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WSA Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. Sean Simone BlueReachJuly 27, 2012
  2. 2. What is Social Media? How do Kids use it?
  3. 3. 1. Choose the relevant content that will connect emotionally with potential customers2. Develop/Deploy a strategy for these tools3. Measure Results & Repeat what works!
  4. 4. Top SocialNetworks
  5. 5.  Facebook: The world’s largest social networking siteconnecting friends, family and business associates.You can join groups, RSVP to events, check in tofavorite venues, like favorite brands and more.  900+ million active users. Twitter: an online social networkingservice and microblogging service that enables itsusers to send and read text-based messages of up to140 characters, known as "tweets". Great for sharingarticles, joining #chats and reading real timeinformation.  140+ million active users
  6. 6.  Addressing issues/problems thatmultiple parents/cheerleaders seem tohave Share EXCLUSIVE info on your Facebookpage before you post it anywhere else(ex. Scorecards and schedules) Sharing competition photos
  7. 7. #Routine #Spirit #GoFightWin #Tumble #Cheerleading#PomPoms
  8. 8. Photo
  9. 9. $1.57 for this campaign..
  10. 10.  Certain people like to check in when they go placessuch as restaurants, school, work, shopping, etc. You can encourage these people to check in at yourgym/cheer practice while they are there. This allows all of their friends to see where theychecked in and they can click on your page = freeadvertising for you. Test it yourself from your smartphone to make surepeople can find the right page. Run this by parents first to make sure it’s ok withthem.
  11. 11. EmailSimple and Consistent!
  12. 12. You send out to 5,00028.20% people/month = 1,410 opens
  13. 13. oAB TestingoSubject LinesoTemplatesoAnd More
  14. 14. • Use social media to answer questions from cheerleaders and their parents• Ask Questions using polls• Post exclusive information about upcoming events, schedules, scores, etc• Post pictures and videos for people to share with their friends and family• Post funny stuff, be humorous, have fun!
  15. 15. • Facebook Insights••
  16. 16. Experiment. Learn what worksand repeat. Don’t repeat whatdoesn’t work.
  17. 17.  Get your cheerleaders working for you! You don’t need a huge budget. See what your cheerleaders want Change course quickly and frequently. Viewer > Fan > Client
  18. 18.  Cell: 504.813.6644