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Blue1 gold group ltd request for quotation


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Blue1 gold group ltd request for quotation

  1. 1. Request for Quotation Alluvia Gold Mining “Seminar/Exhibition” Accra October 7, 2010 Overview: Blue1Gold is a Green Technology Solution provider for Small-Medium Alluvia Gold Mining & community development and we are using our proprietary water oxidation process with ozone to increase Alluvia Gold mining extraction rate while respecting the environment and supplying remote communities with clean water for drinking, vegetable and fish farming. Another one of our key process is bio-fuel production using Jatropha plant widely available in Ghana (Please refer to our below brochure) Objectives of our Seminar/Exhibition: We would like to elaborate on our Social, Lean & Green Business strategy and demonstrate our technology benefits to Ghana Small-Medium Alluvia Gold Mining community. Lastly we will also highlight opportunity to legally and regularly export Gold to Malaysia at a win-win rate (Please refer to our draft invitation to Seminar/Exhibition) September 9, 2010
  2. 2. We are looking for the assistance of a by reputable Individual/Company: HOTEL BOOKING (Optional: we might manage this by ourselves) Local hotel booking (blank on our draft invitation flyer) Requirement: - 3-4 stars hotel, book meeting room on Thursday October 7, 2010 - Meeting room size for ~70-80 people minimum (Hotel shall provide minimum guarantee) - Set Theatre seats - With coffee break (am) and lunch - Provide LCD projector and screen Agenda: roughly to hotel for their information as follows: 9:00 – 9:30 am Registration 9:30 – 10:50 am Topic 1 10:50 – 11:10 am Coffee Break 11:10 – 12:30 am Topic2 12:30 – 13:30 pm Lunch 13:30 – 17:00 pm Discussion group topic This shall be for a standard hotel “reasonable” price. We understand that an Accra based Individual/Company can get a better rate than us booking from outside the country… Timing: Hotel booking/agreement (within Tuesday 14 September, 2010) September 9, 2010
  3. 3. MARKETING/EVENT MANAGEMENT 2.1 Invite target attendants which are: - Small-medium scale Alluvia Gold mining companies (Target: mine Owners, community Chiefs, decision makers) Pay event up 30-40 USD/attendant ok? - Relevant Government or Associations (Environmental Protection Agency, Chamber of mines, other) – up to 10 attendants free - Related media/publication on mining/environmental – up to 5 attendants free The Small-medium scale Alluvia Gold mining companies are Key. We have some successful contacts via internet, but need help to verify, and suggest the way to reach them. Telemarketing? Advertising? (where), Other Association, etc. 2.2 Manage/ Keep track registration and update report to us. Timing: - Start aggressive invitation tactics (3 weeks duration from September 14 – October 6, 2010) Suggested Key Performance Indicator: - Registration minimum 50 people /or selected hotel minimum guarantee - Registration at 80 people or above get progressive bonus .. - All attendants must meet target position criteria Long term win-win partnership with the right Individual/Company is our objective Progress/Performance based US$ compensation model to be negotiated September 9, 2010