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Instant Commerce


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Bloombees, has introduced a promising new standard among merchants, targeting Instant Commerce on social networks. We’ve provided an elegant solution in the form of a simple app that runs on both smartphones and desktop browsers.

Merchants are going the extra mile to look for market solutions that activate sales directly from their social networks, many are calling this Social Commerce or Instant Checkout.

n order to become the standard in instant sales, Bloombees focuses on the following key points:

INSTANT CHECKOUT: Shopping cart abandonment is the enemy of the online retail industry. This is usually caused by distractions of other competing products or tedious checkout procedures. Bloombees solves this with a simple 3 step process!

SOCIAL INTEGRATION: With just one post brands can sell their products instantly on multiple Social Networks, without having to try to reconnect with their followers on some other Marketplace to make a sale. Bloombees is disrupting the concept of Marketplaces. Customers already follow their favorite brands on Social Media, so by allowing them to purchase products directly the whole brand-consumer relationship has shifted.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: Content plays a key role in educating, inspiring and seducing savvy customers into becoming instant buyers. Unlike any other social-ecommerce solution, Bloombees provides marketing strategies and exclusive contents allowing sellers to engage better with their audience.

PAYMENTS: A key aspect to international sales are payment solutions adapted to each region of the world to maximize online reach. At Bloombees when you sign up, it’s a one time deal, no separate contracts, and no currency setbacks. By setting up a Bloombees account, you are signing up to over +30 providers including, Paypal, Girobank, Yandex, and Sofort to name a few in one unique process.

CONVENIENCE: Sellers want simplicity, but don’t be fooled, running an online business requires many tools. Bloombees also integrates billing, metrics, shipping, brand promotion, customer relations making it a complete solution for merchants to activate instant social commerce.

We’re confident that the way Bloombees solves the existing complexities of selling online will make your day to day a little easier as a seller, so you can focus on creating awesome products.

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Instant Commerce

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