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BlueData Integration with Cloudera Manager


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This presentation provides an overview of the BlueData integration with Cloudera Manager. With this integration, customers of our BlueData EPIC software platform can leverage the power of Cloudera Manager for end-to-end Hadoop systems management and administration.

When the BlueData EPIC platform provisions a virtual CDH cluster, Cloudera Manager can be provisioned as well – so you can easily deploy, manage, monitor and perform diagnostics on your Hadoop cluster. Our customers can take advantage of the Cloudera Manager GUI to monitor their cluster, troubleshoot issues, and administer their Hadoop deployment.

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BlueData Integration with Cloudera Manager

  1. 1. Big Data Infrastructure Made Easy BlueData EPIC Integration with Cloudera Manager
  2. 2. Overview of Cloudera Manager Cloudera Manager is the industry leading management and monitoring application for Cloudera Hadoop • Cloudera Manager’s depth and breadth of differentiated functionality addresses all of the systems management requirements for Hadoop administrators • Cloudera Manager capabilities include: • Management: Easily deploy, configure, and operate a data hub • Monitoring: Maintain a central view of all activity in the cluster • Diagnostics: Easily diagnose and resolve issues with operational reports and dashboards • Integration: Integrate Cloudera Manager with existing enterprise monitoring tools
  3. 3. NFS GLUSTER OBJECT STORE REMOTE HDFS CEPH Any Storage Any App Any Server LOCAL HDFS Marketing R&D SalesMfgSupport ElasticPlane TM : Self-service, multi-tenant clusters DataTap TM : In-place access to enterprise data stores IOBoost TM : Extreme performance and scalability EPIC Platform 5.2 5.3
  4. 4. BlueData + Cloudera Manager Integration Benefits Features Infrastructure agility, elasticity, and efficiency -- virtual CDH Hadoop clusters with the functionality and performance of physical clusters • Auto-provisioning of VM hosts with Cloudera Manager server and agent components • Automated, transparent deployment of CDH using Cloudera Manager APIs and Parcels Time savings for Data Scientists and Big Data administrators • Self-service virtual cluster creation by data scientists or business analysts • Troubleshooting and management by Big Data admins using Cloudera Manager Administrator productivity & flexibility • Cloudera Manager for monitoring, fine- grained configuration, and enterprise support
  5. 5. Virtual Cluster with CDH + Cloudera Manager
  6. 6. BlueData + Cloudera Manager (CM) Integration UI / REST API Request: create CDH cluster VM with CM server provisioned Host VMs with CM agents provisioned Parcel distribution & activation Hadoop cluster & services initialized
  7. 7. CDH Cluster Configured with Cloudera Manager
  8. 8. Single Sign-On to Cloudera Manager
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL BlueData + Cloudera: Big Data Infrastructure Made Easy SPEED & AGILITY SECURITY & CONTROL EFFICIENCY & LOWER COST 70% Savings