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Advanced Threat Protection Lifecycle Infographic


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Advanced Threat Protection Lifecycle Infographic

  1. 1. Security Empowers Business For More Information: ATPlifecycle Advanced Threat Protection A unified defense is required to securely empower the business Lifecycle Defense engthen hold Z ero-DayThreats Advanced Targeted tacks Initial Intrusion Outbound Connection Initiated Deployment Adware Unknown Malware Spyware Test detecti Rootkits Phishing Attacks Exploits Bootkits Infrast targetResearchBuild on Acquire Find and Organize Accomplices Define Target Cover Tracks and remain undetected Ex trate data ADVANCED PERSISTENT THREATS ADVANCED TARGETED ATTACKS ZERO-DAY THREATS UNKNOWN MALWARE Ongoing Operations Detect & Protect Block All Known Threats STAGE 1 Incident Containment Analyze & Mitigate Novel Threat Interpretation STAGE 2 ADVANCED THREAT PROTECTION STAGE 3 Incident Resolution Investigate & Remediate Breach Threat Profiling & Eradication GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK LIFECYCLE DEFENSE THE IMPACT OF ADVANCED THREATS TO YOUR ORGANIZATION Average time to discover an advanced persistent threat for a malicious breach Average time to resolution for a malicious breach DAYS DAYS80 123 ThePostBreachBoomresearch,PonemonInstituteN=3,529in8countries. The average total organizational cost of a data breach $5.4m Measured in US$ For country = US, 2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis Ponemon Institute, May 2013 THE LIFECYCLE DEFENSE UNIQUELY DELIVERS: Threat Spectrum Protection: The integrated defense targets all three types of threats targeting enterprises: Known, Unknown and Latent. Threat Intelligence Sharing: Closed loop feedback automatically shares intelligence with other systems in the lifecycle defense to inoculate the organization from future attacks. Protection Efficiency: Intelligence sharing and the conversion of unknown threats into known threats transfers protection to the web gateway and reduces burden on other defenses in the network.