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The Most Advanced Cyber Threats Come from Seemingly Innocent Places


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Virtually everything important is done online today, and while the process is much more convenient than in previous years, it also leaves those who are not well-informed incredibly vulnerable to an ever-increasing onslaught of cyber attacks.

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The Most Advanced Cyber Threats Come from Seemingly Innocent Places

  1. Seemingly Innocent Places The Most Advanced Cyber Threats Come from
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  4. Show as a list $4,500,000,000The estimated cost of all households impacted by spyware, viruses, and phishing is 1 Million Households lost money or compromised accounts from misused phishing 8 Million Households have had spyware problems in the past 6 months 24% of PCs on average worldwide were not protected by up-to-date antivirus software
  5. Show as a list From 2012-2013 phishers launched attacks affecting an average of 102,100 peopleworldwide each day Phishing attacks target users in Russia, United States, India, Vietnam, and the UK the most 20.6% of all phishing attacks mimicked banks and other financial organizations
  6. Between March 2012 and March 2013, the total amount of mobile malware across all mobile platforms grew 614% In Q1 of 2014, the number of mobile banking Trojans almost doubled from 1,321 to 2,503 That’s a total of 276,259 malicious apps More than 11.6 million mobile devices are infected by mobile malware at any given time Show as a list
  7. Show as a list Over the course of a 3-month period, a major financial institution, deploying a complete advanced persistent threat defense solution from Blue Coat, experienced these statistics: Blocked 177 million+ advanced threats Analyzed 18,000+ advanced threats Remediated less than 100 advanced threats
  8. Sources: learn how to protect your business from advanced threats