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CASE STUDY | WILLIAMS-SONOMA 02Williams-Sonoma saw BloomSearch as a valuable complement to itsexisting natural search prog...
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Williams Sonoma Case Study


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Case study of BloomReach customer Williams Sonoma.

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Williams Sonoma Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY | WILLIAMS-SONOMA 01Profile ProductWilliams-Sonoma, Inc. is a specialty retailer of high-quality products BloomSearchfor the home. These products, representing seven distinct merchandisestrategies – Williams-Sonoma (cookware and wedding registry), Pottery ImpactBarn (furniture and bridal registry), Pottery Barn Kids (kid’s furniture I ncremental site visits andand baby registry), PBteen (girls’ bedding and boys’ bedding), West revenue from natural searchElm (modern furniture and room decor), Williams-Sonoma Home (luxuryfurniture and decorative accessories) and Rejuvenation Inc. (lighting andhardware) – are marketed through 592 stores, seven direct mail catalogsand six e-commerce websites. 30Business ChallengeWilliams-Sonoma, Inc. offers more than 15,000 products on fivedifferent websites, all with their own seasonal purchasing patternsand merchandising needs. As one of the company’s top five customeracquisition channels, natural search is among the larger marketing daysprograms at Williams-Sonoma. “We view improvements to naturalsearch as a continual process,” says Jessica Boland, Online Marketing to deliver aManger at Williams-Sonoma. “We work closely with our technical teams measurableto make our content easier for consumers to find. In addition, we arealways looking for new ways to bring more people to our sites.” impact on potterybarn.comSolutionWilliams-Sonoma recognized that BloomReach’s cloud marketing “Consumers describe theplatform would create new opportunities for its businesses. “We products in which theyknow a lot about how people describe our products and services and are interested in a myriadhow they look for them online,” Boland continues. “But we saw thatBloomReach’s BloomSearch could help us identify new ways that of ways. By helping thempotential customers express their needs and interests—ways that are discover our most relevanthard to anticipate—and make our content more discoverable for them.” products when they search,“We have been surprised with the variety in the phrases that consumers BloomSearch improvesuse to find our products,” comments Holland Dauterive, SEO Specialist the visibility of our brandsat Williams-Sonoma. “It’s really eye-opening to see some of the and gives us incrementaluncommon, “long tail” phrases that people create to describe a specificitem that they want.” selling opportunities.” — Angela Caltagirone VP, Online Marketing, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | WILLIAMS-SONOMA 02Williams-Sonoma saw BloomSearch as a valuable complement to itsexisting natural search programs. “BloomSearch allows us to expandour reach in a scalable way – a way that we weren’t able to easily doourselves,” Boland remarks.Implementation Has Evolved to Meet Search Marketing NeedsThe process of integrating BloomSearch into the five Williams-Sonomasites was smooth. Over time, the BloomReach team has worked closelywith Williams-Sonoma to build upon the deployment’s early successes.According to Dauterive, “The BloomReach team has been fantastic. Wehave a lot of new ideas, and they have been great about implementingthe changes necessary to make those ideas work.”For example, the Williams-Sonoma marketing team creates productdescriptions that often use stylized terms reflective of the company’sbrand. Consumers may use a different set of terms when they are Now beingdescribing their needs. “We call it ‘cutlery’ on site, but a consumermay be searching for ‘knives’,” Boland says. In order to make these discovered onproducts more discoverable by consumers, Boland’s team partneredwith BloomReach to incorporate top user reviews into the BloomSearch“related products” widget placed on the product and category pages “a frame wine rack” “3 tierof Now, these products are exposed not only tosearchers using phrases found in formal product descriptions, but also all metal silver plated stand” “eiffelto searchers using the vocabulary that Williams-Sonoma customers usein their reviews. tower tree topper” “sienna paisley duvet cover sham” “jar pendantBloomSearch Exposes More Content to Consumers light”On, the impact of BloomSearch was particularlynoticeable within the first 30 days. “The site offers a wide range ofitems, including home furnishings available with a number of differentfinishes and color combinations,” Dauterive explains. “BloomSearchmakes it easier for our consumers to discover these products in a lotof different ways – for example, ‘brown media cabinet,’ ‘walnut mediacabinet,’ ‘mahogany media cabinet,’ or ‘espresso media cabinet.’ As aresult, it gave our content more exposure.”Incremental Visits Drive New RevenueWilliams-Sonoma has seen incremental visits and revenue across allof the five sites that have implemented BloomSearch. Conversion rateshave been consistent with other marketing channels. BloomReach created the world’s first Web Relevance Engine dedicated to exposing the best content on the internet to the right consumers seeking it on search engines and social platforms. BloomReach, Inc. 399 West El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040