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Empowering the Campus Network


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Published in: Education
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Empowering the Campus Network

  1. 1. Security Empowers Business Empowering the Campus Network Blue Coat Addresses Your Challenges Did You Know? For More Information: products/packetshaper OVER % 70 POOR USER EXPERIENCE EXPLOSIVE BANDWIDTH GROWTH LEGAL CHALLENGES Network congestion drives unacceptable performance for research and e-learning applications Continued network cost increase due to bandwidth demand Unauthorized sharing of copyright content via P2P REDUCE BANDWIDTH, MITIGATE LEGAL RISK IMPROVE PERFORMANCE & USER EXPERIENCE Contain problem traffic Squeeze P2P applications Cache videos, OS updates & files Guarantee bandwidth for key applications Fairly allocate among users Accelerate delivery through caching Of your campus bandwidth is consumed by Video from YouTube, NetFlix, P2P and other sources P2PFile sharing continues to be out of control, leading to legal actions from publishers Blue Coat's Business Assurance Technology Delivers a superior user experience by integrating Performance Solutions with Security that enforces key usage polices & protects from advanced threats 10Gbps PAC KETSHAPPERS5 00 Appl ication-based S haping 1. IDENTIFY — applications on network 2. ALIGN — resources with priorities 3. EXPEDITE — content delivery 50%UP-TO CACHEFLOW Bandwidth Savin gs This causes challenges including: