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Slice N' Advice


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A slide show of tips on ways small businesses can increase their online marketing efforts through social media and email marketing.

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Slice N' Advice

  1. 1. Slice n’ AdviceDeveloping your online marketing strategy BluReach LLC 10/25/11 Johnny’s Pizza
  2. 2. BluReach BluReach, LLC – founded in July 2010 @ LSU student incubator  Online Marketing Company (3 full time, 4 part time)  If you don’t have the time or knowledge in-house then we are a solution.  Headquarters: LSU Innovation Park Core Strengths & Values  Get it done attitude!  Honest & Open with Clients  Competent in online marketing strategies & tools  Creative business intelligence
  3. 3. Quick IntroductionDon’t be of Your Fellow shy! Attendees
  4. 4. What we discuss for the next 25 minutes?1. Online Marketing – What is it and how do I create an effective strategy for my business?2. Let’s discuss 6 common MYTHS about Online Marketing3. What tools & resources, both free and paid, are available for you to utilize?
  5. 5. What is online marketing? Marketing done via the internet, email, mobile, etc. Ties together the creative and technical aspects of the internet.  Organic Search (SEO)  Paid Search (SEM)  Social Media Marketing (SMM) Pros: Cost effective versus traditional media - Highly Measurable - Your customers are online Cons: Potential customers can’t see, feel or touch! - Highly competitive with industry dominance
  6. 6. 6 Myths1. Social Media is a stand 4. E-mail on the outs alone marketing strategy 5. The most relevant companies just2. Traditional media is out randomly appear at the top of the search3.You sister’s boyfriend engines can create a professional & effective 6. Social Media is Magic website for $1,000 for Anyone & Everyone!
  7. 7. How do I create the right strategy for my business? Take a step back and put yourself in your (potential) customer’s shoes!  How are/can they finding you online?  How do they interact with your brand?  What is the first thing they will see?  Updated and relevant?  What value do you provide?  What sales process are they expecting to go through?  What are your goals/deliverables? Email or sale?  What are your competitors doing successfully? Your strategy will change as your customers’ preferences change!
  8. 8. What are mosteffective toolsfor my goals?
  9. 9. The Big 41. Website– online billboard/store, contact info capture, education platform, portfolio, link to social, other relevant info. Define the purpose early and have lots of content!2. Search – This is how you will be found by potential customers! Do you know your main and secondary keyword terms and where you rank for them? How many people search for them monthly?3. Social – Are you friends with the stakeholders in your industry and community? The conversation will happen with or without you, so why not lead it? Give to gain!4. Email – An easy way to stay first in mind with your existing and potential clients. Build the list & analyze what content and timing works! Send emails on a regular basis(monthly, bi-monthly).
  10. 10. Other important tools Paid Search – Effective way to reach your target audience in the short term. This should compliment your long term marketing efforts. Be ready to pay! Main platforms are Google and Facebook. Twitter open to public soon. Banner Ads – Doesn’t hurt to advertise where your customers are already going! Negotiate for a cost effective rate! Mobile– 1 in 2 mobile phone users now have smartphones! Is your website mobile friendly? Are you utilizing Google Places, Text Messaging, Facebook Deals and Foursquare? Hyper-targeted landing pages – Great for generating leads! Google Analytics – Free! This is how you know what works and what doesn’t! We can put this on your website for free, just ask!
  11. 11. Resources – powerful and free social media platform management and analytics platform. Web-based. Mobile app. Tweetdeck – similar desk top platform SEscout – monitor your search engine rankings! – tips and updates for your SEO – stay on top of social media here! KissMetrics – on page analytics and optimization
  12. 12. Thanks for joining us today! Don’t forget your report cards and resources page! Office: 225-395-9292 SEO/ Website: Social Media: Twitter: @BRsocialmedia