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CASE STUDY | DRUGSTORE.COM 01Profile                                                                       Productdrugstor...
CASE STUDY | DRUGSTORE.COM 02ImplementationThe BloomSearch integration into the site wasstraightforward. “Th...
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Case study of BloomReach customer

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. CASE STUDY | DRUGSTORE.COM 01Profile, inc. is a leading online provider of health, beauty, vision, BloomSearchand pharmacy products, offering a wide assortment of more than 60,000products at competitive prices while providing a convenient, private, and Impactinformative shopping experience. Increases in site visits and amount of content being found by natural searchBusiness Challenge™ is The Uncommon Drugstore™. The site offers abreadth and depth of products that differentiates it from its online andoffline competition. With such a diverse merchandise assortment, marketing team puts a great deal of effort into marketingits products so that they are found by search engines with compellingcontent that encourages potential customers to click. conversions fromBefore implementing BloomReach’s BloomSearch, BloomSearch-employed a variety of technical best practices to optimize its site generated trafficfor natural search. One strategy was to develop custom content forspecific segments of the business targeted for growth. Relevant, come from newuseful content was improving search results, but the creation anddeployment process required significant resources from both the and technical teams. “BloomReach solves theSolution fundamental scalabilityBloomReach’s cloud marketing platform gave a way tomaximize the discoverability of content across its catalog. “With custom problem of being found.content, you’re limited by resources and priorities,” says Colin Veach, And as a result, it hasDirector of Online Marketing at “BloomSearch allows become a core part ofus to operate at scale – something we just can’t do with people alone.It offers us a data-centric approach to connect our products with what our marketing mix.”users want.” — Colin Veach Director of Online Marketing
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | DRUGSTORE.COM 02ImplementationThe BloomSearch integration into the site wasstraightforward. “The team was good about communicating withus regularly throughout the process,” Veach reports. “In addition,I have really been impressed with how willing they are to step in andhelp with issues that fall outside of their implementation but that areimportant for our customer acquisition efforts.” Now being discoveredBloomReach Drives Long Tail Traffic on implementing BloomReach in mid-2010, has seen “captain america toothbrush”increases in site traffic and also in the number of products that arebeing discovered using natural search. Veach credits BloomSearch with “body wash containingmaking a strong contribution to the site’s growth, as well as the numberof products discovered by the search engines. “BloomSearch gives salicylic acid” “skin tightus an added benefit in areas where we’re not able to concentrate,” he toning serum” “vitamin waterremarks. “It particularly helps us in the long tail of search, which is animportant source of traffic for us.” lip balm” “anti itch shampoo” “power crunch proteinA Channel for New CustomersLike virtually all online businesses, is laser focused on energy bar” “best nailnew customer acquisition. The company has found that BloomReach polish remover”supports this important goal. Many conversions from BloomSearch-generated traffic come from new customers. “BloomSearch solves thefundamental scalability problem of being found,” Veach comments.“And as a result, it has become a core part of our marketing mix.” BloomReach created the world’s first Web Relevance Engine dedicated to exposing the best content on the internet to the right consumers seeking it on search engines and social platforms. BloomReach, Inc. 399 West El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040