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Issues Monitoring

  1. 1. Issues Monitoring – Tools and Tips
  2. 2. Introduction Max Sim • Vice President, Digital Reputation Strategy • 10+ years digital including • Accenture, News Corp subsidiaries, • Experian Hitwise (Asia, Middle East, Europe) James Hacking • Vice President, Public Relations Strategy • 6+ years corporate and technology PR • British Airways, RIM, Bosch, Tata Consultancy, • Fox Networks
  3. 3. Crisis response teams in over 80 officesworldwideCrisis clients:• Airlines• Pharmaceutical companies• Food companies• Toy manufacturers and importers
  4. 4. The cost of crisesPerrier (Benzene incldent) $263,000,000Union Carbide (Bhopal) $527,000,000Pan Am (Lockerbie) $652,000,000Barings Bank $900,000,000Occidental Oil (Piper Alpha) $1,400,000,000Exxon (Valdez spill) $13,000,000,000 Source: Managing corporate reputation through crisis – Adam Jolly -includes cleanup costs, days of lost production, boycotts, recalls, falling share price, brand damage
  5. 5. $10 million reputation damage in 10 days• A forum was used to seed the complaint about Kryptonite• Blogs, Search Engines and Social Media spread the negative message• Because Search Engines record everything, one forum contributor had a viral audience of millions. The negative reputation is archived forever until you actively neutralize it• A reputation was destroyed online in 10 days• The cost of ignoring online = 10 million USD product recall > Source - Fortune
  6. 6. The reputation of a market leader destroyed• Kryptonite has had over 500,000 viewers on one channel alone• Blogs and Search Engine results continue to damage the reputation long after the crisis is resolved
  7. 7. San Lu crisis: Chinese netizens get creative 12 September 2008 Source:
  8. 8. Lenovo crisis averted because of issues monitoring• In 2006 Battery catches fire in LAX United Airlines lounge• Forum post on• Lenovo monitoring team picked up the discussion• Within 1 hour Lenovo scientists flew to LAX to examine the issue• Sony battery determined to be the issue• Sony issues recall• Lenovo reputation saved
  9. 9. Remember - Search engines record all kinds of media andstore it forever Source –
  10. 10. Key Question• Why spend millions building your brand if you won’t spend a few thousand dollars on a monitoring its reputation? Big brand with a multi- million dollar marketing budget Unhappy customer grumbling in an internet cafe
  12. 12. Tip 1 - Villain Avoidance:Vulnerability Assessment Audit• An honest examination of every aspect of your business• Skeletons in the closet?• A list of possible crisis areas…
  13. 13. Tip 2 - With All Monitoring Make Sure that YouCover Off Audiences Customers Distributors General Public Vendors Media Employees Financial Institutions Government Industry Analysts NGOs
  14. 14. Tip 3 - Create a team, don’t rely on the entireCompany Monitoring should be done by a dedicated team but all parts of Human the business need to be in the Resources loop when deciding action Marketing and Legal Communications Team Monitoring Solution Customer Finance Service Operations
  15. 15. Tip 4- Create a process, so that everyone is onthe same page US air force
  16. 16. A blueprint for manual issues monitoring Set up Web analytics Set up tracking of video Hire a full time analyst (sudden burst of traffic and image channels from one source) Have a policy of how to Set up keywords for your classify and allocate brand’s known Set up tracking of responsibility to the right weaknesses, competitors, competitors websites team each of your products Identify where discussions about your industry/brand Set up page change alerts take place Set up Google alerts and Set up RSS feeds media monitoring
  17. 17. Sample manual sentiment analysis sheetSentiment Positive Negative Total Month onanalysis month changeForum 30 45 75commentsBlog 21 32 53commentsProduct 11 15 36review sitesTotal for the 62 92 154month
  18. 18. What you can miss with manual monitoring Missed! Non mainstream sources e.g. Jeff Jarvis a media-industry blog The catalyst of Dell’s reputation issues of 2005. 12 blog posts, 100,000’s of readers 1000’s comments Indexed by Google Captured
  19. 19. A better solution? Tools to monitor issues • A few key decisions to make – Asian vs.. US centric – Human vs.. machine – Outsourced vs.. In-house – Presentation of data
  21. 21. Is there a big difference• Does it matter that they are saying good things about you in English? Source: Semiocast
  22. 22. US versus Asian tools – there can be a hugedifference US centric tool Asian centric tool 5,000 conversations 60 Conversations (and other forums and discussions) (and other local forums and discussions)
  23. 23. Key lessons• Ensure that your tool measures your local market or you could miss an issue that becomes a crisis• Ask what channels the tool monitors• Verify the tool is tracking by having a human monitor and test against what the tool picks up• Be prepared to adapt the themes and words you are monitoring daily
  25. 25. Human vs. machine• Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a complex technology• NLP engineers have PHDs in artificial intelligence• It involves teaching a machine to know the difference between good and bad sentiment – Remove false positives – Retain variations like spelling and synonyms Source: Semiocast Source: 2-child-robot-with-biomimetic-body.html
  26. 26. Automated sentiment scoring can be veryinaccurate.• Human analysis vs. machine WARNING!• analysis can have much as 50% variation• > “Positive” could actually be “Negative”• > “Negative” could actually be “Positive” Positive Negative
  27. 27. Greater meaning - Machine sentiment analysiswith human analyst• SONAR uses a propriety artificial intelligence Human analyst solution for understanding sentiment of conversations. Machine – Doesnt just understand polarity (negative/positive) but also emotional states (sadness) and actual emotions (angry) – Understands that language varies by industry e.g. “Tony Hawks is wicked” – Understands that there are specific expressions around a single brand e.g. “Apple’s iPad2 is a re-skin” – Analyst friendly – no programming required Source: 2-child-robot-with-biomimetic-body.html
  29. 29. High level snap shots of issues/crises
  30. 30. Purchased brand x Purchased brand x Purchased brand x Recall Products From Guangzhou Recall Products Is HK brand x baby milk Recall Products Disappointed at brand x 14 powder in the recall list? Female 3 (75%) 4 (4%) (100%) How can I get my refund? 4 (4%) 4 (100%) 1 (100%)Total Audiences 14 Anger towards brand x China refund process Purchased brand x (13%) Recall Products From Guangzhou Female 12 4 Mother 150 Why China consumers are (12%) (100%) 1 treated differently (17%) (100%) 110 Post 70s 104 1 (73%) From Zhuhai (95%) (1%) 1 From Shanghai Praise of brand xs recall (100%) 1 1 Unidentified initiative (17%) (8%) Can brand x still be trusted? The impact of brand xs recall 2 Purchased brand x 6 55 Recall ProductsPost 70s (2%) (5%) (36.67%) The truth behind every 5 1 Post 80s (20%) 1 Purchased brand x baby milk powder brands (5%) 1 Updates of recalling (100%) Recall Products brand x power Purchased brand x (100%) 39 2 Recall Products From Dongwan From Shanghai (71%) 2 (2%) 1 (2%) (20%) 1 2 (100%) (5%) From Zhuhai TeacherFrom Nan’ning 1 From Zhenzhou Post 80s Gender From Chengdu (3%) 1 1 1 Parent ID 1 (3%) (3%) 1 (50%) (100%) Themes (50%) From Maoming From Guangzhou Occupation From Guangzhou Generation ID 1 7 From Beijing (3%) (18%) 1 Location 1 (100%) Purchased brand x (3%) Recalled Products
  31. 31. Buzz/Time 酩悦香槟是一种历史悠 久的珍贵的酒类品牌, 港口边缘的当代辉煌气 香港洲际酒店与酩悦香 质和风格,香港洲际酒 槟进行了合作,并将筹 店属世界级商务及休闲 划一场独特的庆祝晚宴。 酒店 "从酒店可以看到维多尼 亚港, 另外交通也非常方便, 房间设施以及无敌海景 门口就有地铁入口" 一流:早上起来打开窗 帘(电动的啊)维多利 亚港尽收眼底,当然晚 上的维多利亚 港更漂亮Mentions 17th January – 16th February 2011
  32. 32. Audience Fears Too Expensive: few consumers expressed that the venue in Hong Kong is timeworn and cannot justify their high prices. Room too small: few consumers traveling with family complained the rooms are so small that they couldnt even put in an extra bed.
  33. 33. More depth – influencers, emotions and actions
  34. 34. Purchase Intent – Real-time Focus Groups(large scale)
  35. 35. Deeper Insights – Real-time Focus Groups(large scale)• SONAR report
  36. 36. Search insights Competitor attack! 36
  37. 37. Key lesson• If you do not have a full time analyst make sure that your tool is supported by a human analyst• Make sure the interface can create custom reports that answer exactly the questions you need answered• Use custom reports to inform communications and business strategies
  39. 39. Option 1 - Keeping Issue Monitoring In-House:DELL• Dell’s social media listening command centre• Covering 11 languages• 22,000 daily topic posts related to Dell• Monitoring of Twitter mentions• Conversation, sentiment, share of voice, trends• Machine sentiment analysis + human analysts Dell’s team engages 1000 customers a week Source:
  40. 40. Option 1 - Keeping Issue Monitoring In-House:Gatorade• Gatorade has 4 full time staff• Gatorade hopes such coordination will help head off potential crises like PepsiCos slow response to consumer complaints that an Apple iPhone application for its Amp energy drink was sexist . Read more: z1FEoTYoFI
  41. 41. Option 1 - Keeping Issue Monitoring In-House:Gatorade• Whenever someone uses Twitter to say theyre drinking a Gatorade or mentions the brand on Facebook or in other social media, it pops up on a screen in Mission Control.• The staff jumped into a Facebook conversation to correct a poster who said Gatorade has high-fructose corn syrup.• The team has had more than 2,000 one-on-one conversations with consumers, while the brand’s likes on Facebook have skyrocketed to 1.2 million Source: de-social-media-mission-control/
  42. 42. Option 2 - Hybrid model: working with youragency• In-house plus agency is often an easier transition – It is cheaper – Fewer costly mistakes by the company – Faster learning because of expert agency involvement – Easier to digest for the company Agency Source: listening-center/
  43. 43. Option 3 - Outsourced solution• The outsourced solution is the easiest to start with – It is the cheapest solution Human – It is often the easiest to digest Resources Marketing and Legal Communications Team Agency runs monitoring and analysis and liaises with Customer Communications Finance Service team Operations
  44. 44. Key lessons• Deciding whether to fully outsource or do it in house depends on – how much money you have – how ready your organization is Partially Fully outsourced outsourced, Fully in-house issues partially in- issues monitoring house issues monitoring monitoring • Suits a organization • Suits an organization dabbling in issues where executive monitoring. The team has fully concept still needs bought into the to be proven in- importance of the house to the information and can executive team see the usefulness • Cost = low of the data beyond crisis • Cost = high
  46. 46. Structuring the organization for issuesmanagement• Social engagement does not happen overnight
  47. 47. Issues monitoring readiness checklist Do I have an accurate sentiment analysis tool (is it machine or both)? Have I got a plan for organizational education? Have I got a procedure to escalate issues? Have I got the roles and responsibilities in place for issues management? Who is my issues/crisis team? Have I run an issues/crisis fire-drill in the last 3 months? In case of an issue or crisis who is my first point of contact?
  48. 48. • Where possible choose a sentiment analysis platform with machine based sentiment analysis AND human analyst support• Start with an experienced partner who will teach you• Think long-term, invest in the right skill sets, build a team• Get professional training….regularly and prepare the organization for change• Ask the right questions about your issues monitoring tool• Questions to ask – What services do you provide ? – What format do you deliver in ? – How much does it cost ? – What sources do you monitor ? – What types of analysis do you do ? – How do you analyse the data – human vs. machine ? – Which countries and languages do you cover ? – Will you work with my other agencies ?
  49. 49. Contact Max Sim James Hacking Vice President, Digital Reputation Strategy Vice President, Digital Integration 10 years digital including 6+ years corporate and technology PR Accenture, News Corp subsidiaries, British Airways, RIM, Fox International Networks, Experian Hitwise (Asia, Middle East, Europe) Huawei, Bosch, TCS, Pfizer, BMS, Motorola Ph: 9388 5181 Ph: 9474 6682 @therealmaxsim