clusters with access to any data .
  9. 9. + Unleash the Power of Hadoop and Interactive Big Data Analytics in Minutes NFS GLUSTER OBJECT STORE REMOTE HDFS CEPH