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CAS MAA Infographic


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CAS MAA Infographic

  1. 1. Security Empowers Business For More Information: ATPlifecycle Strengthen your Defense with Block Known Threats and Understand the Unknown with Advanced Threat Protection at the Perimeter Next-Generation Malware Analysis HOW OPTIMIZED CONTENT AND MALWARE ANALYSIS WORK TOGETHER FOR ADVANCED THREAT PROTECTION FILE WHITELISTING DUAL MALWARE SIGNATURE ENGINES MALWARE ANALYSIS APPLIANCE INTERNET GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK DELIVER NON-MALICIOUS FILES Block Known Web Threats Block all known malicious sources/malnets and threats before they enter the network ProxySG SECURE WEB GATEWAY Allow known Good Free up resources to focus on advanced threat analysis with pre-filtering of known good files. Whitelisting shown to recognize 29% of files as 'good'. Block known Bad Downloads Adding additional anti-malware engine increases coverage by a double-digit percentage Analyze Unknown Threats & Update Gateways Discover & analyze zero-day threats with dynamic sandboxing then update Global Intelligence Network with data on malicious files for future blocking. CONTENT ANALYSIS SYSTEM Encrypted and Un-Encrypted Content ? 1 2 3 4 3RD PARTY SANDBOX THE IMPACT OF ADVANCED THREATS TO YOUR ORGANIZATION 200,000+ new malware samples appear every day (Kaspersky Lab) Modern day threats and targeted attacks evade signature-based defenses Current solutions cannot detect many types of encrypted, embedded and morphed malware Need advanced threat blocking, detection, analysis and response to improve security Today’s one-box sandbox solutions result in gateway bottlenecks, too many false positives and irrelevant alerts These products cannot closely mimic the enterprise’s production environment ... and do not take advantage of the pre-filtering of previously known good and bad files Malware is becoming even more evasive Traditional anti-malware is not enough Enterprises are looking for effective solutions x DATA ON MALICIOUS FILES File HASH URL Time Stamp File Name DEFENSE-IN-DEPTH, FULLY INTEGRATED WITH A COMPLETE SET OF ATP SOLUTIONS Real-time Pre-filtering Fewer files sent to sandbox, for improved efficiency and high-accuracy malware scanning Dynamic Hybrid Sandboxing Combined with optimized sandbox brokering for more effective and accurate malware analysis Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network Uniting 75 million users in 15,000 enterprises for unrivaled threat protection