To The Moon 05


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To The Moon 05

  1. 1. To The Moon An Apocalypse Challenge Chapter 5 Whatever Happened…
  2. 2. I said I’d return some sunny day. And you waited. And waited. And waited. ‘Will that sunny day ever come?’ That is what I wonder. And here it is at last. But what of the family? The family that went to the moon to solve the problems with those ‘dastardly’ plant people. Where they ever that bad to begin with? Who was right and who was wrong? Whatever the case may be, choosing sides at this point is… I don’t rightly know. I’ve come back to this place, eyes open. And I wonder if it’s truly right for me to come back. I’ve long since abandoned this place, grown bored and disinterested. I come back with little knowledge as what needs to be done. Or what has been done. Or what even will be.
  3. 3. They wait. They wait and wonder if I will ever come back. This dark hamlet covered in snow. Should I have come back? Whatever will become of things when I do return? Will I even be welcome? I sit and ponder this, knowing no answer will come just through observation.
  4. 4. And so I’ve decided. I’ve decided I will come back. I’ll finish what I started so long ago. I don’t care about the consequences. I don’t care if it feels different. I don’t care about a thing. I just know that things won’t be as I planned so long ago. That ideas long past have died. So be it. But I will not allow this to end in such… I’m not quite sure.
  5. 5. It’s time to open the door. It’s time to see things at last. To see where I left off.
  6. 6. It’s time to open my eyes and see.
  7. 7. The very first thing I do is break two rules. First business, by selling off a chess set and chair. Then it’s Show Business by changing the appearance. Why? Well, because darn it all for those pig tails, I prefer the chef hat!
  8. 8. Having chosen fortune, it’s easy to guess that several different careers rolled up immediately. So when flipping through the paper revealed an opening in Business, I took it. Had to get money somehow.
  9. 9. Of the welcoming committee, one person in particular stood out amongst the rest: Julian Cook. I think that’s his name. Not quite sure at this point. Anyways, introductions were in order and well… lots of talking. I needed to know what was going on in the hood. It had been so long since I visited.
  10. 10. “What’s going on? What’s the talk of the town? What’s been happening here?” Julian Cook informed me right away of his latest entanglements. Namely that with local ‘villain’, Sharla Winsdale.
  11. 11. Julian had a confrontation with the plantwoman recently, catching her spying on him. Not that there was anything out of the ordinary for that, but he still did not appreciate the gaze from her. The two traded fisticuffs and he left feeling quite pleased with the ordeal.
  12. 12. I could only ponder what Sharla herself made of the incident and even if she would allow Julian any reprieve. She’s not like the other plant people. For one, she wears clothes, makeup and glasses. Something I’ve noticed no other plant person do. She also lives in an abode rather than out in the wilderness. This concerns me, because it seems she had some insight or possible knowledge that living inside was a way for her to avoid death or something.
  13. 13. I remember that I left off with plant people dying in the cold, listening to the radio. Something killed them and I don’t even remember what. I do remember that they were outside and in the snow. What could have caused them to die? And why can’t I remember? Did I mention I decided to break another rule?
  14. 14. There were a few things I did actually remember. I do remember that this was all a plan concocted by one RJ Bear, Vincent Bear’s son. He wanted to have his own little place on the moon, or Luna as he calls it. Still a child. Still living with his father and half-brother ToastedCandi.
  15. 15. And what of 8x8, the servo that was to foresee the total, er… to oversee the operations and make sure everything stayed within rules? I couldn’t find him anywhere. It’s as if he vanished without a trace. Perhaps he fell out of the game or something. Not quite sure. I did find him at the Bear household, but he was offline. Or chatting with Vincent? I don’t remember.
  16. 16. That left me with one final thing to look at: the main household. Where all the action takes place.
  17. 17. I found the house different than how I remember it. Namely the stairs took me for a loop. I don’t remember the twisted staircase, only the straight and narrow one.
  18. 18. Willow was still a part of the household, overseeing Kennedy teaching one of the toddlers speech lessons. The name of the children escapes me. And I refuse to go back in to look them up. Maybe when I decide to take proper notes. Instead I shall just refer them as pro-nouns… or nouns. Can’t remember the proper term.
  19. 19. Adventure had been lifted, that much I knew for sure. Along with Science. The little girl with the bun hairdo was doing homework near the Jumbok. Without a teen in the household, it was up to her to do it herself and ensure she didn’t get sent to the adoption agency. And her siblings taken as well.
  20. 20. Cate? I think her name is Cate. She is working in the gamer career field. I do remember that I wanted to do something special when she reached the top. Something fantastical, yet beyond my ability. I guess once she reaches the top, I will at least do something to commemorate the event. For now, she is still climbing the ladder.
  21. 21. Chris, I believe, is a space pirate. That’s how I remember adventure is lifted. He is still on the job. Wait… I suddenly remember that Kennedy topped Military as well. So why hasn’t Chris moved out? Or even Willow? Hmmm…
  22. 22. Willow herself is in the education career path. She brought home Mrs. Ottoman. The pregnant woman is quickly dismissed.
  23. 23. The boy grows up.
  24. 24. As does the girl.
  25. 25. Life isn’t easy for them. There’s only so much space in the house. Only so much I can do.
  26. 26. The eldest daughter grows into a teen. Knowing that she won’t be able to attend high school, she can at least help out her childhood siblings with homework and work on her skills. I’ve yet to know what career path to put her in. I didn’t even check her skills tab to see what I’ve had her work on.
  27. 27. And that is where I leave the family. For now. I’ll come back. I won’t wait again. I’ll come back. Be it a sunny day. Or a cloudy one. Be there rain or snow. I’ll come back. And finish this.