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EMODnet - by Helen Lillis


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Helen Lillis presentation at the RDA Europe-BlueBRIDGE Datathon for Fisheries and aquaculture, 15-16 June, Heraklion, Crete

Published in: Technology
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EMODnet - by Helen Lillis

  1. 1. By Helen Lillis, On behalf of EMODnet Seabed Habitats
  2. 2. Source: Wish I were there … … instead of here … but I have a nice view from my window
  3. 3. What is EMODnet? Provide access to data Create data products of common interest A network of people and technology that work together to compile and distribute data, metadata and products on European marine waters
  4. 4. www.emodnet-[theme].eu www.emodnet-
  5. 5. Partners
  6. 6. www.emodnet- seabedhabitats .eu/webGIS
  7. 7. EUNIS habitat: A6.511: Facies of sandy muds with Thenea muricata
  8. 8. EUNIS habitat: A4.26 Mediterranean coralligenous communities moderately exposed to hydrodynamic action EUNIS habitat: A5.53 Seagrass beds
  9. 9. Gabrié et al. (2012). The Status of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea. MedPAN and RAC/SPA. Ed: MedPAN Collection. 256 pp.
  10. 10. Why submit data? • Satisfying funding requirements for open data • Safeguarding data, ensuring longevity of the data set. • Adding value to the data, allowing datasets to be combined to create new data products. • Preventing duplication of effort, reducing costs for operators and environmental impact. • INSPIRE-compliance
  11. 11. www.emodnet-[theme].eu Digital Elevation Model, coastlines, wrecks, etc. Seabed substrate, geological events, coastal behaviour, etc. Distribution, abundance & biomass of marine species over space & time In situ temperature, salinity, waves, currents, light attenuation, etc. Intensity & spatial extent of human activities Nutrients, organic matter, pesticides, radionuclides, etc.