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Blogger Outreach China and Hong Kong


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Blogger Outreach China and Hong Kong

  1. 1. Simultaneous media EntertainmentMilkroundNational Rugby Digital MediaNews OutdoorScoutSpring
  2. 2. Online media outletsCelebrities Bloggers
  3. 3. NINI Versus O ther cons umers 78% C hat/dis cus s ion comments 63% B log s 61% B rand s ites 60% TV/mag az ine 56% R adio 54% S pons ors hips 49% S earch ads 34% B anner ads 26%• Bloggers are seen as the peers of your customers• They run niche communities and tribes that are often more granular than mainstream media• They have a high level of amateur authenticity and of trust – Nielsen charts
  4. 4. PRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA AGE SOCIAL MEDIA AGE Talk face to face Personal blog Comments on blogs Phone call Social network page Comments on websites Talk face to face Talk to shop worker Widgets Viral emails Phone call Consult a professional Video sharing site Auction websitesTalk face to face Talk to shop worker Readers Letters Photo sharing site Wish listsTalk to shop worker Consult a professional Phone in; TV / Radio Chat rooms Ratings on retail sites Readers letters SMS Message boards Reviews on retail sites Phone in; TV / Radio Email Social Bookmarking Price comparison sites Instant Messenger Chat room Social shopping sites Consumer influence channels Source: Universal McCann Erickson
  5. 5. Preparation of a blogger engagement strategy
  6. 6. •••• David Attenborough
  7. 7. Typical blogger stereotypes according to Google
  8. 8. Self made authorities and leaders of tribes: Gretchen Rubin , Leo Babauta, Nini
  9. 9. Arianna HuffingtonArticulateIntelligentConnected
  10. 10. Understanding your blogger
  11. 11. Step 1 – look for blogsHere are some tools: Twitter search We use a lot of different methods as bloggers are everywhere Weibo search Yahoo keyword search Google keyword search Blog search / Blog ranking charts • Google Blogserach ( • Yahoo blogs ( • Top-bloggers ( • Technorati ( • Alltop ( • Sina blogs
  12. 12. Technorati Top 100
  13. 13. Top-Bloggers Ranking
  14. 14. Niche markets are:•Knowledgeable•Engaged•Responsive•Helpful•Spenders
  15. 15. Audiences where the “lightness” attribute is importantONLINE MEDIA ONLINE MEDIAHiking mags Outdoors magsHiking blogs Facebook events “panoramic” Hiking blogs Adventure tourismHiking events blogsHiking clubsOutdoor shops “toy scene” Paparazzi blogs “durable” “non slip case”
  16. 16. Han Han is a famous post-80sgeneration professional race-car driver and best-selling author and top blogger.
  17. 17. Step 2 – review the blog Read at least 5 to 10 posts Are the posts relevant? Are there any biases for/against your brand? e.g. is the blogger angry at Toyota? Toyota ad showing a Land Cruiser pulling a Chinese military vehicle upset many Chinese bloggers
  18. 18. Before Conducting Outreach Check if the blogger is active on Facebook or Weibo Facebook: 5,675 fans Sina Weibo: 6,906 fans
  19. 19. Before Conducting OutreachWays to investigate engagement levels Site meter - No. of blog hits Within reason - No. of blog comments Frequency of new posts No. of blog comments Blogger-reader interaction Yesterday’s visitors: 4,469 Today’s visitors: 4,245
  20. 20. Demonstrated Blog level of frequency expertise InteractivityRelevancy on the blog Ideal blogger
  21. 21. Outreach strategy
  22. 22. Robert Scoble prefers to take his pitches through Facebook Wall Adam Ostrow from Mashable has asked to be offered a preview of private Beta, make sure there is a URL. Don’t invite him to lunch, don’t call him Stowe Boyd has asked to be pitched via Twitter ONLY Merlin Mann wants to connect via Tom Foremski wants all his PR pitches through FaceBook Delicious
  23. 23. It took 30 minutes to dig this information up but it means I don’t burn my chances with Merlin
  24. 24. During OutreachPersonalize the message  Introduce yourself and your client  BE TRANSPARENT. Tell them why you are contacting them  Leave your contacts Ensure that what you have to pitch is of interest to the blogger and their audience CREATE A BLOG- WORTHY EXPERIENCE!
  25. 25. Designing a blogger experience
  26. 26. • A new luxury resort on Hainan Island, China that offers a wide range of lifestyle, recreation and wellness facilities, including golf, spa/spring, adventure sports, luxury accommodation and a wide range of food• The target market is Chinese families, young couples and independent travelers• The focal point of the promotion is the Mission Hills Star Trophy – 4-day golf tournament which will feature a selection of star golfers – 20 International and Asian celebrities playing alongside golfing amateurs on 28-31st Oct. 2010.• We wanted buzz so we went with online media channels including portals, opinion leaders and social networks.
  27. 27. • Celebrity endorsement is a popular marketing communication strategy• In China, gut feeling is used to choose celebrities• Generally based on – celebrities’ income or performance – existing celebrity rankings – Celebrity lists in China• Out of synch with public perception and influence of the celebrity• A solution was needed…
  28. 28. Numerous•Public Surveys Fleishman-•Focus group interviews Indexing Hillard China•Data Mining Celebrity Index Credibility Scoring Model
  29. 29. Lots of different criteriato choose from whenchoosing celebritiesWe boiled it down to this Popularity Preference Credibility Awareness Attention Appearance Professionalism Morality Social responsibility
  30. 30. Name No. • The aggregate index measures the overall perception and impact of celebrities in China, Jay Chou 1 combining the three tier-one attributes:Jackie Chan 2 • Popularity • Preference Andy Lau 3 • CredibilityFan Bingbing 4 • It’s different for every city!Faye Wong 5 Jet Li 6Zhang Yimou 7Zhao Benshan 8 Zhang Ziyi 9Chow Yun-fat 10
  31. 31. QuantitativeQualitative
  32. 32. But wait wasn’t that a lot of effort?
  33. 33. Long sustained build up Mission Hills HaikouPre Grand Opening Post Mission Hills Golf Hole DesignCelebrity Caddy Online Recruitment Mission Hills Star Trophy Contest / Resort Special Package and buzz (3 months) (several days) Promotions Digital Platforms Influential Bloggers MH Weibo Sina Portal Co-ops Engagement
  34. 34. Why I should be chosen as acaddy for Katherine Zeta Jones…Online recruiting 5 celebritycaddies by the highest re-tweetsvia MH Weibo platform From Oct. 10 to Oct. 22 Participants: 168 Re-tweets: 950 Comments: 1058
  35. 35. Plenty of Pre-launch buzzCute cuddly poses
  36. 36. • Invited bloggers to MH Haikou for Family-trip + Star Trophy on-site tournament• Eight bloggers in golf, travel, lifestyle and fashion fields• 20 blog articles released and reached 62,781 readers• 221 weibo messages released via bloggers’ weibo• 1,519,830 fans reached via weibo
  37. 37. Important lifestyle content showingdifferent dimensions of the resort – it’snot just about golf
  38. 38. 机器猫爱古巨基:Sohandsome! Awesome! What acalm and winning smile…Justlike he did in the ‘Did you hear about the Morgans’, it also Jas桢桢:Ah!!! I do want the brings me the memory of autographed hat! I’m a ‘Notting Hill’. supper fan of Hugh Grant 舞影凌乱: Please give my message to Zeta-Jones that since the ‘Notting Hill’. I the ornaments on her head treasured 14 movies he are so beautiful and well- starred in in my computer! matched with her hairstyle. 丽娜Lina: Love his action and expression! real sunny ya?
  39. 39. Important lifestyle content showing allthe dimensions of the resort beyond golf
  40. 40. > 85,609 Weibo messages talking about the stars and tournament during the event
  41. 41. Other blogger outreach examples
  42. 42. Some Outreach Tips1. Show interest2. Make connection between your client and the blog content3. Ask for permission4. Links but NOT Attachment5. Visuals vs Words6. Communicate the way the blogger likes note-to-pr-people/
  43. 43. After Outreach1. Follow up after a respectful amount of time2. Direct feedback from bloggers – positive or negative?3. Track blog hits, reader’s comments4. KEEP RECORD of EVERYTHING!
  44. 44. Coverage example – mezza9 Macau at Grand HyattMacau
  45. 45. Make friends Create blogger Keep in touchResearch for crisis and experience future stories
  46. 46. Public relations, search and social – Email Sinamax therealmaxsim