One ugly pie 15.1


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One ugly pie 15.1

  1. 1. Getting the groceries is hardly something I want to do, but for some reason, I felt that I should come on this request since Chuck forgot all about it. Isn’t that why delivery services are available? Whatever the case, I hope this gets ditching Twitchy at the bowling alley off of my mind.
  2. 2. And come to think of it, this is a perfect excuse… I mean reason for leaving her behind. Surely she would understand that getting these foodstuffs back to the family possesses some importance. After all, poor Abignale would starve without it.
  3. 3. Yes, it was perfectly fine to leave Twitchy to get these groceries. I should thank Chuck for a change for actually giving me this task. Maybe. If I feel like it.
  4. 4. And while I’m here, I should probably make the best of it. Perhaps I could buy one of the magazines over there. Or maybe check out one of these games they have on display. I might find something I actually want.
  5. 5. Yes. That’s exactly right. I do have reasons for just ditching Twitchy at the bowling alley. After all, why would she care what I do? She’s probably just as stuck in the situation as I am and for all I know she probably hates the idea too. Or… No, couldn’t be.
  6. 6. Abhijeet, “Hey there man, got something on your mind?” “Huh, what? No. Nothing at all. And who are you?” Abhijeet, “Names Abhijeet and I’ve been a good friend of your family for a long time.” “My family? How do you know about us?” Abhijeet, “Chill, dude. I’m no stalker or anything, just a family friend. I’ve been friends with your family since the beginning.” “Ok, and what does this have to do with me?”
  7. 7. Abhijeet, “Listen, I saw that look on your face. You got something on your mind and as a friend, I feel obliged to help you out.” “You don’t know anything.” Abhijeet, “You might think that, but I’ve got more experience in things than you think I do.” And why should I tell this practically complete stranger anything at all? He says he’s a family friend, but how do I know for sure. And what would he know about my situation. There’s no way I’m telling him anything.
  8. 8. “…ditched her and I don’t know what to do.” So much for keeping it to myself.
  9. 9. Abhijeet, “Friend, have you ever thought of slowing down and really checking her out?” “What do you mean? Of course I’ve checked her out, she’s class A material for what my family wants.” Abhijeet, “Not that kind. What I mean, little man, is have you really checked her out? Given her a chance to show what she is capable of? Or are you just so caught up on some childhood girl that your missing out on what this Twitchy girl is really capable of?”
  10. 10. “What are you on my parents’ side?” Abhijeet, “I’m on your side, bro. Just give it a chance. Maybe something will turn out. After all, it sounds like you hate the girl just because she isn’t who you want her to be. Maybe this other girl, Jeannie, is supposed to be just your friend.” “But we kissed. That’s not what ‘just friends’ do.” Abhijeet, “You sure you don’t think she felt forced into it?” “No.”
  11. 11. Abhijeet, “Maybe so, but when your mom kisses you, do you think there’s something more to that?” “No.” Abhijeet, “Then there you have it. All I’m saying is give this Twitchy girl a chance. You might regret it later in life if you don’t at least look past this ignorant front you’ve built on her.”
  12. 12. “But why should I?” Abhijeet, “Because in the end, if you’re going to be marrying this girl, then you need to learn how to find the sunny side of it, instead of possibly resenting it your entire life.” *sigh* “I gotta go.” Abhijeet, “Alright. Hope to catch ya later, man.”
  13. 13. “Uh, hello. Um… hmmm… I guess I don’t really know what I want. Never drank the stuff before.” “Well, pick something.” “Mmmm… uh…. How about you just give me something that’ll wake me up but is cheap?” “Comin’ right up.”
  14. 14. Ok, so maybe there’s something to what that Abhijeet guy said. I’m probably just looking at this from all the wrong angles. Or something. I guess I should give Twitchy a call or something. Maybe give her an actual chance. Still she didn’t have much to say when That guy dumped salad all over me. Let alone call me or something… Wait, does she even know my number? Well, of course she should. Who doesn’t know anyone number when we meet?
  15. 15. Yuck, this stuff tastes something awful. But still, she didn’t even think to call me, so maybe she’s mad that I ditched her. I did just take off while she used the bathroom. So maybe that’s it. Or again, maybe she just didn’t think. Or maybe I’m not the one thinking. Well, of course I’m thinking, I’m thinking right now! But why should I call her? Maybe she’ll just yell at me. Maybe she won’t see me again. Well, that works out for me, but it doesn’t work out well for parents.
  16. 16. Where did all these people come from? Ah forget about them, they’re not important. So should I call Twitchy? Or maybe wait for her to call me? What if her dad calls and gives me what for? Or what if no one calls? Uh, maybe I should be the one that calls. That way she won’t have to yell at me when she calls since that would be the only reason why she would call. Or maybe…
  17. 17. Or maybe this person can get out of my way! Now I’m stuck in this spot! How will I be able to answer my phone if she calls? Or what if I can’t get out at all? What if I’m stuck here?!
  18. 18. Thank goodness I was able to get out of that mess. Now to use the restroom. Thankfully I got out before it got too much to hold.
  19. 19. Fine. You know what? I’ll just make everyone happy and call her. That way I know someone called the other person and not have to worry about it anymore. Then I won’t have it on my mind to call her or have her call me. Or anyone call each other. There! It’s done! But when do I call her? And from where? Definitely not here.
  20. 20. “Hey dad.” Xerxes, “Hello.” “What are you doing outside?” Xerxes, “Getting the bills.” “Oh. Ok.”
  21. 21. “Hello?” “Hello.” “Twitchy?” “Yes, this is her.” “Um… would you like to come over or something?” “Come over where?” “To my house.” “Sure, I’ll be over in a few minutes.”
  22. 22. Chuck, “You back for more of ol’ Jerry eh?” Twitchy, “I am, though it’s more like he wants more of me.” Chuck, “Well, he’s in the kitchen. Cooking up something. Be careful though, he burns everything. And this is the first time he’s cooked anything!” Twitchy, “Then how can he burn everything if…” Chuck, “Trust me. He’s terrible at everything he does. Even trimming the hedges.”
  23. 23. Twitchy, “Hello, Jerry. Your brother let me in and told me where you were hiding.” “I’m not hiding.” Twitchy, “Sure you weren’t? Cause I know someone ran away in the middle of a date at a bowling alley.” “Uh, about that. I can explain that perfectly fine.”
  24. 24. Twitchy, “Oh there’s no need to explain anything. You just ran off without even saying good-bye.” “Ok, so I did do that. But I went to the grocery store. Family needed the food.” Twitchy, “Uh huh. Is that why you’re cooking up fish then?” “I wanted to apologize and I couldn’t think of anything better.” Twitchy, “How about a tickle attack?!”
  25. 25. “Hey quit that. Stop it!” Twitchy, “Looks like someone is ticklish.” “Who isn’t?” Twitchy, “Good point. Now where’s that fish?”
  26. 26. “On the floor where I left it when you started tickling me. What, did you want me to drop it or something?” Twitchy, “Your brother said you burn everything.” “Chuck is just stupid. Don’t listen to him.”
  27. 27. “So um… you’re not mad?” Twitchy, “Mad? Mad about what?” “Mad that I just ditched you at the bowling alley.” Twitchy, “…” “So you are mad.”
  28. 28. Twitchy, “I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything at all. Is that what you do? Make assumptions at the drop of a hat?” “No.” Twitchy, “Well you certainly act like you do. So why did you leave me?”
  29. 29. “You really want to know?” Twitchy, “Yes.” “Well, you see… There’s this other girl. And well, I’ve known her since childhood and… well, we went out on a date and kissed.” “Twitchy, “Uh huh.” “And that’s all there is too it. Do I need to say anything more?”
  30. 30. Twitchy, “And it was so hard to get over her?” “Yes.” Twitchy, “So why am I here and not her?” “What?” Twitchy, “I’m here for a reason, and not that other girl. There has to be something more to it than that.” “I don’t know.”
  31. 31. Twitchy, “Why did you invite me over instead of seeing that other girl?” “I just don’t know. I guess to give you a chance.” Twitchy, “You sure about that?” “Yes.”
  32. 32. Twitchy, “Well, thank you.”
  33. 33. “For what?” Twitchy, “For giving me a chance. Especially since you ditched me at the bowling alley. While my back was turned.” “You going to keep bringing that up all the time?” Twitchy, “I most certainly am.”
  34. 34. “So what? You want an apology for that? Because if you do then, well… I’m sorry.” Twitchy, “That didn’t sound like you meant it. Sure you’re not trying to save face in front of your little brother?” “How else am I supposed to do it?” Twitchy, “With some grace. But you can save that for later, since I have something else in mind.” “What’s that?”
  35. 35. Let’s just say the conversation went south from there.
  36. 36. Having finished my meal and the place getting crowded, I wasn’t exactly sure how else to excuse myself. I’m starting to get more uncomfortable talking with Twitchy about anything else with another brother stepping into the room.
  37. 37. Though Chuck did seem intent on answering the phone the second it rang. Chuck, “Yo hey hey hey, what is up Jeannie? Oh, Abignale. Why do you want to talk with her? Aren’t I good enough? Oh alright, fine. ABIGNALE!”
  38. 38. Finally, a moment back with Twitchy alone, for the most part. And for some reason, just staring at her, a thought overwhelms me. I have no idea where it came from, but I saw past that ridiculously ugly black hair and see Twitchy for the jobless girl she is. And maybe it’s something more.
  39. 39. And she walks away.
  40. 40. To go dance with my sister? I thought Abignale was on the phone???
  41. 41. What did I do wrong? Did something inside me just show interest and it actually turned Twitchy away? Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions. Whatever. I’m just… I just can’t bear to watch her dance that way.
  42. 42. Twitchy, “What?” “Huh?” Twitchy, “I saw that look.” “What look?” Twitchy, “THAT look.” Abignale, “I’ll just leave you two be.”
  43. 43. “It’s just that funky dance you’re doing. Here let me show you a real dance.”
  44. 44. “Enough dancing.” Twitchy, “And just when we were getting the hang of not hitting each other.”
  45. 45. Twitchy, “So now what, smart guy?” “I have no idea, but I can think of something.”
  46. 46. Twitchy, “So there’s this ghost in a factory. He’s trying to haunt it as best as he can, only the thing is, the factory is full of statues. Turns out the factory is an abandoned warehouse.” “I don’t get it.”
  47. 47. “Swimming again?” Twitchy, “Something wrong with that?” “No reason, just… um… I don’t know.”
  48. 48. For the rest of the night, Twitchy avoids me and is ‘too’ busy hanging out with my siblings. So I decide that if she wants to hang out with my brother and sister, fine. Go for it. I’m going to bed.
  49. 49. Abignale, “Thanks for hanging out, Twitchy. Not very often do I have some fun with another person.” Twitchy, “It was my pleasure. I just wanted to know the rest of you guys while I was here. Especially with the marriage arrangements.”
  50. 50. Chuck, “Who’s a good glowy eyed wolf. Hmmmm? Hmmmm??? HMMMMM??? Why yes you are, you are a good wolfy.”
  51. 51. Chuck, “Thank goodness there’s no blood. Though it’d be cool if there was a scar. Then I could be all like, ‘Hey Jeannie, look who got attacked by a wolf and lived?’ And she’d be all like, ‘You’re so brave.’ And… and…”
  52. 52. Chuck, “Well this is cool. A bit fuzzy, but cool.”