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Content Strategy: Make Your Customers Feel More At Home. By Saskia Videler at Conversion Day 2015


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The speech of Saskia Videler at Conversion Day 2015.

Published in: Marketing
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Content Strategy: Make Your Customers Feel More At Home. By Saskia Videler at Conversion Day 2015

  1. 1. How to make your customers feel more at home (and why that matters) Content Strategy Saskia Videler - The Dutchess
  2. 2. @saskiavideler
  3. 3. Content Strategy?
  4. 4. MANAGED The right way The right time Content Strategy: The right place The right content
  5. 5. Content Strategy ≠ Blogging Social Media Content Marketing
  6. 6. Landingpages
  7. 7. SLOW… Different… Confusing…
  8. 8. Web polution
  9. 9. Come on, click on our promotions page, you know you want to! Look at our blog! I bet you haven’t read a blogpost in ages! Look, we have new curtains in our offices! Aren’t they just beautiful?
  10. 10. Think Long Term!
  11. 11. Think: how can we help?
  12. 12. You & Your target audience When have you last spoke?
  13. 13. x 100
  14. 14. <Needs Language Vocabulary> How can we help? I’m looking for an instruction manual Oh, so you don’t want to read about our upcoming events? No, thanks. I just need some help with this software. How about this cool article on our awesome team? No really, give me the info or I will go to your competitor!
  15. 15. Build a better base
  16. 16. Voice & Tone
  17. 17. <Needs Language Vocabulary> Tomaeto? Tomaahto!
  18. 18. <Needs Language Vocabulary> Is this a serious matter to you? Yes, it sure is! Ah. I won’t make any jokes or use ambiguities then! Please don’t! Thanks for your understanding.
  19. 19. Serious Accurate Average Professional Cool Conversational Reliable Formal Fun Inspiring Neutral No nonsense Innovative Inspiring Concise Naughty Optimistic Pragmatic Out of the box Personal Progressive
  20. 20. <aparte kamers, housekeeping>
  21. 21. Content Model
  22. 22. Briefings
  23. 23. 5 key takeaways • Content strategy is a blueprint, it needs to be done from the start of a project • Treat all pages as rooms, think about housekeeping! • Talk to your audience to learn their needs and language • Use content models and content briefings as guidelines • Content strategy comes before marketing!
  24. 24. But how can we do all this? Don’t worry, just call the Dutchess!
  25. 25. Thank you!