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GAUCbe Key Take Aways of 2015


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A Bloovi Conference.

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GAUCbe Key Take Aways of 2015

  1. 1. Ghent WebValley & Bloovi present Google Analytics
 USER Conference Bloovi presents Key Take Aways: #GAUCbe
  2. 2. 5"steps"of"measurement" planning" Step%1%:%document%business%objec2ves% Step%2%:%iden2fy%strategies%and%tac2cs% Step%3%:%Choose%KPIs% Step%4%:%Choose%segments% Step%5%:%Choose%targets% Key take aways of Fiona De Branter.
 “Why Google Analytics is essential in your strategy?”
  3. 3. Common%digital%strategies% Ecommerce' ' Lead'genera-on' ' Content'publisher' ' Online'informa-on' ' Branding' Selling'products'or'services' ' Collec-ng'poten-al'leads' ' Engagement'&'frequent'visita-on' ' Help'customers'find'informa-on' ' Awareness,'engagement'&'loyalty' Key take aways of Fiona De Branter.
 “Why Google Analytics is essential in your strategy?”
  4. 4. Create&your&implementa/on& plan& Standard'dimensions'&'metrics' ' Business'outcomes' ' Clean,'accurate'data' ' Marke6ng'channels' ' Simplified'repor6ng' Basic'page'tag' ' Goals'&'ecommerce' ' Filters'&'se=ngs' ' Campaign'tracking'&'Adwords' ' Custom'reports'&'dashboards' Key take aways of Fiona De Branter.
 “Why Google Analytics is essential in your strategy?”
  5. 5. Business'requirements'&' technical'environment'can' change'over'4me' Define%measurement% plan% Document%technical% infrastructure% Create% implementa4on%plan% Implement% Maintain'and'refine' Key take aways of Fiona De Branter.
 “Why Google Analytics is essential in your strategy?”
  6. 6. Key take aways of Doriane Magnus.
 “Google Tag Manager live session with tips & tricks” What’s in it for me ? Take the time to think about the structure beforehand Try to simplify as much as possible tracking And take advantage of all those tips…
  7. 7. What’s in it for me ? Custom JavaScripts {{Event Category}} {{Event Action}} {{Event Label}} Constant Variable (GA ID) Naming Convention Key take aways of Doriane Magnus.
 “Google Tag Manager live session with tips & tricks”
  8. 8. What’s in it for me ? GA Real Time Google Tag Assistant Key take aways of Doriane Magnus.
 “Google Tag Manager live session with tips & tricks”
  9. 9. Key take aways of Lore Van Besien.
 “Enhanced eCommerce Reports” 5 Take-aways •  Only for Universal Analytics, enable your View •  Site Developer is inevitably needed •  Custom Segment / Remarketing List •  Use dimension widening to enhance your data •  Ecommerce tracking code is not only for webshops! #GAUCbe
  10. 10. Key take aways of Bruno Dillen.
 “Taking A/B testing to the next level” •  Current'A/B'tes,ng'tools'severely'limit'your'op,ons' ' •  Improve'your'A/B'tes,ng'significantly'by'crea,ng'your' own'tool' ' •  Integrate'with'your'central'data'source'for'analysis' (Google'Analy,cs)' ' •  You'can'test'preBy'much'anything:'naviga,on,'page' templates,'form'funnels,'social'media'clicks,'SEO' tac,cs,'...' ' •  Keep'tes,ng'to'keep'winning!'
  11. 11. 1. Learn to understand code and the latest possibilities within the Operating Systems 5. Customer lifetime views 4. Campaign tagging & import 3. Use Advanced segments & Crashviews 2. Use Cross Device Tracking but pay attention to Privacy Key take aways of Jaap-Willen van de Plasse.
 “Google Mobile App Analytics: Mobile Measuring”
  12. 12. KEY TAKEAWAYS • Interaction makes work easy ; 
 involve your clients / colleagues • Use custom dimensions and metrics • try different dashboard tools • Respect visualizing rules • It takes time to get to the perfect result Key take aways of Devid Dekegel.
 “Dashboard building - involving clients to find the right metrics”
  13. 13. Key take aways of Sébastien Francois.
 “Practical case on how to take advantage of the Google Analytics user ID for an e-commerce website” 41© The user-id functionnality: Take-Aways 1.  Track customers instead of sessions 2.  Incentivize people to log in 3.  Use the power of cohort analysis 4.  Do not forget legal aspects!
  14. 14. 1.Multidisciplinary teams 2.Peels / Phases 1.Get your basics right 2.Connect your internal data 3.Get external data 3.Don’t try everything at once. Use hypothesis methode Key take aways of Lieselotte Van Tieghem.
 “Uncovering the potential of online marketing blind spots”
  15. 15. Key take aways of Thomas Danniau.
 “Integrating multiple datasources into one dashboard” Takeaways( 1.#Mul'channel#marke'ng#needs# mul'channel#dashboarding# 2.#Use#the#Query#Explorer#to# create#your#Query#URI# 3.#Watch#out#with#sampled#data# 4.#Use#UTM#tagging#or#Custom# Dimensions#to#connect#GA#with# other#channels# 5.#Find#your#suitable# dashboarding#tool#
  16. 16. Key take aways of Stéphane Juricic & Julien Cornet.
 “Clients insight from universal analytics & enhanced eCommerce implementations” Strategy & recommendation •  Good mapping & planning ensures excellent execution •  Keep your business objectives in mind at all stages of the processes 1. Conclusions Implementation •  Be flexible & think outside the box to be relevant to your business •  Adapt to technical constraints to make things happen •  A small win is better than a big fail 2. Leverage data •  Focus on the data that matter for your business •  Integrate newly tracked data into your marketing efforts •  Create synergy between all of your data points inside & outside digital platforms 3.
  17. 17. Key take aways of Claudia Kosny.
 “Improve your online data by using the measurement protocol” #GAUCbe Take aways •  JavaScript*tracking*not*possible*everywhere* •  Server6side*tracking*+*browser6side*tracking*=*be:er*data* •  Anything(that(happens(on(your(server(can(be(tracked( •  Google(Analy7cs(is(more(flexible(then(you(think(
  18. 18. Google Analytics
 USER Conference Thanks for joining us!
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