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CASE STUDY | ONLY NATURAL PET 01Profile                                                                      ProductOnly N...
CASE STUDY | ONLY NATURAL PET 02BloomSearch Generates Quality Trafficand New CustomersThe number of search queries driving...
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Only Natural Pet Case Study


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Case study of BloomReach customer Only Natural Pet.

Published in: Business, Lifestyle, Technology
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Only Natural Pet Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY | ONLY NATURAL PET 01Profile ProductOnly Natural Pet Store offers natural dog and cat products of the highest BloomSearchquality, consistent with a holistic approach to pet health. The companyhas quickly become the leading online natural pet care company with over Impact125 top brands and 3,000 products. 37% year-over-year increase in natural search traffic 70%Business ChallengeMore than 95% of queries driving traffic to Only Natural Pet’s site falloutside of the company’s top 1,000 search terms – truly a very long tail.In the past, Only Natural Pet optimized natural search traffic throughon-site content and relevant links from the company’s blog andsponsored community sites. However, these strategies couldn’t keep upwith the volume and variety of queries. With approximately 21% of site new visitors fromtraffic coming from natural search, Only Natural Pet Store neededa high-quality and scalable natural search strategy. non-branded natural search trafficSolutionBloomReach’s BloomSearch offered the winning complement to “BloomSearch is helpingOnly Natural Pet Store’s business strategy. “BloomSearch allows us us successfully introduceto go deeper and be more successful with customer acquisition our company and ouracross channels.” says Bob Dodge, Vice President of Marketing forOnly Natural Pet. concept to people who just didn’t know we wereIn addition, Dodge and his team were impressed by BloomReach’sexpertise. “It’s hard to know everything you need to do to make your out there. This is what willmost relevant content visible,” says Jim Klar, Director of e-Commerce. create long-term growth“The background of the BloomReach team was really a tipping point for the business.”for me. These guys are stellar.” — Bob DodgeDodge also cites the BloomReach pay-for-performance pricing VP of Marketing,model as a key incentive for partnering with BloomReach. “We saw Only Natural Pet StoreBloomReach as a low-risk service with very high potential upside,”he remarks.
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | ONLY NATURAL PET 02BloomSearch Generates Quality Trafficand New CustomersThe number of search queries driving traffic for Only Natural Pethas increased by 40% – to more than 36,000 different queries inOctober 2011. Long tail searches are very focused, and the increasein this type of site traffic has resulted in solid conversion rates. “Thequality of BloomReach generated traffic is comparable to what we sawfrom natural search before BloomReach, if not better,” Dodge states.He illustrates the power of long tail search with “dog treat advent Now being discoveredcalendars.” “Interestingly, we sold 20% more than last yearand exhausted our inventory in less than a month!” he says. on more importantly, more effective non-branded natural search “cranberry supplement for cats”traffic is attracting new site visitors, a group that the company wants toreach. “People are just starting to look for healthy, non-toxic products “interactive puppy toys”for their pets,” Dodge explains. “BloomSearch is helping them find us.” “potato “hemp seed for dogs”On-site Widgets Improve the Visitor Experience free grain free rawThe Only Natural Pet website includes BloomSearch widgets on dehydrated dog food” “fishcategory and product detail pages displaying related searches andrelated products. “This technology layer extends our ability to present dog food for allergies” “dog treatcompelling products to our customers – and offer them better service,” advent calendars”Klar says. The company plans to add BloomSearch thematic pages(special pages that address searchers’ unmet intentions by curating themost relevant products and services from Only Natural Pet’s catalog)in the near future. “We expect that thematic pages will create evenmore effective ways to connect visitors with the relevant content andproducts they expect when they click on a search result,” he continues.Easy Implementation With Minimal Ongoing InvestmentImplementation of BloomSearch went smoothly. Recently, the companycompleted a major site redesign that introduced significant architecturechanges and required a second BloomReach integration; and this onewas even easier than the first.Klar, who is responsible for day-to-day BloomReach operations,invests very little time in ongoing management. “We’re seeingincremental traffic without having to do much on our side,” hereports. “The technology does the work for us.”BloomReach Wins Four Paws of ApprovalIn summarizing the value that BloomReach has delivered, Dodgesays, “BloomSearch has worked exactly like the people at BloomReachsaid it would. It has been easy, and it has been successful. You reallycan’t ask for more.” BloomReach created the world’s first Web Relevance Engine dedicated to exposing the best content on the internet to the right consumers seeking it on search engines and social platforms. BloomReach, Inc. 399 West El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040