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Bloxx Social Media in 60 seconds


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Bloxx Social Media in 60 seconds

Published in: Technology
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Bloxx Social Media in 60 seconds

  1. 1. Social Media Control in 60 seconds
  2. 2. Every minute of every day there are 3.3m posts on Facebook & 342,000 tweets.... So it’s safe to say activity on social networks can impact productivity, network performance and even company security!
  3. 3. Most Schools and Organisation are not quite sure of the right approach when it comes to allowing access to online social networks… Is blocking everything really the answer?
  4. 4. At Bloxx, our Social Media Controls allows you provide access to popular social media sites but can restrict the users from posting updates to the site.
  5. 5. You can also block depending on the user policy and allow or block access sites on time based quotas… And with the Bloxx bandwidth control feature you can quickly gain control over bandwidth hungry websites such as YouTube and Vimeo…
  6. 6. Bloxx helps you to reduce risk, combat cyberbullying and safeguard your users on social media sites… Not to mention keeping your users on track and productive!
  7. 7. REQUEST A PRODUCT DEMO Get an in depth demo of our Web Filtering Solution
  8. 8.