From crisis prevention to consumer insights


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From crisis prevention to consumer insights

  2. 2. “A  BRAND  IS  NOT  WHAT   YOU  SAY  IT  IS.  IT’S  WHAT  This  is  THEY  SAY  IT  IS.”   a  product       -­‐  ANONYMOUS  BRAND  MANAGER
  4. 4. It’s  not  just  the  usual  suspects  that  get  into  trouble  •  Agribusiness  •  Animal  Care  •  Automo7ve  &  Transporta7on  •  Building  &  Construc7on  •  Consumer  Goods  •  Defense  &  Aerospace  •  Educa7on  •  Energy,  Power  &  U7li7es  •  Fashion  &  Lifestyle  •  Financial  Services  &  Insurance  •  Food  &  Beverage  •  Global  Security  •  Government  •  Healthcare  •  Luxury  •  Manufacturing  •  Retail  •  Sports  •  Technology  •  Travel  &  Tourism  
  5. 5.   The  cost  of  crises   Perrier (Benzene incldent) $263,000,000 4x Union Carbide (Bhopal) $527,000,000 8x Pan Am (Lockerbie) $652,000,000 9x Barings Bank $900,000,000 13 x Occidental Oil (Piper Alpha) $1,400,000,000 20 x Exxon (Valdez spill) $13,000,000,000 186 xSource:  Managing  corporate  reputa7on  through  crisis  –  Adam  Jolly  -­‐includes  cleanup  costs,  days  of  lost  produc7on,  boycoQs,  recalls,  falling  share  price,  brand  damage    
  6. 6. The  Internet  is  a  Crisis  “Game-­‐Changer”   One  person  can   Crises  play  on  a   Pace  of  events   “light  the  fire”   global  stage   accelerates   6
  7. 7. $10  million  reputa7on  damage  in  10  days     •  A  forum  was  used  to  seed  the  complaint  about  Kryptonite   •  Blogs,  Search  Engines  and  Social  Media  spread  the  nega7ve  message   •  Because  Search  Engines  record  everything,  one  forum  contributor  had  a  viral  audience  of  millions.  The   nega7ve  reputa7on  is  archived  forever  un7l  you  ac7vely  neutralize  it   •  A  reputa7on  was  destroyed  online  in  10  days   •  The  cost  of  ignoring  online  =  10  million  USD  product  recall  
  8. 8. The  reputa7on  of  a  market  leader  destroyed   •  Kryptonite  has  had  over  500,000  viewers  on  one  channel  alone   •  Blogs  and  Search  Engine  results  con7nue  to  damage  the  reputa7on  long  a_er  the  crisis  is  resolved   hQp://  
  9. 9. San  Lu  crisis:  Chinese  ne7zens  get  crea7ve   12  September  2008      Source:  hQp://  
  10. 10. Lenovo  crisis  averted  because  of  issues  monitoring  •  In  2006  BaQery  catches  fire  in  LAX  United  Airlines  lounge  •  Forum  post  on  •  Lenovo  monitoring  team  picked  up  the  discussion  •  Within  1  hour  Lenovo  scien7sts  flew  to  LAX  to  examine  the  issue  •  Sony  baQery  determined  to  be  the  issue  •  Sony  issues  recall  •  Lenovo  reputa7on  saved  
  11. 11.  Remember  -­‐  Search  engines  record  all  kinds  of  media  and  store  it  forever   Source  –  
  12. 12. Key  Ques7on  •  Why  spend  millions  building  your  brand  if  you  won’t   spend  a  few  thousand  dollars  on  a  monitoring  its   reputa7on?   Big  brand  with    a  mul7-­‐ million  dollar   marke7ng  budget   Unhappy  customer   grumbling  in  an   internet  cafe  
  13. 13. CRISIS  PREVENTION    
  14. 14. Tip  1  -­‐  Villain  Avoidance:  Vulnerability  Assessment  Audit  •  An  honest  examina7on   of  every  aspect  of  your   business  •  Skeletons  in  the   closet?  •  A  list  of  possible  crisis   areas…    
  15. 15. Tip  2  -­‐  With  All  Monitoring  Make  Sure  that  You  Cover  Off  Audiences   Customers Distributors General Public Vendors Media Employees Financial Institutions Government Industry Analysts NGOs
  16. 16. Tip  3  -­‐  Create  a  team,  don’t  rely  on  the  en7re  Company  §  Monitoring  should  be  done  by  a   dedicated  team  but  all  parts  of  the   Human business  need  to  be  in  the  loop   Resources when  deciding  ac7on       Marketing and Legal Communications Team Monitoring Solution Customer Finance Service Operations
  17. 17. Tip  4-­‐  Create  a  process,  so  that  everyone  is  on  the  same  page  
  18. 18. Be  prepared  for  all  scenarios   Take  reasonable   ac7on  to  fix  issue  and   let  customer  know   ac7on  taken   Posi7ve   Nega7ve   Yes   Yes   No   Do  you  want   Assess  the   Evaluate  the   Does  customer  need/ to  respond?   message   purpose   deserve  more  info?   Yes   Unhappy   Yes   Are  the  facts   No   Gently  correct  the   No  Response   Customer?   correct?   facts   No   Yes   Can  you  add   No   Dedicated   Yes   Are  the  facts   No   value?   Complainer?   correct?   No   Yes   Is  the   Explain  what  is  being   Respond  in   Thank  the   Comedian   problem   Yes   done  to  correct  the   kind  &  share   person   Want-­‐to-­‐Be?   being  fixed?   issue   No   Yes   This  framework  was  built  using  the  USAF  Blog  Triage.    (Adapted  by   Let  post  stand  and   Jeremiah  Owyang,  Al7meter  Group)   monitor   18  
  19. 19. A  blueprint  for  manual  issues  monitoring     Set  up  Web  analy7cs   Set  up  tracking  of  video   (sudden  burst  of  traffic   Hire  a  full  7me  analyst   and  image  channels   from  one  source)   Set  up  keywords  for   Have  a  policy  of  how  to   your  brand’s  known   classify  and  allocate   weaknesses,   Set  up  tracking  of   responsibility  to  the   compe7tors  websites   right  team   compe7tors,  each  of   your  products   Iden7fy  where   discussions  about  your   Set  up  page  change   industry/brand  take   alerts     place   Set  up  Google  alerts  and   Set  up  RSS  feeds   media  monitoring  
  20. 20. What  you  can  miss  with  manual  monitoring   Missed!   Non  mainstream  sources  e.g.   Jeff  Jarvis  a  media-­‐industry   blog       The  catalyst  of  Dell’s   reputa7on  issues  of  2005.       12  blog  posts,  100,000’s  of   readers   1000’s  comments   Indexed  by  Google   Captured  
  21. 21. A  beQer  solu7on?  Should  you  use  tools  to  monitor  issues  
  22. 22. A  few  key  decisions  to  make       – Asian  vs..  US  centric   – Human  vs..  machine   – Outsourced  vs..  In-­‐house   – Presenta7on  of  data  
  24. 24. Is  there  a  big  difference  •  Does  it  maQer  that  they  are  saying  good   things  about  you  in  English?  
  25. 25. US  versus  Asian  tools  –  there  can  be  a  huge  difference   Asian  centric  tool   US  centric  tool   5,000  conversa7ons   60  Conversa7ons   (and  other  forums  and  discussions)   (and  other  local  forums  and  discussions)  
  26. 26. Key  lessons  •  Ensure  that  your  tool  measures  your  local   market  or  you  could  miss  an  issue  that   becomes  a  crisis  •  Ask  what  channels  the  tool  monitors  •  Be  prepared  to  adapt  the  themes  and  words   you  are  monitoring  daily  
  28. 28. Automated  sen7ment  scoring   •  Natural  Language  Processing  (NLP)   is  a  complex  technology   •  NLP  engineers  have  PHDs  in   ar7ficial  intelligence   •  It  involves  teaching  a  machine  to   know  the  difference  between  good   and  bad  sen7ment   –  Remove  false  posi7ves   –  Retain  varia7ons  like  spelling   and  synonyms  
  29. 29. Automated  sen7ment  scoring  can  be  very  inaccurate.       WARNING!   Analysis can have much as 50% variation! > “Positive” could actually be “Negative”! > “Negative” could actually be “Positive”! Posi7ve   Nega7ve   Nega7ve   Posi7ve   Nega7ve   Posi7ve   Nega7ve  
  30. 30. There  are  tools  and  there  are  tools…    There  are  some  solu7ons  which  have  a  beQer   understanding  of  the  sen7ment  than  others.  Tools  that…   –  Dont  just  understand  polarity  (nega7ve/posi7ve)  but   also  emo7onal  states  (sadness)  and  actual  emo7ons   (angry)   –  Understand  that  language  varies  by  industry  e.g.  “Tony   Hawks  is  wicked”   –  Understand  that  there  are  specific  expressions  around   a  single  brand  e.g.  “Apple’s  iPad2  is  a  re-­‐skin”   –  Are  analyst  friendly  –  no  programming  required  
  31. 31. ALWAYS  use  a  human  analyst  
  33. 33. Ideal  issues  monitoring   report   size   33  
  34. 34. High-­‐level  snapshots  of  issues/crises  
  35. 35. Purchased brand x Purchased brand x Recall Products Purchased brand x Recall Products From Guangzhou Recall Products Is HK brand x baby milk Disappointed at brand x 14 Female powder in the recall list? 3 (100%) 4 1 (75%) 4 4 (100%) (100%) (4%) How can I get my refund? (4%)Total Audiences 14 Anger towards brand x China refund process Purchased brand x (13%) Recall Products From Guangzhou Female 12 4 Mother 150 Why China consumers are (12%) (100%) 1 treated differently (17%) (100%) 110 Post 70s 104 1 (73%) From Zhuhai (95%) (1%) 1 From Shanghai Praise of brand xs recall (100%) 1 1 Unidentified initiative (17%) (8%) Can brand x still be trusted? The impact of brand xs recall 2 Purchased brand x 6 55 Recall ProductsPost 70s (2%) (5%) (36.67%) The truth behind every 5 1 Post 80s 1 Purchased brand x baby milk powder brands (5%) (20%) 1 Updates of recalling (100%) Recall Products brand x power Purchased brand x (100%) 39 2 Recall Products From Dongwan From Shanghai 2 (2%) (71%) 1 (2%) (20%) 1 2 (100%) (5%) From Zhuhai TeacherFrom Nan’ning 1 From Zhenzhou Post 80s Gender From Chengdu (3%) 1 1 1 Parent ID 1 (3%) (3%) 1 (50%) (100%) Themes (50%) From Maoming From Guangzhou Occupation From Guangzhou Generation ID 1 7 From Beijing (3%) 1 Location (18%) 1 (100%) Purchased brand x (3%) Recalled Products
  36. 36. 酩悦香槟是一种历史悠久 的珍贵的酒类品牌,香港 港口边缘的当代辉煌气质 洲际酒店与酩悦香槟进行 和风格,香港洲际酒店属 了合作,并将筹划一场独 世界级商务及休闲酒店   特的庆祝晚宴。   "从酒店可以看到维多尼 亚港, 另外交通也非常方便,门 房间设施以及无敌海景一 口就有地铁入口"   流:早上起来打开窗帘 (电动的啊)维多利亚港 尽收眼底,当然晚上的维Mentions 多利亚 港更漂亮   17th January – 16th February 2011
  37. 37. Too  Expensive:  few  consumers  expressed  that  the  venue  in  Hong  Kong  is  7meworn  and  cannot  jus7fy  their  high  prices.            Room  too  small:  few  consumers  traveling  with  family  complained  the  rooms  are  so  small  that  they  couldnt  even  put  in  an  extra  bed.                      
  38. 38. More  depth  –  influencers,  emo7ons  and  ac7ons  
  39. 39. Key  lessons  •  If  you  do  not  have  a  full-­‐7me  analyst  make   sure  that  your  tool  is  supported  by  a  human   analyst  •  Make  sure  the  interface  can  create  custom   reports  that  answer  exactly  the  ques7ons  you   need  answered  •  Use  custom  reports  to  inform  communica7ons   and  business  strategies  
  41. 41. Op7on  1  -­‐  Keeping  Issue  Monitoring  In-­‐House:  DELL     •  Dell’s  social  media  listening   command  centre   •  Covering  11  languages   •  22,000  daily  topic  posts  related   to  Dell   •  Monitoring  of  TwiQer  men7ons   •  Conversa7on,  sen7ment,  share   of  voice,  trends   •  Machine  sen7ment  analysis  +   human  analysts   Dell’s  team  engages  1,000  customers   a  week  Source:  hQp://­‐social-­‐listening-­‐center/  
  42. 42. Op7on  1  -­‐  Keeping  Issue  Monitoring  In-­‐House:  Gatorade   •  Gatorade  has  4  full   7me  staff   •  Gatorade  hopes  such   coordina7on  will  help   head  off  poten7al   crises  like  PepsiCos   slow  response  to   consumer  complaints   that  an  Apple  iPhone   applica7on  for  its  .   Amp  energy  drink     was  sexist  Read  more:  hQp://  
  43. 43. Op7on  2  -­‐  Hybrid  model:  working  with  your  agency  •  In-­‐house  plus  agency  is  o_en  an  easier  transi7on     –  It  is  cheaper   –  Fewer  costly  mistakes  by  the  company   –  Faster  learning  because  of  expert  agency  involvement   –  Easier  to  digest  for  the  company   –  It  can  make  management  listen   –  Agencies  can  share  past  experience  and  can  conduct  training   Agency  
  44. 44. Op7on  3  -­‐  Outsourced  solu7on  The  outsourced  solu7on  is  the  easiest  to  start  with   Human Resources –  It  is  the  cheapest  solu7on   –  It  is  o_en  the  easiest  to   Marketing and digest   Legal Communications Team Agency runs monitoring and analysis and liaises with Customer Communications Finance Service team Operations
  45. 45. Key  lessons  Deciding  whether  to  fully  outsource  or  do  it  in  house  depends  on   –   how  much  money  you  have   –  how  ready  your  organiza7on  is   Par7ally   Fully  outsourced   outsourced,   Fully  in-­‐house   issues  monitoring   par7ally  in-­‐house   issues  monitoring   issues  monitoring   •  Suits  a  organiza7on   •  Suits  an  organiza7on   dabbling  in  issues   where  execu7ve  team   monitoring.  The   has  fully  bought  into  the   concept  s7ll  needs  to  be   importance  of  the   proven  in-­‐house  to  the   informa7on  and  can  see   execu7ve  team   the  usefulness  of  the   •  Cost  =  low   data  beyond  crisis   •  Cost  =  high  
  46. 46. CONSUMER    INSIGHTS      
  47. 47. Media Dashboard December VOLUME AND MEDIA TYPE SOV - WIRELESS STORY VOLUME: WIRELESS COMPANIES 30000 9,017 8,670 13,422 AT&T T-Mobile 25000 Verizon Sprint 4036 20% AT&T 20000 3012 29% 3392 4968 Verizon 15000 4610 3909 4418 13% 1395 1369 Sprint 10000 Dec Nov Rolling 12 T-Mobile Month 38% 5000 Offline News Online News Blogs 0 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec X AND VERIZON SENTIMENT SOV - CABLE STORY VOLUME: CABLE COMPANIES 3000 U-verse TWC FiOS Comcast 32% 29% 36% 32% 5% 2500 13% U-verse 2000 48% 46% FiOS 48% 52% 48% 1500 Time Warner 34% 21% 25% 16% 16% Comcast 1000 AT&T Verizon AT&T Verizon 500 December December November November Positive Neutral Negative 0 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec KEY MESSAGE PENETRATION BROADCAST COVERAGE TREND TOP ISSUES 10000 ISSUE TOTAL VOLUMEMobilization 3.93% 8000 T-Mobile deal 13,497   Innovation 0.64% 6000 Qualcomm 4,101   4000 LG Nitro HD 3,857   Growth 0.65% 2000 0 Carrier IQ 814  Community 0.51% Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 0% 1% 1% 2% 2% 3% 3% 4% 4% 5% National Local Consumer Reports 432  
  48. 48. Social Media Dashboard Twitter TWITTER FOLLOWERS TWITTER – CLICK TO LINKS120,000 Promoted tweets110,000100,000 MONTH CLICKS 90,000 80,000 Dec. 13,834 70,000 60,000 Nov. 27,809 Change from Previous Month 50,000 40,000 XXX +3% Oct. 27,004 30,000 20,000 10,000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Sept Sept Oct Nov Dec RETWEET RATE @ MENTIONS 20 15000 17.2 18 15.8 11,843 11,546 15.8 13000 16 9,671 13.2 12.2 11000 9,350 14 8,513 7,669 12 8.2 9000 10 7000 8 6 (RTs/1000 Followers) 5000 4 3000 2 0 1000 -1000
  49. 49. Social Media Dashboard Facebook FACEBOOK FANS2,000,0001,750,0001,500,0001,250,000 Change from Previous Month1,000,000 750,000 FACEBOOK +3% 500,000 250,000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec FACEBOOK CLICKS TO LINKS POSTS AS BRAND 150 MONTH CLICKS 109 125 100 116 Dec. 38,930 75 90 87 Nov. 45,366 50 25 Oct. 52,442 0 Sept Oct Nov Dec FACEBOOK IMPRESSIONS ACTIVE FANS 16,000,000 15,124,449 1,000,000 14,000,000 881,900 866,374 12,000,000 800,000 10,000,000 8,549,397 11,188,717 600,000 654,075 7,492,020 8,000,000 475,828 6,000,000 400,000 Sept Oct Nov Dec Sept Oct Nov Dec
  50. 50. CompePPve  Share  of  Voice     B   12%   A   23%   C   65%  
  51. 51. Share  of  ConversaPons  by  Media  Type     A   C     Forums   2:  25%     Forum   Forums   Replies   Blogs   7:  17.5%   4:  50%     23:  57.5%   Micromedia   2:  25%     Forum  Replies   B   4:  10%     Forums   Aggregator   12:  14%   3:  7.5%   Blogs   Micromedia   47:  54.7%   News   1:  2.5%   9:  10.5%   Videos   News   1:  2.5%   1:  2.5%   Forum   Replies   12:  14%   Aggregator   Videos   Micromedia   5:  5.8%   2:  2.3%   3:  3.5%  
  52. 52. CompePPve  Share  of  Voice   Cairn  India   88.2%   11.8%   Reliance   Energy  
  53. 53. Share  of  ConversaPons  by  Media  Type   Cairn  India   Reliance  Energy   Mainstream   News   Micromedia   20.0%   6.4%   Comments   Other  (video   8.0%   and  blog)   3.7%   Other   (forum)  Mainstream   8.0%  News  89.8%   Micromedia   64.0%  
  54. 54. INSIGHTS    
  55. 55. What  insights?     B   A   12%   23%   Cairn   India   88.2 %   11.8 C   %   Reliance   65%   Energy   B’s  share  of  voice  online  is  rela7vely  low   I’ve  got  my  work  cut  out  for  im8   Cairn  India’s  share  of  voice   s   e.   compared  to  its  compe7tors’  respec7ve   They  seem  to  be  doing  Energy’s.   7mes  that  of  Reliance  everything   business  schools’.   right.       How  the  hell  am  I  ever  going  to   improve  upon  this  figure?    
  56. 56. Decision  Factors  1.  Word  of  mouth  Applicants  rely  heavily  on  word  of  mouth  for  course  recommenda7ons.     “My  roommate  from  year  3  said  that   this  course  is  a  waste  of  money.       If  you  look  into  their  course  structure,   you  will  realize  that  it  is  almost  the   same  as  the  course  structure  for   people  who  doesn’t  even  have  a   major.       Their  only  compe@@ve  edge  is  that   students  can  go  on  exchange  for  half   a  year.  However,  as  long  as  you  have   a  decent  grade,  exchange  programs   are  really  not  that  hard  to  get  into.”  
  57. 57. Decision  Factors  2.  Future  career  paths  One  of  the  hurdles  that  business  schools  have  in   3.  Flexibility  and  resources  common  is  the  idea  that  business  degrees  are  not  as   While  comparing  City  University  and  the  Hong  Kong  useful  as  other  more  specialized  degrees,  and  that  it  is   Polytechnic  University  online,  ne7zens  believe  that  an  ins7nc7ve  skill  to  have.   City  University  is  more  favorable  because  of  its   flexibility  in  choice  of  courses  and  the  resources  it   puts  into  exchange  programs  and  internships  for   business  programs.    
  58. 58. Decision  Factors   4.  AuthoritaPve  ranking   HKUST  was  recently  listed  in  the  2011   Global  MBA  Rankings  report  as  one  of   the  7er  one  MBA  Schools  in  the   world.       Other  universi7es,  such  as  City   University,  has  already  been   leveraging  this  to  their  advantage  on   discussion  boards.  
  59. 59. Influencers  ConversaPons  around  the  industry    SONAR  found  that  these  influencers  are  less  subjec7ve  and  tend  to  retweet  ar7cles  and  mainstream  news.  
  60. 60. Influencers  ConversaPons  around  Reliance  Energy    The  conversa7ons  around  Reliance  Energy  are  very  subjec7ve  compared  to  those  on  the  industry  and  Cairn  India.  These  are  mostly  complaints  and  nega7ve  news.  
  61. 61. Top  5  news  by  comment  count  20  18   A.  RBI  Policy,  Budget  to  help  hold  4500:  PRABHUDAS   LILLADHER  16   hQp://­‐outlook/rbi-­‐policy-­‐ budget-­‐to-­‐help-­‐hold-­‐4500-­‐prabhudas-­‐lilladher_646026.html  14   B.  Vodafone  wins  $2  BN  tax  case  in  supreme  court  12   hQp://­‐­‐wins-­‐2-­‐ bn-­‐tax-­‐case-­‐in-­‐supreme-­‐court/155821/on  10   C.  M  J  Anthony  bureaucrats  as  arbitrators   hQp://­‐­‐j-­‐antony-­‐ 8   bureaucrats-­‐as-­‐arbitrators/462703/   6   D.  RIL’s  shares  drop  a_er  Morgan  Stanley  downgrade   hQp://­‐shares-­‐drop-­‐a_er-­‐ 4   morgan-­‐stanley-­‐downgrade/20120113.htm   E.  Random  logic:  UPAs  arbitrary  hurdles  for  deal-­‐ 2   making  hurt  Indias  reputa7on   0   hQp://­‐­‐logic/ 462932/   A   B   C   D   E  
  62. 62. Recent  conversaPon  Pmeline   IOC,  ONGC  keen  to  buy  Gujarat  Gas,  Cairn  not  in  race  1   “Tatas  may  manufacture  JLR  models  in  India   More  Other  firms  interested  include  Adani  Group  and  Gujarat  State  Petroleum  Corp  (GSPC)  but  Cairn  India  is   not  keen.”   hQp://­‐­‐ongc-­‐keen-­‐to-­‐buy-­‐gujarat-­‐gas-­‐cairn-­‐not-­‐in-­‐race/154527/on   Cairn  details  long-­‐awaited  $3.5  bln  cash  return  2   “Oil  explorer  Cairn  Energy  said  it  would  return  1.60  pounds  per  share  in  cash  to  investors,  as  part  of  a  well-­‐ flagged  plan  to  distribute  $3.5  billion  from  the  proceeds  of  the  part  sale  of  its  Indian  oil  business.”   hQp://­‐details-­‐long-­‐awaited-­‐3-­‐5-­‐bln-­‐cash-­‐return-­‐news-­‐equity-­‐mbkqUpeaafg.html   RIL  shares  drop,  as  Morgan  Stanley  raises  concerns  3   “Cairn  India  stood  to  gain  by  way  of  its  "produc7on  growth  and  free  cash  flow.”   hQp://­‐shares-­‐drop-­‐morgan-­‐stanley-­‐raises-­‐concerns-­‐068   1 2 3
  63. 63. Recent  conversaPon  Pmeline   Cairn  eyes  bigger  output  from  Rajasthan  block  4   “Cairn  India  is  set  to  get  approval  for  raising  output  from  Mangala  field  in  the  prolific  Rajasthan  block  to   150,000  barrels  per  day.”   hQp://­‐­‐eyes-­‐bigger-­‐outputrajasthan-­‐block/155715/on  5   Cairn  India  Q3  net  up  12%  at  Rs  2,262  cr   hQp://­‐­‐j-­‐antony-­‐bureaucrats-­‐as-­‐arbitrators/462703/   Cairn  India  CEO  sells  stock  ahead  of  opPons  grant   “Cairn  India  CEO  Rahul  Dhir.  Dhir  sold  Rs  1.5  million  between  30  January  and  1  February,  Cairn  said  in  a  6   stock  exchange  filing  on  Thursday.”   hdp://­‐India-­‐CEO-­‐sells-­‐stock-­‐ah.html     5 4 6
  64. 64. TAKEAWAYS    
  65. 65. Main  takeaways   1.  Mainstream  news  and  microblogs  are  the  major   channel  for  online  conversa7ons,  followed  by   discussion  forums  and  online  news  outlets.     2.  Reliance  Energy  may  have  a  lot  more  presence   on  microblogs,  but  not  all  publicity  is  good   publicity,  most  of  the  comments  on  Reliance   energy  are  complaints.  Although  Cairn  India’s   social  media  reputa7on  is  compara7vely  beQer,   they  must  plan  for  social  media  crisis  ahead  of   7me.     3.  Online  men7ons  of  Cairn  India  are  mostly   generated  from  financial  news  around  assets   and  investor  rela7ons,  and  less  from  user   experiences.  Cairn  India  can  strengthen   customer  rela7ons  by  pu}ng  a  face  to  the   brand.  
  66. 66. WHY  IS  IT  ESSENTIAL?      
  67. 67. Board   • Overall  Brand  Equity  and  Long  Term  Strategic  Planning.   C-­‐Level   • Overall  Brand  Equity  and  Daily  Opera7ng  Strategy  Planning.   Sales   • Iden7fy  sales  targets  (segments,  sites,  people,  etc).   Marke7ng   • Create  and  test  marke7ng  engagements  and  get  7mely  feedback.   PR  /  Corp  Comm   • Be  aware  of  online  chaQer  and  proac7vely  engaging  public.   Investor  Rela7ons   • Manage  and  track  the  sen7ments  of  public,  investors,  analysts,  etc.    Product  Management   • Gather  7mely  feedback  on  product/service  to  react  on.   Risk  Management   • Find  and  aQempt  to  remove  sensi7ve  informa7on.   Customer  Services   • Address  customers  dissa7sfac7ons  to  stop  snowball  effect.     M&A   • Gather  “ground  truths”  and  other  rumors  on  poten7al  targets.   HR   • Iden7fy  and  profile  possible  candidates  for  hire  /  fire.   CSR   • Understand  public  percep7on  of  CSR  ac7vi7es  for  improvement.    
  68. 68. SUMMARY  
  69. 69. Summary  •  The  tool  is  not  the  answer,  it  is  the  approach  and  strategies   that  maQer  most  •  Use  human  analysis  to  interpret  the  data    •  Every  monitoring  output  should  be  unique  and  tailored  to   your  business  •  Consider  working  with  an  experienced  partner  who   understands  your  business  not  one  who  only  knows  about  the   technology  and  tools  •  Think  long-­‐term,  invest  in  the  right  skill  sets,  build  a  team  •  Monitoring  should  inform  EVERYTHING  YOU  DO  
  70. 70. QUESTIONS?    James  Hacking  2967  8982