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  • Secure vault

    1. 1. T. 0845 034 7222 E. VaultData Protection and Business ContinuityText to go here done more efficiently...Blue Chip combine a wealth of experience and We get the job industry knowledge to help organisations improve, perform and overcome IT challenges.
    2. 2. Secure• Background• The Solution• Secure Vault• Disaster Recovery
    3. 3. Secure Basics• Why do we back stuff up? – “So we can get things back when we have problems”
    4. 4. Secure, Retention and Common Sense• Different types of problems need different approaches: – Total loss – a fire on site – Someone has just deleted a file – Someone has just deleted an email – Someone deleted a file last month they we’ve only just realised that we’ve lost – Someone deleted a file two hours ago – Someone deleted an email two weeks ago that we need to get back – We need something from the year end accounts from three years ago
    5. 5. Secure’s Challenges• Overnight often isn’t good enough for some systems• Backups taken during the day can overload the system• Increased working hours• Virtualisation-specific products add options• Increased use of database-backed applications• SAN replication and consistency issues• Online only backups in the same authentication domain• Short recovery times blur the boundaries between backup, high- availability and disaster recovery• Where exactly is your data?
    6. 6. Secure the Vendor!• Vendors are focused on their products not your requirements• Often you already have a better/part of the solution – Previous versions (Windows) • Users able to restore • Many more versions available than just last night • No funky agents required – Delete items retention (Exchange) • Users able to restore • No unreliable backups or lengthy restore process • No funky agents required
    7. 7. Secure Solution• Really understand what the business needs – in detail – Operational needs – what and how quick – Compliance – what, how accurate and how far back• Balance the cost of the backups with the value of the data – Can reduce backup size – Increases the budget available• Keep things as simple as possible but don’t miss out combining inbuilt features with a commercial product for a better result• Some process and involvement outside of IT is crucial
    8. 8. Secure Vault• Online backup• With agents• Bare metal backup• Retention policies• Encryption• “Incremental” (the online variant!)• De-duplication• Full and read-only administration• Initial seeding feature• Portable recovery vault• Two replicas• Stored in England• “Take back” read-only vault
    9. 9. Secure Vault• Simple• Reliable• Even better with: – Previous versions – Exchange deleted items recovery – SQL full recovery model• Add inbuilt technologies for high-availability
    10. 10. Secure RecoveryImagine what’s possible if your backups are storedright next to a powerful virtualisation platform in theSouth’s best connected datacentre…(And no, that’s not the room next door…)
    11. 11. Secure Recovery• Options – “Catch of the day” – included with Secure Vault • Much better than a pile of tape – Guaranteed reservation • For more assurance – Guaranteed reservation with services • Peace of mind – Hybrid - real-time replication with Secure Vault backup • Some automatic/semi-automatic with some manual
    12. 12. Secure• Know what you (really) need• One size rarely fits all – Your solution should be a mix of inbuilt technologies and backup product(s) consisting of technology and process• The only people that believe that “one vendor, one touch” solutions work are the people that have never really used them in anger
    13. 13. Change is the only constant in business... evolution is the key to survival Change is the only constant in business...evolution is the key to survivalT. 0845 034 7222 E.