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Unsexy products need content too - Steven Van Duyse


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Steven Van Duyse shared his insights with the Conversion Day 2016 audience.

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Unsexy products need content too - Steven Van Duyse

  2. 2. full service digital agency inbound & online marketing webdesign & development marketing automation digital content creation
  3. 3. some food for thought
  4. 4. my audience doesn’t use search engines like that
  5. 5. 44% of all buyers start the buying process via a search engine
  6. 6. my customers aren’t interested in ‘content’
  7. 7. Content generates 3x more leads than traditional push marketing.
  8. 8. At a third of the price.
  9. 9. 87% of internet users admit being influenced by helpful content when buying everyday products
  10. 10. 70% of all companies worldwide have no content strategy
  11. 11. big purchases don’t happen online
  12. 12. B2B buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to sales.
  13. 13. time to break the wall between facts and common beliefs
  14. 14. Sexy or not sexy, when you’re in a business where you need to: •Educate customers •Assist customers •Guide customars •Convince customers …
  15. 15. You need content.
  16. 16. You need content. But where do you start?
  17. 17. everything starts with a plan
  18. 18. know your company
  19. 19. know your customer
  20. 20. know the buyer journey
  21. 21. the right content at the right time
  22. 22. define your kpi’s
  23. 23. set up a road map
  24. 24. analyse, optimize, repeat
  25. 25. cases
  26. 26. CONCLUSIONS 2015 steady growth curve becoming flatter little organic growth competitors don’t use content
  27. 27. CHALLENGES? raise amount of hearing test requests in a target group that’s not ‘digital’ grow ’expert’ image lower the share of paid channels in the media mix
  28. 28. APPROACH 2016 market research competitor research buyer research content strategy marketing automation
  29. 29. APPROACH 2016 blog e-books & brochures as premium content personalized email-follow up mediapartners no longer used for bannering, but for content promotion marketing automation makes it all easier
  30. 30. 5 take aways 5 take-aways
  31. 31. marketing knows the product, sales knows the customer
  32. 32. no strategy, no party
  33. 33. data is your best friend, use it
  34. 34. bad content is worse than no content
  35. 35. ain’t no opportunity like an unsexy product
  36. 36. GOT QUESTIONS?